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Chapter 1

"Espeon, use shadow ball!" I open my mouth and a black ball of energy forms in front of me and I hurl it at the other trainer's Pokémon, a pathetically weak Roselia. As the smoke clears I see the Roselia lying on the ground knocked out. I hear my trainer, Blake, let out a cheer and I turn around and run to him and jump into his arms, purring loudly. We then head to the Pokémon Center in the next town and we get a key to a room from Nurse Joy. As we are walking to the room I feel this pang inside me, but I push it aside as nothing. When we get to our room Blake puts his bag on the table next to the bed and looks at me and smiles and says, "I'm going to go and get a shower Espeon, okay? You just lay down on the bed and rest you've earned it." I smile and go over and jump on the bed and curl up on the pillow as he heads into the bathroom and starts the shower. As I'm lying on the bed I feel myself getting excited and I let out a pained groan as I feel my heat cycle starting. I lay there groaning feeling my juices starting to leak out of my slit. I take my two tail tips and slide them into my slit and moan my name softly. I get so lost in my pleasure that I don't hear Blake walk out of the bathroom until, "Espeon, are you okay?" I freeze and look up at him with a deep blush on my face. I look away as he walks over and sits next to me and pets my head. I look up to see a smile on his face as he says, "You're going into your heat cycle aren't you sweetie?" I look at him and nod my head. He smiles and says, "I think I might be able to help you with it." He starts to stroke my back and I feel his hand slide down under my tail and starts to slowly rub my slit as I start panting heavily. He then picks me up and lays me on my back and he starts to slowly lick my slit. I close my eyes tighter and start pawing at the air as he slides his tongue deeper into my slit. I moan loudly as my cum explodes into his mouth. As I lay there breathing heavily, he smiles and kisses me softly. I purr loudly as I kiss back and I then feel him pull away and roll over onto his back and he pulls me with him. I then feel his cock pushing against my slit as he tries to be as gentle as possible. I purr and lick his lips lovingly and push back against him and I let out a loud moan as he pushes into my tight virgin cunt. I wince in pain, but he slowly starts stroking my fur and says in a loving voice, "whenever you're ready Espeon, we can continue." I purr as the pain goes away and pleasure soon replaces it. I then give him a nod telling him to continue. "Esp….Espeon." I start moaning as he slowly slides in and out of my cunt. Then feel my orgasm getting closer and I moan my name louder in between pants, "Esp….Espeon…Esp….peon." I then feel my cunt clamp down on his cock as I start to cum. I then feel him go faster and go as far as he can into my cunt and then he starts to cum also. I let out a long moan as his cum fills me up and then once he is done he pulls out slowly and kisses my and says softly, "I love you, Espeon." I purr loudly and lick his face as we both fall asleep.

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