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Stefan and Caroline had begged Bonnie to let them drive with her to Vermont but she had refused. She believed that her only main threat was Elena and that if they kept an eye on her she would be safe. After all Klaus wouldn't kill her because killing the best friend would be no way to win Caroline over and Elijah would be too concerned with screwing his psycho whore and buying another suit for his collection.

It wasn't long before she found out that she was wrong about Elijah. Her hateful words had stirred something within him and he had followed her and Caroline to her house and had stayed outside long enough to hear that she would be heading to Vermont alone.

It would take at least a 12 hour drive and she had started quite late in the day so Bonnie had booked herself a room at a cheap Motel in Connecticut. She had arrived there in the evening and spent the next few hours thinking through the latest events in her life. How was she going to fix everything with Silas if she gave Elena the cure? How was she even going to get the damn cure off Elijah? More importantly at the present moment, how was she going to find Lucy once she reached Vermont without her powers? Would Lucy take her in after what she had done to the 12 witches? Would she understand that they would be coming back and that they didn't really die?

Before Bonnie fell asleep her mind was still on Lucy. She didn't know this but her subconscious called out to her cousin as she dreamt and her cousin answered.

The sun was shining brightly. The light flickered through the tops of the trees as Bonnie walked through the forest. She wasn't scared. She was looking for something. She was dressed in a vibrant yellow dress that made her feel rejuvenated.

'I'm here cuz,' came a voice from behind her. She spun around in delight to see her cousin Lucy dressed in white, smiling back at her. They embraced.

Bonnie frowned. There was something she had to tell her cousin, but she couldn't remember. All she knew was that it was important.

'What's wrong?'

'I have to tell you something, but I-I can't remember what it is.'

'Don't worry it'll come to you. Come on there's a beautiful brook beyond those trees over there. The sound of the water flowing over the rocks will put your mind at ease. Come on!'

Lucy ran off giggling and soon Bonnie couldn't see her.

'Lucy wait up!' Bonnie ran in the same direction. She felt no fear about finding her cousin. In fact she felt safe.

When she caught up to Lucy she found her barefoot, standing in the water and smiling.

'Aren't you're feet cold?' she asked.

'Yep! I love it. Come on get over here! It feels awesome!'

Bonnie shook her head and giggled as she slipped off her ballet flats and as her bare feet hit the grass she immediately felt a jolt of fresh energy flow through her body. It's been a long time since she felt so awake, so alive. It was magical. With her expression magic she had forgotten the effect that nature could have on her.

Lucy was looking up at the sky admiring the light between the tree branches. Bonnie stepped forward into the water to join her cousin. The water was cold but she felt perfectly at ease. And she remembered.

'Lucy, I'm on my way to see you!'

Lucy smiled and looked down at her cousin. 'I know. I knew as soon as you left, I could feel you moving closer. Meet me at the Brattleboro farmer's market before 2pm tomorrow.'

Lucy then leant down to glide her hand through the water only to flick the amount she had gathered in her cupped hand directly into her little cousin's face.

Bonnie's body jerked up out of her sleep as if she had literally been woken up by the water. But when she wiped her hands across her face the water was gone. Bonnie smiled. She was going to see Lucy in a matter of hours. She looked at the clock on her phone that read 7.13am.

She practically leapt out of bed to get ready for the day. She found that she was energised and had quite a spring in her step.

With her new mood, Bonnie decided to have breakfast at a local cafe opposite the beach. She was going to enjoy her morning and not think about her troubles. She also decided to walk along the beach before she left. She didn't dip her feet in the water though she smiled as she thought about her dream last night. She remembered her feet touching the ground and feeling alive. She had felt connected to the magic of the earth and it was only in a dream. What would happen if it were real?

She looked at the sand beneath her feet and then swiftly removed her ballet flats. She felt it again, a connection. It wasn't like a shock or a jolt of energy. It was more of a vibration of energy, a feeling of alertness. She closed her eyes and wiggled her toes more deeply in the sand. She giggled at looked up at the sky. She hadn't felt this strong in a long time.

She then ran to the shoreline, one hand grasping her shoes, and gasped as the water glided over her toes. It was freezing but she didn't care. She could feel the magic. She twirled around and giggled as she felt completely at one with the world around her.

If Bonnie had known there was a pair of eyes watching her she would have acted less gleefully. It was pure, raw emotion she was displaying and Elijah was trying to convince himself that it wasn't the most beautiful display he had ever seen. He was there for one reason and one reason only, to pay his dues. Then he would go back to figuring out what to do about the cure, Katherine and his family.

Bonnie did not feel the original's presence as she slipped her shoes back on or as she crossed the road to get to her car.

She pressed the switch on her keychain that automatically unlocks the doors.

Bonnie reached over to open the car door.

"Please, allow me." Elijah offered as he open the car door and gestured for her to hop in.

Bonnie looked up in shock. How did he find her?

"H-how...w-what are you doing here?" she stuttered.

Elijah smirked at her discomfort.

"Well seeing as you are without powers and me having this need to be an honourable man and all, I just couldn't help myself following you to make sure that you were alright."

The expression on Bonnie's face displayed that she didn't appreciate his sarcasm. Elijah also noticed that her heart rate accelerated when he mentioned that she had no powers.

"Oh come now, there's no need to be worried Ms Bennet. If I wanted you dead you would be dead. Please, don't allow me to slow you're day down. I just want to have a little chat with you." He shrugged his shoulders. "We could talk while we drive."

"I have nothing to say to you!" Bonnie spat out and turned away from him to walk back to the beach. She sure as hell wasn't getting into the car with him. If she was going to die she would rather it be upon the sand.

"Well we both know that's not true." Elijah baited her as he walked by her side, both hands in his pockets. He kept up with her aggressive steps with ease. "You had plenty to say about me yesterday. Something about me having a need to be an honourable man?"

Bonnie took the bait. "To be an honourable man, you have to be an actual man." She snapped. "You, are a monster!"

Elijah's eyes narrowed at this. He used his vampiric speed and was before her in less than a second. She gasped and stepped back in surprise.

"Your definition of monster is someone who chooses to take human life I assume? Then is Caroline Forbes also a monster? Is Elena? Is Stefan? Is Damon?"

Bonnie tried concentrating on slowing her breathing to a regular pace as she looked out into the glistening water.

"Are you?" he added with a sadistic smile. A smiled that showed he was enjoying baiting her.

Bonnie's head snapped in his direction and she locked eyes with him. Calm down Bonnie, the witches will come back when the Other side is collapsed.

"Why are you here?" she almost growled.

Elijah's smug look changed to a more serious expression as he turned to gaze out into the ocean.

"You and I were once on the same side. You trusted me once."

"A mistake I will never make again!" Bonnie aggressively interjected. Elijah ignored her.

"I do remember the promises I made to you about killing Niklaus. And I do remember breaking them. But that's not all you hold me accountable for."

Elijah next said something that Bonnie could never have predicted.

"I am truly sorry about your mother Ms Bennet. Given the choice between ending your bloodline and mine I chose yours. And though I would do it again for the love of my family, I need you to know that I take no delight in harming you or your family."

Bonnie looked up into his eyes trying to control her emotions.

"What family?"

Elijah blinked, unsure of what she meant.

"My mother who I could have had a relationship with refuses to be around me to protect me and my father is the Mayor now. Do you know what happened to the last Mayor Elijah?"

Elijah looked down slightly ashamed. He knew that Bonnie was hinting to the fact that it was his fault Niklaus killed Carol Lockwood. In fact, every death at Niklaus' hands was really his fault.

The original looked up into the witch's steely glare.

"I can't change the past Ms Bennet but I owe you a debt. I took your mother's life. I am the one who must be held accountable. I now owe you a life. I will stay with you until my debt is repaid."

Bonnie had no idea how to comprehend this. What did he mean?

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Preview of next chapter:

"You're following her around like a little lost puppy," snarled Katherine.

"Don't be ridiculous Katerina. I have told you, I owe her a life. It is nothing more than that."

Katherine watched as Elijah's eyes softened as he watched the witch's sleeping form.

"Then why can't you take your eyes off her?"