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"Ughh, what a day," Ana said as she took her tea mug to Ted's room. Sarah was running ahead of her and sat on the ground of the room.

Ana watched her place the Teddy bear they had bought today next to the rest of the bears lying on the ground.

As soon as they had got to know about the gender of the new baby, they had started discussing names.

After long discussions and even little arguments, a simple joke by Christian's granddad had changed their future.

"Mom, dad, the news are that Ana is pregnant." Christian proudly announced at one of the Grey family dinners. Everyone started congratulating them, wishing them the best. Elliot and Kate joked about them becoming parents because none of them had expected that someday such news would be announced.

Sarah acted surprised even though she had already known that "mommy is expecting her little brother" .

"Well, Christian, you owe me a box of the best cognac in the world now." His grandfather said, and Ana gave Christian a look.

She really hoped Christian had not made a bet with someone about her.

"Theodore, don't be ridicolous!" Grace laughed, not wanting to know what the bet was about.

"You don't know, but when Christian was having his rough time in high school, I told him that one day he is going to fall in love, marry, become a father. He laughed back then and told me that would not happen even after he is thirty. So we made a bet on a box of an excellent cognac, and if I am right, you are not even thirty yet."

Ana felt so lucky to know that he was neither thirty, neither alone and childless. He was happily married, with Sarah and the Blip.

"Yes, but didn't he pay you when Sarah was born?"

"I didn't remind him it then because I knew that besides Sarah, there will be more."

"I wonder how did you think so when you saw me with Sarah? Do you remember how miserable I looked with her? So beautiful, so fragile and then there is me - always working and not knowing a single thing about babies."

"Trust me, grandson, you are meant to pass your genes on children. And with Ana, I am sure the new baby will be almost as cute as Sarah."

Everyone laughed as Sarah started blushing.

"Well, I will make sure that the cognac is delivered to you, granddad. Sarah, will you sign the card also for your little brother?"

"Yes, daddy."

"A brother?" Kate asked, happy for Ana who had a huge smile on her face as she rubbed her belly with her hands.

"Oh, then forget about the cognac, just name the baby after me."

The world stopped as Ana and Christian started thinking how would it sound and realized that it was what they had been searching for.

"Theodore Grey, sounds wonderful, doesn't it?" Ana asked, knowing the smile on her husband's face answered the question for him.

"I think I will even send you two boxes of cognac, granddad."

"Do you think Ted will like this bear?"

"He will love it, Sarah," Ana said and walked to the corner of the room that was full of those Teddy bears. Turns out, everyone who had discovered they were naming their son Theodore, knew that a teddy bear for a Ted is the best gift. So they started collecting them for their own little Teddy.

Ana sat down and stretched her legs out, probably the last time in this room. Tomorrow they would send the furniture for the room and then she could no longer lay on the ground with Sarah and the bears, and be awakened by Christian who has come home from work.

She drank her tea and watched Sarah play with the bears. She really did love her life - being a full time mother for Sarah, expecting a new baby. She really did love everything happening with her, and special thanks went to the man who just walked into the room.

"Daddy!" Sarah squealed as she ran to Christian and jumped in his arms, "We bought another bear for Teddy!"

"We? What we? I don't see mommy, she must be too little..." Christian joked, and Ana laughed at his lame jokes.

Since she started complaining about getting too big, Christian has been doing everything in his power to make her feel beautiful as she were.

"Stop those jokes and help me stand up, Christian," Ana said as she also wanted to greet her husband now that he was home.

Christian let go of Sarah and walked to Ana, but instead of giving her his hand, he just took her in his arms.

"Where to, Mrs. Grey?" Ana laughed at this cheesiness, but then started playing with his tie.

"The bedroom, maybe?" She asked.

"Your wish is my command." Christian replied and did as he was told. Once Ana safe in bed, he went to Sarah's room to put her to sleep. And then finally as a perfect husband he went to the kitchen to take the fruit that Ana still would ask him to bring her.

"Oh, you brought me grapes without asking, I truly love you," Ana and stretched her hands out for Christian to give her the bowl. "Sarah was not angry I didn't come to read for her?"

"No, she was happy to have one night without you," He casually replied, unbuttoning his shirt.

"Ha ha ha, very funny. But this day really was so tiring - after we went to that furniture store and you went back to work, we went to that cute little handmade toy store, and there we of course bought a few things for Ted, and afterwards we came home and drank tea in his room, now I am just exhausted."

"The future came so fast," Christian sighed as he finally accompanied Ana in the bed.

"Do you think he will like the white walls though?"

"Well, they are better than the red ones, aren't they?" Christian joked and started rubbing her belly, "He is a baby, he won't care about the color of the walls. And I actually prefer white walls and beige furniture than the classic blue walls, blue clothes, blue nursery..."

"I love you, Christian. I am so tired I don't know how to stand up now and force myself to take a shower."

"Ana, are you sure you don't want to find a nanny for Ted when he is born?" Christian asked, worried about his wife.

"No way, Christian."

"Many parents hire nannies, look at Kate and Elliot, for example-"

"The last time you had a nanny, you seduced her, married her and knocked her up. We are not getting a nanny."

"Oh, the last time," He laughed, "Well, the last time the nanny was something, yes.. Still love her."

"Gail will help me, and I want to be a full time mom, so I believe we will be okay. And after all, you promised to work a bit less, so you will also be able to change a few diapers. And also Sarah - she is wonderful and will love helping me around. But now, I want you to help me get up so I can take a shower."

Christian smirked as he climbed out of the bed and walked to her side, helping her get out.

"Thank you," Ana said and pecked his lips, but Christian didn't let go of her hand, he leaded them both to the bathroom.

"You thought I would miss a chance sharing a shower with my wife?"

"Well, if you are accompanying me, you know what I crave?" Ana asked seductively.

"A bath with a cup of peppermint tea, grapes and your husband?"

"You just read my thoughts." Ana laughed and kissed him before he went to the kitchen to make her the tea.