A/N - Hello Dear Readers! Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I want to say this is my first attempt with writing Fan Faction. If you have never read any of The Hunger Games books you may have trouble understanding. I did not/will not go into much detail about characters appearance ect, ect due to the fact I'm sure you already know. ALL credit for original characters and story go to Suzann Collins. I rated this story "K+". I keep most of my work clean. Enjoy!

I wait at the rock me and Gale meet to hunt. Like every Sunday morning. He's late, not a surprise.

"Hey Catnip!"

Good he's finally here.

"Hey.." I say as he takes a seat next to me on the rock. "I got a few rabbits from the snares we left yesterday" I say. "Great! Can I talk to you about something?" Ask Gale. I'm kind of worried at what he may ask. But probably wanting to rant about the Capitol again, like always. "Of course" I answer. "Have you seen the posters up in town about farmers needed in District 10?". I know what Gale is going to do. I can't let him. There may be nothing romantic between us but he's still my best friend, my only true friend. "Yeah..". He must read my panicked expression because he quickly adds, "I'm not going! But my Mom is thinking of, for a few months..". Hazel, being a farmer? I can't really picture it. But I know our hunting has been scarce. If my mother wasn't doing ok with her side doctor job, My Mom would be right behind her.

"Oh.." I can't believe that's all I manage to choke out.

"Yep, I know it's a good thing. Just going to miss her." Replies Gale.

"Well, of course. But who's going to take care of the kids?".

"Me I guess, I don't start work in the mines until a few more months."

It's true. Last month, with Gale being 18, graduated school. And now its his turn to work in the mines. All I can think of is him being blown to bits, just like our Fathers. It is true, he could take care of the kids…

"But that's a lot of work. Getting them up in the morning, making sure Vick and Rory get to school on time…" I reply. Posy is only 4. Not old enough for school. Gale would have her all day. "What about Posy? You Can't bring her out here hunting with us." it's not that I wouldn't mind her. But I'm sure the woods would scare her. And she might scare away game.

"Well, I'm going to have to. she'll be fine. She needs to tuff'n up some!" Gale says with a laugh. I can't help to smile.

"It'll be fine.." Gale assures me, "Anyways, I might be a Father myself one day, maybe I can pick up some tips?" Gale says with a smile.

"Well you do that." I say, a little more harsh then I intended it to be. I don't want kids. I will never take the chance of having to see my children walk up at the reaping to their death sentence. I don't even ever want to get married.

"I will!" Gale says back. Harsh and stern. Good, I've ruined this perfect, beautiful hunting day by making Gale mad.

"Let's go hunt." I say after a minute of silence. After about an hour or so of hunting, we have managed to shoot 3 rabbits and 2 squirrels. Along with 4 fish from our net in the lake. When back in town, we divide our share and decide to trade the extra rabbit at the Hob. The old black market. Greasy Sae gives us each a few coins, and a bowl to split of her famous wild dog soup in return for the rabbit. As me and Gale are walking out of the Hob, I can't help but to think he is going to need help with the kids while Hazel is gone.

"Hey, if you need help with the kids while you mother is gone, just let me know." I say. Unsure if he will accept my help. I've never been good with kids, but his brothers, 10 year old Rory and 8 year old Vick, and his sister, 4 year old Posy have always been close to me and Prim.

"Thanks! I'm sure I will. Posy has been wanting me to ask you and Prim to spend the night." Gale says with a grin.

"That would be great!…" I can't really argue. Me and Prim spent the night for fun a few months ago. We stayed up well past midnight playing old silly games and popping some popcorn that me and Gale were fortunate to trade the day before. It was fun, and I rarely have any fun. "..So when will your mother be leaving?" I ask.

"Well, she said she would be leaving on the next train if she was going to go. That's Tuesday." Says Gale. That's the day after tomorrow. Only 3 days.

"Oh. That's soon."

"Yes, it is. I think she's just worried about me, taking care of the kids by myself." Replies Gale. I can't help but feel the pang of guilt, darn it!

"Well, you won't be by yourself., I'll be there to help you." I say with a smile. Helping him with the kids is what I least want to be doing, but he's my best friend. I cant let him down.

"Thanks! I'll tell my mom you said that. Might make her feel better." Gale says.

"If she wants, I can stay over while she is gone?" I have no idea where that came from! I'm not usually the type to give out such gestures. I think my idea even takes Gale by surprise. He raises his eyebrows just slightly, and so quick I barley catch it.

"That would be awesome, lets go talk to her." Gale replies. Leading the way to his house on the far side of the Seam.