Thrax the Krogan Battlemaster

I don't know how to tell the Mass effect time line so to give you a sense of how much time has passed I'll just say like"20 years before mass effect 1"

812 CE

"You go tell Aeris this is her last chance. She's worth more to me alive but if she keeps resisting I will put her down" Thrax said to the small asari in front of him who, to Thrax's surprise, stood her ground

"Listen here krogan get this through that rock you call a head Aeris is not coming out, if you try to storm the house you'll find yourself swarmed by mercs. So why don't you turn around before. "

Before the asari could finish her threat Thrax grabbed her by the neck lifted her up and squeezed snapping her neck with a loud "snap." The door behind her turned red just like Thrax expected. This might have stopped him if Thrax hadn't "persuaded" a merc who was running his mouth off at the bar a few nights ago to give him the override commands. While the code was being uploaded Thrax grabbed his trusty claymore from his back and set up his barriers.

Opening the door Thrax immediately saw a small sitting room with stairs going up and at the top of the stairs was a turian with an assault rifle, but before he could so much as aim it Thrax took off in a biotic charge right up to him knocking him down and stomping on his head finishing him and quickly turned around and saw another Turian, Thrax unleashed a carnage attack that literally exploded the turian. Continuing up the stairs he felt a small pain hit his side and when he placed his hand to it he felt blood looking at his hand confirmed it seeing the rustic orange colored blood. Turning around he saw a salarien aiming a pistol at him. Thrax however noticed his hands were shaking and he was in plain clothes.

"dddrop the gggun kkrogan" the salarien stuttered

"Drop the gun lizard, I'm not here for you if I was you'd be nothing but a stain on the wall. " When the salarien looked hesitant Thrax roared "DROP THE GUN!"

The salarien all but threw the gun to the floor crouched down and started whimpering please "don't kill me please don't kill me"

Thrax holstered his claymore and walked over to the whimpering salarien grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt and lifting him off the ground to eye level with the krogan.

"Alright salarien this is how it's going to be I am going to ask you a question you are going to answer. If you help me you live if you don't help me, I have raw salarien liver for lunch got it?

"Yes yes of of of course" the salarien stuttered

"Excellent now question one how many mercs are left?" Thrax asked ignoring the urge in his mind to snap this salarien's neck

"Six four turians two asari." The salarien said very quickly

"Good now question two how to I get to Aeris's office?"

"top of the stairs just look for the door being guarded by mercs and you've found it. She'd probably lock the door down but luckily for you I know the code.

"Why would she give a scrawny lizard like you codes to her office. She is polishing your horn." Thrax chuckled.

"Is she what?" the salarien asked confused until it dawned on him and he almost shouted "NO!"

Thrax still chuckling grabbed the codes from the salarien let him down and told him to leave. He was gone in less than three seconds. Thrax turned and ascended the stairs staying on alert for any ambushes. When he reached the top floor he heard voices and braced himself against the nearby wall. "Alright we have a krogan shooting up the place. Our orders are to wait until he rears his ugly head and pump him full of enough plasma to pop a tank any questions?"

Thrax took this as his cue pulled his claymore turned the corner and saw overturned tables chairs everywhere for cover. He saw one asari with her back turned still talking to the other five not yet realizing how short he life had become. Thrax stepped out from behind the wall and fired his shotgun at her back she was dead before she hit the floor. Stunned for ahalf a second after seeing there leader die right in front of them Thrax took advantage of this and unleashed a singularity at them lifting up the remaining asari and one of the turians before ducking back behind the wall before the three other turians started firering there assault rifles.

Thrax, taking advantage of his krogan regeneration stepped out from behind the wall and threw a warp at the singularity causing a biotic explosion. With the biotics taken care of Thrax grabbed his shotgun and started running toward the three remaining mercs leaving any injuries to his krogan regeneration. Reaching the first turian he headbutted him to the ground and stomped on his head. He turned to the remaining two turians and used his biotic charge on one knocking him down and quickly turning and shooting the last one exploding his head. He looked down at the last turian whimpering on the floor and just kicked him in the head ignoring the voice telling Walking up to the door he was surprised to find that it was unlocked readying himself tfor anything he went in and found an asari sitting on a chair listing to some kind of asari music that made Thrax want to rip his quad off.

"I was wondering when you'd get here Gatlock Talz" she said in a calm voice despite the fact that there was a krogan covered in blue and green blood aiming a shotgun at her.

Thrax was surprised he had paid top credit for his new Identity. No one was suppose to know he was Gatlock Talz. Covering his surprise but only barely he spoke is his deadpan tone "how do you know that name asari?"

"It's my business to know the name of the murderer of my husband and my three children. It's my business to know the name of the monster who invaded the colony my colony, executed the men fed the children to your pet varren and take the women as your sex things."

Thrax remembered that day {fire was everywhere buildings were falling apart off in the distance there were faint explosions and in front of him were the people who surrendered. Most of them were asari but there were a few turians, volus, and batariens. I remembered my second in command coming up to me "battlemaster these are the ones who decided to surrender then fight" and in my mind I had already decided what to do with them.

I roared for my men to separate the prisoners based on species and gender after they were herded into groups I went to each separately. I started with the four batariens that were there. After a few seconds of inspecting them I barked to four of my men "these batariens think that having four eyes makes 'em batter than everyone else. Well let's see how they do with just one eye and I motioned for my lieutenants to gouge out three of their eyes as I savored every shriek."

Next I moved onto the volus and shouted to my second "Grav these volus look like they need air eh" I said in a completely casual manner. Grav nodded while smiling; by the void he's almost as twisted as I am.

"well then let's crack open their suits and give them some nice clean oxygen" I said as I yanked on one of the tubes on a volus's shoulder causing gray blood to spurt out like a geyser. The rest of my men followed suit and before I knew it there were the volus out of there suits with chunks of their skin breaking off. "Ahh the screams of the volus never gets old eh Grav?" Who chuckled beside me saying "almost as good as the sound of a turian with their mandibles pulled off" I smacked him upside the head saying "idiot you went and spoiled the surprise for the turians." I turned to my men again and said "well you heard him boys start tearing"

Finally approached the asari I saw that there were children and my hearts leapt as I said "separate the children and bring out the varren" a few moments later as the children were separated I opened a door to a single story house for one ordered the children to be placed inside along with the varren. The screams lasted for thirty minutes but the crying of the mothers lasted for weeks.

I then turned to one of the crying mothers and snapped her neck with a quick loud "SNAP" to the shock of the rest of the women. I then spoke to them "now ladies I don't want you to think I'm completely evil. You women deserve to be rewarded for your intelligence. You decided to surrender rather than fight a helpless battle so your reward will be serving your new masters" I grabbed one of them and said "boys have fun"}

Thrax kept a straight face despite the guilt gnawing inside him as he recognized the asari. "You're the one I took aren't you" Thrax asked even though he knew the answer.

"Yes and you want to know something I learned an important lesion that day, if your strong you crush the weak, if your weak you get crushed. That day I swore if I ever got free I wouldn't wast my time helping the weak, I spend my time dominating them and best of all I wouldn't have learnt that if it wasn't for you."

Thrax with a deadpan voice said "What's past is past and neither of us can change it. I'm not here to discuss the unspeakable act I committed we're here to talk about the ones you have. Enslaving a colony and working them to death, kidnapping children for leverage, murdering anyone who spoke against you. However out of regret for what I did to you I will give you a choice, dead or alive. Your choice Aeris

After a moment or maybe an hour Aeris spoke "Dead"

Thrax holstered his shotgun and took out his pistol walked up to her placed it to her forehead and said in a voice so full of emotion "I am so so sorry"


Thrax scanned her with his Omni-tool to confirm the bounty, turned and left.

After getting back to his ship he saw he got a message

Mr. Thrax

I would like to take advantage of your services the job pays quite well and should be quite simple for a being of your many skills. However I do not trust this message service so we would need to meet face to face come to the space station known as Omega go to Afterlife ask for Salis he'll point you to me

With regards

Mr. X