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Chapter 15

Deep within the sewers hidden in an alcove, is a shop and a home. It takes all the lessons of camouflage from the Shihoin clan and more so, leaving it's inhabitants safe from the world above. Within the shop Ichigo sits with Kisuke Urahara, Yorouchi's love and apparently her husband. Though he's not allowed to divulge much, Ichigo figures he already knows a lot about the clan anyway and begins to answer the questions the blonde has.

"Soi Fon is my mother," Ichigo remarks quietly. "I was adopted... in a way. Yorouchi has always been like a grandmother to me, so that's what I call her. She was pregnant before, but it was a stillborn. That's the gossip among the clan, anyway. She left you when she found out she was pregnant."

"And she didn't even offer me a divorce," Kisuke huffs. "Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stay loyal to a wife that's disappeared? It's a nightmare! All this time I could've had my pick of women, but I could never bring myself to be with anyone other than her. Deep down, I always knew she was still alive."

"I'm so sorry how it all played out for you, but she never stopped loving you," Ichigo offers. "You were all she talked about when I was with her, she even has this exact room in her house!"

Kisuke laughs at that, obviously happy to hear the news. When he laughs, Ichigo can see the love of life he has. He can hear it in the sound that now fills the room. It's catchy and he can't help but grin. After a short moment, Kisuke returns to the subject of before... who this strange woman happens to be.

"You look like your mother, you know," he comments. "It's strange to hear you're adopted. About as strange as it is to hear Soi Fon raised a child."

"Oh! Uh... I'm in disguise," Ichigo blushes hotly. "I had a disagreement with Pantera and he's trying to track me, but I've been right in front of him multiple times and he hasn't realized it's me. It's actually quite fun!"

"A disagreement? With Pantera? Do you have a death wish, girl?"

Ichigo chuckles at that, pulling off his wig carefully and ruffling his orange locks. He pulls out the contact case in his bag, carefully removing the blue lenses and putting them away. He would take off the bra as well, but it's too difficult to put back on without stripping down. Kisuke's eyes grow large, his mouth dropping in surprise, and then his reaction turns panicky.

"What's the matter?" Ichigo wonders.

"Getsuga!" Kisuke sputters out.

"What? No!" Ichigo laughs. "I'm Ichigo Shihoin, Getsuga is my twin brother. We just met not long ago, that's how I learned I was adopted. I'm sorry I scared you."

"... Scared me? You gave me a heart attack!" Kisuke breathes out. "But... if I ever wondered what Getsuga looked like in drag I've gotten my answer."

Ichigo laughs, deciding to replace his wig so he doesn't freak anyone else out. He also puts his contacts back in, so he won't forget later. The orange head returns to his tea, sipping from the porcelain cup carefully. It takes a long moment for the blonde to regain clarity, his hand over his chest. When he's finished, he takes a deep drink and refills his cup.

"You took a great risk coming here, Ichigo," he states. "This place isn't a very good one, it's filled with monsters around every corner. You seem like a very nice person and nice people end up dead here."

"I'm not worried about me," the orange head smiles slightly. "I can hold my own. I lived here on the streets for a month before Shiro and Grimmjow pulled me off them, I was Grimmjow's favorite... though I have no clue why. I never gave him anything but a headache. He doesn't trust in my abilities, so I left him. He even had the nerve to stick me with a GPS tracking device! Can you believe that?"

"So he can find you here?" Kisuke gasps. "I can't have that. I've been living off the radar of both Aizen and Barragan for years, I don't want them finding me!"

"No, no, calm down," Ichigo snorts in humor. "I found it before I left and stuck it in an alley cat. He thinks he's search for me, but he's really tailing a cat. Thinks he's so smart, has the nerve to think he can capture a Shihoin... what a dumbass."

Kisuke laughs at the information, delighted to hear someone is making a fool of the most powerful gang members in Los Noches. He decides he likes this young man. Ichigo reminds him so much of Yorouchi, the boy filled with her complete lack of respect for others and a heart of gold to counter it. It's refreshing for him and he smiles widely at the other.

"You're welcome to stay here as long as you'd like, Ichigo," he offers. "If there's anything I can do for you, just tell me. As for Yorouchi, please tell her I still love her and I want her back with me."

"You can tell her yourself if you'd like," Ichigo states. "I just have to make a phone call."

"Uh... I'm not ready for that yet," the blonde says sheepishly. "Baby steps are just fine."

"Oh! There is something you can do for me," Ichigo remarks. "My mission for information is almost done, I just need to know the punishments given to those that don't follow the rules. You've lived here a long while, would you happen to know them?"

"As a matter of fact I do! When Yorouchi and I were together, I was a great source of information for her," Kisuke informs. "I ran a web of information since I was a teenager, something I've continued with throughout my life. I was a very avid spy, you know."

"... Like Gin Ichimaru?" Ichigo wonders. "He's dating Shiro."

"Better than Gin Ichimaru!"

Ichigo laughs at the confidence wrapped in bragging, motioning for him to continue. The more Kisuke talks about the punishments, the more Ichigo realizes his first theory was completely correct. The punishments are medieval, an eye for an eye, and seem to work rather well here. Though smaller actions are left alone, much like the base crimes, when they start getting out of hand is when retribution is required.

The orange head sends the information to Soi Fon after the conversation ends. He also adds the fact he's located Kisuke and the message the blonde asked to pass on. When he's finished, the orange head checks the time and sighs.

"I have to meet up with Shiro in half an hour," he remarks. "I'm helping him with his job as an enforcer and I don't want to leave him alone for the next drop. The guys he's dealing with are from Hueco Mundo and they're prone to attack on a whim."

"Your mission is finished, isn't it?" Kisuke questions. "Shouldn't you be heading home now?"

"... Aizen offered me a place here with my brother," Ichigo murmurs. "I won't have to be loyal to anyone, I'll have no responsibilities beyond that of family... besides, I'm sort of in love with Grimmjow. I'm just teaching him a lesson at the moment."

"You don't sound too certain of that," the blonde points out.

"I'm not. I like being around my brother, but Grimmjow is too overbearing for my tastes. Then again, mom told me you can't help who you love... right?"

"Just because the feeling is there, doesn't mean the best move is to be together," Kisuke remarks wisely. "Sometimes you just have to let them go and continue with your life, even if it hurts more than anything. You can't live if they won't let you. Grimmjow isn't the type to change on a whim, he won't trust your abilities until he sees them for himself. Even then he'll try to protect you as much as he can."

Ichigo nods, a grim expression on his features. The orange head stands and bows a short goodbye, turning toward the door. Tessai moves further away from him, having been cleaning the shop area since he woke up a while ago. The orange head sends him an apologetic smile and leaves.

The streets are quiet tonight as Shiro gazes along the empty lengths. Ichigo is late, as are his clients, and he's beginning to worry. Just as he's about to turn back and leave, the figures of his clients turn onto the road and head toward him. Shiro doesn't like these men, they worked for Redder before his death and treat him like yet another man to bend over. If he weren't Getsuga, the demon of the streets and Pantera's only sibling, they probably would've tried by now.

"Wow they look like douche bags."

The sudden voice at his ear has Shiro jumping, not expecting the presence behind him. There's the rich chuckle he knows as Ichigo's, and then the raven wigged man twirls around to stand in front of him. He looks as immaculate as ever, still sporting the oriental dress and whip of earlier.

"That wasn' funny," Shiro hisses. "Yer late an' I thought somethin' bad happened ta ya."

"As if," Ichigo waves off. "I just finished both my missions before coming here, nothing big. Besides, even if I were attacked they would be the ones worse off."

"That don' mean I ain't gonna worry. I'm fuckin' awesome at takin' care a myself, but that don' mean I don' get in trouble every now an' then."

"... Point taken. So, who are we dealing with tonight?"

"Redder's men," Shiro mutters. "I hate these guys, they're always treatin' me like shit."

Ichigo nods and turns to face them. There's something wrong about them, something that sends a spark of electricity along the orange head's spine. They're planning something and Ichigo isn't particularly fond of the idea. He tells Shiro as much, the pale copy narrowing his gaze in suspicion as they're joined by the others.

"Getsuga, who's your tasty little companion?" a brown haired man with bulky muscles asks. "I wouldn't mind having her around to show off."

"Her name's Katana an' her personality ain't much different from 'er name. Now... we got business ta get ta, so let's not chat 'bout lame shit."

"Actually, we were hoping to sell you some new shit. You interested?"

Shiro frowns and tilts his head to the side curiously. He's never had someone offer to sell to him before, he's always oversaw production from his own labs. He always figured that way he would know it's done right. Right now he's not sure he wants to deal with these idiots, however his curiosity is just as bad as Ichigo's.

"Alright, show me what ya got," he states.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Getsuga," Ichigo murmurs. "This doesn't feel right to me. My gut is screaming 'deception' so loudly it's making me want to throw up."

"Don' worry, we'll be fine."

One of the men returns with a box, one about the size of a shoe box, and hands it over to the pale twin. Ichigo is wary, his guard strengthened tenfold as Shiro unlocks the box and cracks it open. There's a hiss of something and the orange head immediately reaches for the box... but it's too late. A gas bursts forth and envelopes the two, both coughing and gagging as they stumble backward. The box is dropped to the ground, the twins sinking to join it as their vision blackens. Ichigo manages to give Shiro a glare that says 'I told you so' before they pass out, the orange head glad his wig won't fall off very easily.

Ichigo starts at the sound of chains rattling, he opens his eyes minutely to look around. He's in a warehouse that looks as though it was used as a butchery before. Chains hang from the ceiling along with thick hooks, the floor is covered in frost, and the air is chilled. Shiro is on the ground beside him, still snoozing away as though nothing happened. Ichigo immediately shakes him awake.

"Good going, Shi," Ichigo mutters. "You should've listened to me when I said to leave the box alone! Now we've been kidnapped by Redder's men for reasons unknown."

"Sorry," he replies sheepishly. "I'm sure we'll find a way out, er maybe Grimmy and Gin will come ta find us."

"We're locked in a freezer, they only open from the outside," Ichigo informs. "When and if they come to check on us, I'm sure they'll have a large group with them. They took my whip, but didn't get too adventurous in their search. Give me a short while and I'll think of an exit."

"I hope so, if Grimmy finds out I was kidnapped that'll be the beginnin' of the gang war we didn' want happenin'."

"It was bound to happen, you know," Ichigo waves off. "Whether because of me or because of stupidity, greed would've won out in the end. I was just an excuse to speed things up."

Shiro sighs and sits back, the cold wall of the freezer pressing against his back. They're not dressed for this sort of weather, the two already shivering at the change, and Ichigo knows it's supposed to be a form of torture. The twins huddle as closely to one another as they can, sharing body heat within the freezer as they wait for their kidnappers.

The Espada are called to Aizen's office, a rarity that sets them on edge. Grimmjow is at the head of the pack, stepping into his father's office with a wariness he never needs. Aizen isn't at his desk, but gazing out the large windows onto Los Noches. He doesn't even need to turn around for the others to know something is bothering him.

"Dad?" Grimmjow wonders quietly. "I'm sure Shiro will be here soon, why don't we just get started and I'll clue him in later?"

"... Shiro won't be coming," the brunette comments softly in a tone hiding sadness. "Last night, Shiro and his newest accomplice, Katana, were kidnapped by Redder's men."

"What!" the group gasps as one.

"They learned an assassin was sent to kill Redder, they assumed it was I who sent them, and this is their form of retribution," Aizen sighs. "There won't be any ransom, they've made that perfectly clear. Instead, they've sent me this video."

Aizen removes a remote control from his pocket and hits a button. The large screen on the sidewall turns on and the Espada turn to watch, their eyes widening at the sight of a freezer door. The camera is carried closer, the door quietly opened up before peeking in. In a corner furthest from the door, Shiro and Katana huddle together in sleep. They probably held out all night waiting to escape, only to be left until exhaustion took them.

"Here's your precious boy, Aizen," a voice whispers. "Take a good look, this will be the last time you see him in such good health. We have so much we want to do to him... and his sexy little helper. We'll be certain to tape everything and send you one each day. Don't try and locate them, you'll never find them. If we so much as sense an Espada in Hueco Mundo, we'll kill them immediately. I do hope you understand where we're coming from."

There's wicked laugh, though kept quiet enough not to wake the prisoners, and then the camera is turned off. All eyes turn to Aizen, the brunette's features steel hard and as cold as ice. He may rule over an entire city, but family is something he'd give even that for. Shiro is his youngest, his baby, and he'll be damned if he's taken away because of a stupid assumption that isn't even true. He's already contacted Barragan, the old man promising to do all he can to help, yet he doesn't completely trust the man. There is one he would trust with his life, one he knew a long time ago... Kisuke Urahara. Unfortunately he's been missing for years.

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Shiro: *just walks in* ... Do I wanna know? Did someone take a poo?

Vae: Please don't start today.

Shiro: What? That's a relief a lot a people don' wanna hear 'bout. =(

Ichi: Okay, that's it. I'm turning him into Seirertei. *grabs Shiro's collar to drag him*

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Ichi: Even a punishment isn't enough to shut him up. T^T

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Shiro: *Singing* Goin' ta Seireitei. Gonna play wit Kurosutchi, freaky lil Shinigami psycho! Lot's a pain an' blood, gonna have some fun!

Ichi: *rolls eyes and drags Shiro off *