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"Get off of me! Ana can get here any moment," Kate laughs as she escapes Elliot's hold. He takes her back in his arms and kisses her neck, and lower.

"We can be quick…and she can wait outside," Elliot smirks against her skin, his hands making their way under Kate's dress. A short moan escapes her mouth, and she is about to give in. After all, she is pregnant. She craves her man.

As Elliot starts to roll down her panties, the doorbell rings.

"Elliot!" Kate exclaims, quickly standing up from the bed and fixing her dress after the little make out session with her husband, and soon-to-be father of her baby.

"Later!" She yells, making it out of the bedroom to open the door for her best friend. She takes a look in the mirror, and after adjusting her hair a bit, she gets to the door.

"Ana!" She exclaims as she opens the door. Kate wraps her arms around Ana for a hug. She holds her tight, well, as close as her growing baby bump allows.

"Kate!" Ana whispers, hugging her best friend, and not even giving the slightest attention to Elliot who has just appeared at the door." I just missed you so much…" Ana whispers, a tear running down her face.

"Hey, you are here, I am here, your mom is fine. Everything is going to be amazing from now on," Kate says as they release each other.

"And of course no one missed me," Elliot says, and Ana laughs, giving him a hug, too.

"Now you won't get rid of me until I get my life back." Ana gives the couple a look and laughs. There is so much she wants now, and she will get it. She will have a fresh start and this time everything will be different.

"But first, I think, we should take you inside. Let me take your luggage," Elliot offers, taking Ana's bag. They step inside, and Ana starts looking around. Who would have thought she would meet her man right at her graduation party. Ana could remember Kate's voice telling her over the phone that the very famous billionaire Christian Grey, whom Kate had had a chance to interview, was at the graduation party with his brother. And somehow Kate had met Christian to say thank you for the interview, and the blonde guy was with him. And then Kate's life changed by one hundred eighty degrees. Just as Anastasia's did…only for her it wasn't the best change in her life.

"We already made you a room. Feel free to stay as long as you want," Kate says, leading Ana further in the house.

So much had changed since that night three years ago that was supposed to be the best day of her life so far.

She was getting ready for her graduation ceremony. They were laughing with Kate about something when Ana's phone started ringing.

"Oh, it's my mom!" Ana says, making her way to the phone and answering it.

"Mom!" She exclaims happily. She was going to finish university, party after, maybe finally lose her virginity…(Ana smiled, thinking about that). She wanted to finally start her adult life. But she stopped thinking about herself right when, instead of hearing her mother's voice, she heard some man' s voice.

"Anastasia Steele?" The man asks.

"Yes, who is this? Where is my mother?" Ana starts to get nervous, but then she starts to calm down for a moment – it must be mom's new boyfriend.

"I am sorry to say this, but your mother was in an accident," and the calmness is gone. She drops the lipstick she had held in the other hand, and sits down.

Ana closes her eyes and hopes this is just a dream. She will wake up and everything will be okay. She will graduate, and she will have fun. Her mom will call to congratulate her, and they will talk about everything the next day.

But it was true. She wasn't dreaming. She didn't go to the graduation ceremony that day. Instead, she went to the airport directly after she finished the phone conversation. She bought a ticket for the next flight to Georgia. She cried, and she didn't care if anyone saw her like this, she was a mess. And she had a reason to be.

And she spent three years there. At first, her mom was in a coma; she woke up only after six months. And then it got harder, because Carla had lost nearly all function. She had to learn how to walk again, how to talk, how to write, and how to live. But Ana was there by her every step, and Carla really did it. She was a happy woman again after spending two and a half years getting the treatment she needed. And she met her next husband in the hospital – Doctor John Hackney.

And now – after three long years – her mom was happy, settled, getting married with John. And Anastasia was back in Seattle and about to reclaim her life.

"Ana? I asked if you would like some tea?" Kate brings Ana back to reality, which is a cup of tea with the happy couple.

"I would love one," Ana answers, giving Kate and Elliot a smile, as they make the drinks.

"Sit down, sweetie," Kate says to Anastasia who seems to be awkwardly checking out the house now. After a few minutes Kate brings their teas with Elliot, and everyone sits down on the couch.

"So, how are you feeling?" Anastasia asks Kate, who is rubbing her belly.

Sometimes Ana felt jealous of Kate – at the age of twenty-four, Kate was happily married for two years and expecting their first child. Elliot was the perfect man for her, and Ana couldn't wait to see what their child would look like. From two perfectly blonde and beautiful parents, the kid should be the next Brad Pitt, or, if it is a girl, Heidi Klum.

"Oh, exhausted. But also excited – I hope you really are not upset we will be leaving you on your own tonight,"

Oh, Ana remembered Kate telling her about that Celine Dion's concert she has been waiting for like a year to happen. Ana knew she would be completely okay on her own.

"Yeah, we tried to get a ticket for you, but it was already sold out," Elliot added. Of course – she had only told Kate about coming back to Seattle two weeks ago. Actually, Ana's mom had persuaded Ana do this. Anastasia would have stayed in Georgia, and found a real job there, and probably she would have gone to Seattle only for holidays or to meet Kate.

"You have to go back, honey! I am okay and I have John. You have to do what you wanted to do. I know how much you miss being there," Carla had said on Ana's twenty-fifth birthday. And then she gave her an envelope.

Ana opened it and took out the one-way plane ticket to Seattle.

"Are you sure?" She had asked her mom.

Carla nodded, and then the mother and daughter exchanged a hug.

Anastasia shook her head and laughed.

"It is okay, I will be fine," Ana says. Maybe it would be even better if she spent the first night here alone.

"So, how have you been?" Kate asks, taking a sip of her tea.

"Well, you know what I was up to in Georgia. But I am fine. I just don't know what to do now, I need a job but I am not sure I am ready for the job I really would like to take. I think I should reread my old university notebooks to get back on track," Anastasia explained. She wanted to become a publisher. She wanted to be in the business. But with all the past years' events, she had to get ready for it. That's why Ana thought she should find some easy job at the moment, for example, waitressing. Something she could do for living, because she didn't want to be staying with Kate and Elliot's for more than a week at the most.

"I think Kate was more interested in your personal life," Elliot smirked, and Kate slapped his arm playfully.

"But Elliot is right, don't tell me you are single - look at you!" Kate laughed, ignoring Elliot's 'I am always right,' while she spoke.

"Oh, no time for that," Anastasia gave the couple a smile. Boyfriend? Ana wanted to laugh. She didn't have time for boyfriends. Sometimes she didn't have time or strength to wash her hair, how could she have a boyfriend?

"We will find you a boyfriend, though. You can't waste your best years! I need something else besides the baby to be excited about!" Kate laughed.

"Yeah, what will happen when Ethan marries Mia? What is Kate going to plan? She needs another wedding," Elliot agreed with his wife.

"Yes, what will happen when all Elliot's family gets married?" Kate sighed.

"Oh, not so sure about that. I don't think my brother will ever get married."

Ana had heard about Elliot's family. She had chatted every day with Kate, and Ana was aware that Elliot had a younger brother and a sister at her and Kate's age. Ana knew about them even though she had never seen them. She couldn't come to the wedding, but she knew that Mia was a talkative, funny, beautiful, and perfect girl. And perfect for Kate's brother. Ana was so happy that both Kate and her brother, whom she knew very well, too, have found their happiness. In one family!

Ana also knew Elliot had a brother who was one of the most eligible Seattle bachelors. 'Billionaire at the age of twenty-seven' had said an internet article that Kate sent her when she had started dating Elliot. Maybe Kate's cousin could marry him? Ana laughed inside, then all her family could become Greys soon. But she had heard that Christian is not like Elliot – open about relationships with family. His family even had thought he was gay.

"He will, trust me. We will find him someone. So I still have hope for two more weddings to plan: yours and Christian's. But to marry you have to find someone first," Kate said, taking a cookie from the table.

"Okay, I promise I will start thinking about my personal life," Ana says, then adds, "one day." One day she wanted to have what Kate had now. Ana wanted a boyfriend who becomes her husband and then father of her children. She wanted a family. She wanted her children to live with both their parents; she wanted them to have what she never had. She wouldn't change her life, but she wanted her children to have what she didn't have.

They laughed, but then Elliot's phone rang.

"It's my brother, I better answer it." He says, standing up for the phone.

"Hi, bro!" The girls heard Elliot saying. "Again? Can't Gail watch her?" Elliot's smile was disappearing. "When is she leaving? You need a nanny, Christian. We will take her by eight. Have a good trip," Elliot hung up and got back to the girls. "Honey, plans have changed," he says, looking over Kate.

"What?" Kate asks, clearly disappointed.

"Christian has a meeting in New York he has to attend, and he needs someone to watch Sarah," Elliot explains, but Kate seems to get upset.

"But this was our only night out! And you know how much I want to see her concert. Can't Gail watch her? Or Mia?"

"Gail has a vacation with Taylor for three days, and Christian really doesn't want to disturb them. Mia is already babysitting her till eight when she has to leave for a meeting with someone for the wedding. I'm sorry baby, we will get to her next concert," Elliot tries to calm her down, but Kate seems angry.

"We ask for one night out and this is the night your brother has to ask for us to have her? I will fucking kill him!" Pregnant hormones, Ana thought.

"Wait, Kate, Elliot. Maybe I can help?" Ana asked, all of a sudden. She really didn't have to do anything tonight.

"You must be tired, Ana. It is not your fault, it seems we will all have a stay in night," Kate sighed.

"I am not tired! Seriously, guys. I love kids. I can take care of a child. You go to the concert, I will have fun," Ana just wanted her pregnant friend to be happy and enjoy the night.

"Really? You could?" As Kate asks it, the happiness returns in her face.

"Of course! That's the least I can do now for you," Ana says, giving Kate's hand a squeeze. "And I will have a company, too!"

"Elliot, what do you think? We could drop Ana at Christian's and go to the concert. Then tomorrow we could take her back."

"I think that sounds like a plan." Elliot said, hugging his wife and giving Ana a wink since she had saved him from dealing with their ruined night.