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The night is so quiet; however within the hospital room that holds the new family… there is nothing but tears. This hospital, with such incompetent personnel, will feel the wrath of this family. This family is feared and respected, living in the shadows and gathering the one weapon craved throughout all of history. To those that serve under the firm guidance of the Shihoin clan… knowledge is the only weapon worth killing for.

A petite raven haired woman has been watching another intently, her heart heavy with sadness at the death of the clan's most recent child. In times like this, the Shihoin clan is known to sneak another from the confines of the nursery. It's believed when a clan member manages to get pregnant, it's fate they acquire a new member. Whether it be theirs… or someone else's. At this very moment, another expectant mother has been taken into a room. This is the one the raven watches. She's in labor, the pain overwhelming as she comes across a few complications. The woman served by the raven has given up her very way of life to carry on the Shihoin clan name; the petite female won't allow this to be in vain.

Hours have passed, the Shihoin subordinate pacing now as doctors hurry behind the closed door. There's a scream from the strawberry blonde woman, a loud cry from her newborn, and then there's a sickening silence. The bassinet is rolled out by a quiet nurse, a second one following with a morose cloud hanging over them. Within the room, the blanket is pulled to cover the woman's head… she didn't survive the birth. The raven is quick to dart back to her leader.

"Lady Yorouchi," she comments with a bow. "Another mother has died during the birthing process, she gave birth to twins. Both were taken to the nursery."

"… You know the rules, Soi Fon," Yorouchi sighs from her bed. "Only submissive children… and no one is to see you take them."

"Understood, my lady. I won't let you down; I will have the next child of our clan tonight."

The exotic woman with dark skin and purple hair only stares at her blanket. Only women that can't give birth are chosen for this syndicate, she'll be allowed to rejoin after she gets better. She'll never have another child again. Unfortunately, she has no desire to raise a surrogate child. Even if the theft is a success, there is no one to raise the little one. In all truth, Yorouchi doesn't know why she agreed to birthing a child in the first place… she's no mother.

That night, when the lights go out, Soi Fon sneaks back into the hospital. The lights have been dimmed in the hallways, though most of the rooms are swallowed in pitch. Without thought, the raven dons some scrubs. She covers her dark hair with a cap and her face with a mask, blending in perfectly with those roaming the hallways yet. Without drawing attention to herself, Soi Fon walks to the nursery. When she opens the door, a nurse walks past to exit.

"Good luck," she mutters. "That one twin is a fucking demon! I'm just glad you're here to relieve me early."

Not even thinking to make a positive ID, the nurse leaves with a few grumbled curses. The raven is stunned a moment, yet gathers her senses fast. She walks the length of the isles, waiting for one of the newborns to call out to her. Finally, Soi Fon meanders over to the larger bassinet containing the new twins… she can feel the pull she's been looking for. Within it, two little babies are curled into one another. One has a tuft of snowy hair, a single golden eye peeking open to glare at the newcomer. Beside the little one wrapped in a blue blanket is an orange haired baby wrapped in pink. It's so quiet and still, snoozing happily beside the other without a care in the world.

"You're the one," Soi Fon whispers. "You shall be the future of the Shihoin clan."

Carefully, she lifts the tiny babe from the crib and holds it close. She quickly checks the baby over for any marks or a sign of weakness, frowning when she realizes it's a baby boy. The hospital must've run out of clean blue blankets. The child left in the crib watches intently, almost as though he's committing Soi Fon's image to memory. The raven shivers unconsciously at the very thought, holding the orange haired baby closer to her before heading out. She tucks the baby carefully in a laundry basket, a few pieces of cloth set atop him to hide the package from prying eyes, and leaves just as the other nurse heads in. Soi Fon is gone when the snowy haired baby starts hollering for his brother.

Yorouchi is just walking into the clan home when she hears the soft crying from the other room. Soi Fon is there, rocking the fussy baby pulled too soon from his twin. The baby clutches Soi Fon's shirt, bawling into her chest as she tries hard to soothe him.

"Soi Fon, what are you doing here?" Yorouchi wonders.

"I've returned with the newborn," she comments. "He has great potential."

"… Soi Fon… I really don't want to be a mother," the woman with purple locks admits. "I know this is important and it's time for fresh blood in our numbers, but… we must find another that can raise this one. I want to return to my life as a member of the troops."

Soi Fon is stunned, her mouth working without any sound tumbling from it. No one is trained highly enough to bring a child into this world than Yorouchi, as she's the Shihoin clan's prodigy and can best even the veterans. Even should she refuse to play the role of mother, only one other is capable of teaching at her level. With a quick decision and a look of pure determination, Soi Fon holds the baby closer and lifts her chin high.

"I shall raise the child," she offers. "I have no ability to give birth; I will never have children of my own. Because of this, I will be able to return to the ranks after the baby is old enough. I can teach them on jobs when I feel they're ready."

"Soi Fon…"

"Lady Yorouchi, we both know we are the only ones that can train him properly. If you aren't willing to raise him, I shall."

Yorouchi sighs, but allows Soi Fon to do as she pleases. Soi Fon is young yet, but she's Yorouchi's greatest pupil. Yorouchi was only nineteen when she took on Soi Fon, the exotic woman quick to climb the ranks. Soi Fon was just a girl when she stood before her master, only eight and now twenty-one. It pains Yorouchi to force this upon her student, but Soi Fon is a loyal woman with nothing but the clan's best interests at heart.

"Raising a child is a difficult endeavor, Soi Fon," she sighs. "You're young; you'll grow bored with this newborn quickly. You won't be able to partake in a normal life, as your life will be devoted to this child."

"I understand."

"I'll locate another woman to take up the responsibility of the baby…"

"With all due respect, my lady, I won't need them," she comments. "I will raise this baby. I will take the bad with the good, because I know in the end it'll be worth it. This little one will be one of the greatest warriors we have."

"You can't be certain of that."

"But I am."

Soi Fon turns and leaves with her new charge clinging to her. Yorouchi has the baby things she'd accumulated throughout her pregnancy taken to Soi Fon's small home down the street. Though Yorouchi comes from a wealthy family, her student has always been adamant she make it on her own. Soi Fon has been working since she was sixteen, living on her own since she turned eighteen, and now has a child to raise. No doubt, someone else from the Shihoin clan will offer to pose as the child's father… but the raven will insist she can raise the baby on her own.

As Soi Fon settles the baby in its crib late that night, she leans down and kisses his forehead. The baby reaches for her, large amber orbs pleading to be picked up. She frowns a bit, ignoring the request in hopes the little one will learn to stand on his own feet soon. After a moment, however, she realizes this child has a gift for manipulation. She lifts him up and carries him to her own room. She cuddles with the baby in her modest bed, careful not to harm him. He fusses, whining a bit at the lack of sleep and attention. Quietly, Soi Fon sings to the baby. She watches as he calms and closes his eyes, smirking as he falls asleep in a nest of pillows. This is her baby now, this child… this life… is hers to shape. The thought is both scary and exhilarating. She gazes upon her child… her Ichigo.

Bet you guys didn't expect that, huh? Ichigo being raised by Soi Fon ;p Wow, he should turn out quite... complicated XD Well, this is the prologue, so there's more drama and comedy to come! Probably some other stuff, too, but at least you can rely on me for those two ;p Now... on to my fics! XD I hope to finally finish Jail Bird today, so maybe I'll actually manage that.

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