Chapter 1

Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor…



"Shut up, Darcy."

In an RV out in the middle of a New Mexican desert, Erik Selvig, a middle aged scientist, was seated alongside his colleague, Jane Foster, a young astrophysicist. Selvig had known Jane since she was a young girl, as he had worked closely with her father. In the driver's seat was one Darcy Lewis, an emotional and impulsive girl, surrounded by scientists. Darcy was Jane's research assistant, despite the fact that she had no scientific background to speak of. It reality, she was the only person to apply for the job.

"Jane, seriously, we…" Erik started.

"No, Erik!" Jane stared intently at the clear dark skies, waiting for some kind of anomaly. "I don't understand." She huffed, and moved back through the sunroof, surrounded by her research and computer equipment. She pulled her notebook from her pocket and looked at her most recent notes. "There have been at least twenty other anomalies at this exact place and time."

"Well, Jane, maybe this time it's just not…" Erik did his best to soothe Jane's frustration, but she interrupted him with a harsh and indignant voice.

"Don't even say it, Erik."

Darcy attempted to drown out their bickering by turning up the volume on her iPod, wondering why she even agreed to do this. Suddenly, the sky started to distort in color, briefly looking like a small nebula. "Er, Jane?" Darcy went unnoticed, however, as Jane continued to argue with Selvig, shoving her notebook into his face and trying to convince him of her theory's relevance. The sky continued to change, and to Darcy's shock, te clouds started to morph into a formation that looked like the eye of a urricane. Bolts of lightning shot out of te dark clouds, scathing the air about them. Jane and Selvig remained oblivious.


"WHAT?" Jane snaps, looking up. Darcy even look at her. She was to focused on the activities outside, and soon, Jane and Selvig were as well. Jane shut her notebook, shoved it back into her pocket and rushed for the video camera that she was discarded prior to her argument with Erik. "Drive, Darcy!", she urged, turning on the camera.

The RV jerked forward as Darcy slammed her foot on the gas, and Selvig nearly fell over. Jane stuck her head out of the sunroof, the camera pointed at the anomaly. Darcy looked in awe as the formation started to radiate with a red and orange light, and Jane continued to urge her to speed up.

Until a large beam of swirling energy shot out of the anomaly, striking the ground only a few mere inches from the RV.

"Holy crap!" Darcy screamed as the RV swerved away from the energy. Unfortunately, the RV continued to slide toward the beam, but nothing happened when it entered. The RV's occupants couldn't even see past the storm, but Jane continued filming. This was too good to miss.

"Jane, I can't…" Darcy stopped abrubtly as the storm suddenly ended, and Darcy noticed to late the man standing in front of the swerving vehicle. It collided with him, sending him flying. He landed several meters away, and continued to slide until he the friction slowed him down. The RV finally stopped, and the occupants stared gaping at the motionless body. Above them, the anomaly faded away, and the skies were peaceful once more.

"Oh. My. God!" Jane shouted. Jane lept off the roof of te RV, and Darcy and Selvig scrambled out the van and rushed towards the body.

Darcy got there first, and saw a bloodstain growing on his abdomen. His eyes were closed, and his leg was bending in a way tat wasn't natural. Jane pushed past her and knelt down by te man.

"Where did he come from?" Erik asked. Darcy said nothing.

"Do me a favor and don't be dead." Jane begged.

The man didn't move, and Jane inspected his body before facing the others.

"He's not breathing! We killed him, Erik! Oh my god, we killed him!" she exclaimed, panicked. She started hyperventilating, and Erik knelt down next to her, trying to calm her down.

A knot of stress formed in Darcy's stomach. She killed a man. She was going to jail! Shit, shit, shit!

Before Darcy could say anything, something caugt her eye. Far off in the distance, what looked like a shooting star crashed into the desert. Neither Jane nor Selvig seemed to notice, but Darcy's conscious seemed to flare at the sight of it. Whatever was out there was important somehow.

"Jane, calm down. We need to find the police or someone." Erik said, his calm voice not fading even the slightest. Jane calmed dwon slightly, and elped Erik carry the body into te RV. Darcy continued to stare off into the distance, until Jane's frantic voice snapped her back into reality.

"Darcy, come on!"

Darcy ran towards the RV, gave a quick glance into the desert, and drove towards town.

Thanks you for reading. The idea behind this story came when I noticed several stories about Darcy on this sight. This surprised me, because I didn't think te character was that popular, so I decided to give Ms. Lewis the spotlight for once. The name Thordis originated from a once-shot marvel comic where Jane got Mjolnir and took on that name. Now I didn't do Jane in this story cuz that scenario has been done too many times. Hope that's alright.

Again, thanks for reading. Til next time.