This is probably one of the most difficult chapters I've ever written. Or maybe it's because I'm past the point of exhausted. I know I should be sleeping, but I owe my readers to finish at least one story I've started. As for the others…honestly, I don't know, but I'm working on it.

Take This Love

"Hotch," she protested and struggled to free herself, but his arms held her in a protective embrace. "I thought you were tired."

"Of talking. I think we've talked enough, Jen." He dipped his head and trailed kisses along the curve of her neck. He felt her tense at his touch, then he heard her moan of pleasure. He loosened his hold slightly and cupped her breast.

"Hotch…" JJ arched into his touch. He was making it impossible to think straight.

"You want to talk?" he murmured against her skin. "Because I can think of better things we can do." He trailed kisses along her jaw before covering her lips with his. "Tell me to stop, and I will. For eight years I've been standing back and biding my time until we were at the right place, Jen. Now we're there, and I've wanted you for so long. And I know you've wanted me, too."


"We've dealt with the heartbreak and set-backs life has offered us. We've been thru hell and back." He cupped her face in his paws. "Our moment is now. I can't fight it any longer; tell me that you want me. Let me love you the way a man should love a woman. Let me show you love."

Looking in Hotch's dark brown eyes, she could see truth and love. And at that moment, she felt her heart weep from the overwhelming amount of emotion.

"What if we can't go back?" she wondered aloud, scared they might fail...but at the same time, secretly hoping they might succeed.

"I don't want to go back," he stated emphatically. He pushed her hair back over her shoulder. "I want to take tonight and move forward and never look back. I'm offering my love and my heart. Will you take them?" He watched her face as a wealth of emotions crossed over her beautiful features. "I need an answer, Jen."

She felt a weight lift from her shoulders. "Yes," she breathed the one word to change their lives...forever.

That was all he needed to hear. Pulling her to him, he kissed her as though his life depended on it. Hungrily he drank from her lips like a hungry man finding an oasis in the desert as their tongues mated furiously. Moaning softly, he delighted in the way her body responded to his touches.

JJ felt her body come alive. Never had any of her lovers – not even Will – managed to excite her to the point of climax just by kissing. She needed him. Now.

Grinding herself against him, she took pleasure from the deep groan he emitted. Encouraged by that one action, she did it again. "Jen…" Hotch pulled back and tried to get himself under control.

Her blue eyes sparkled from desire and mischie. "Tell me that's not a carrot in your pocket."

"Anything but," he admitted. He sat up. "I need to take this off." His fingers gripped the zipper of his costume.

"Let me," she offered, her voice sultry from longing. "Stand up."

"Well, Jennifer Jareau," Hotch drawled, "if I didn't know better, I would assume that you want to see me naked."

"You have no idea," she returned. "Are you wearing anything under this?" She pulled the zipper down the length of his body. Her look of disappointment was evident as the fabric fell away to show the FBI issued T-shirt and academy shorts. "You're dressed," she sighed.

Hotch shrugged out of the suit. "Not for long." With ease, he swung her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom before depositing her gently on the full sized bed.

Moving over, she reached for the lamp on the night table. "On or off?" she asked.

"On. I want to see you when we make love," he replied in a husky voice, his eyes traveling the length of her body twice. Even clothed, it was enough to make JJ self-conscious.

Hooking his thumbs under the elastic of the gym shorts, Hotch pulled them down. In a second, he removed his T-shirt to stand before her in all of his naked glory.

"Oh my," her comment was breathless and full of want for him. Suddenly bold, her fingers itched to reach out and touch him. As if reading her mind, Hotch guided her hand to where it would bring him pleasure, then groaned as she hesitantly stroked his length.

Emboldened, JJ leaned forward and kissed him.

"Oh God, JJ," Hotch choked out.

"Do you want me to stop?" Her eyes were innocent, but her smile was shameless.

"I want to say no, but if you don't…" He stopped her hand and brought it to his lips. "This is supposed to be my gift to you," he reminded her.

Lying back against the pillow, JJ gave him a smoldering look thru half closed eyes. "Then what are you waiting for?"

That was the only incentive he needed. Covering her body with his, he captured her mouth for a deep, wet kiss while his hands fumbled to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. Parting the material, he gazed at the creamy, alabaster skin covered in barely there pink satin. Unable to stop himself, he lowered his head and captured a nipple between his teeth while his hand found the v between her thighs.

Calling out his name, JJ threw back her head as Hotch drove her crazy. Her fingers weaved in his dark locks and tried to hold on as the first wave of excitement coursed thru her.

"Ahhhh…" she cried out as his mouth and hand manipulated her. Closing her eyes, she tried to pretend he wasn't driving her crazy. She tried to think of something other than what he was doing. Then she lost her mind.

Hotch watched her face as JJ's body jerked from the waves of a powerful orgasm. "Are you alright?" he inquired. She tried to catch her breath.

"Aaron…I…I…" She couldn't think. She swore her body had melted.

"Want me to stop?" he asked, but his hands were busy trying to free her of her clothes.

"Not unless you want it to be open season on rabbits," she shot back. She lifted her hips to help him as he pulled off her jeans. The cool air hit her bare skin and caused her to shiver. "Come here," she invited and held out her arms to him.

Taking her offer, Hotch willing went into her arms. He lowered himself on to her slight form and settled between her thighs. This is what heaven must be like, he thought to himself before she raised her hips to take him deep.

And past the point of no return.

Hotch slowly opened his eyes. Of all the things that had happened in his life, never had anyone been able to pull his world out from under him with just one touch. But JJ had done that…and more! Pulling her close, he heard her sigh and nestle her body against his. His hands lazily stroked her.

"So, how was I?" she asked between kisses she dropped on his chest.

"I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't think…I never thought…" He searched for the right words to tell her how he felt. He loved her so much.

"Me too. You were amazing." Her hand stroked his chest and relished in the feel of his muscles. "You're still breathing," she observed with a chuckle.


"I was worried for a moment." She kissed his neck and felt his pulse pick up. "I thought I might have to perform CPR to revive you."

"You still might have to. Which might throw a wrench in my plan."

"What exactly is your plan?" she wondered.

"To mend your broken heart."

JJ felt him stir to life against her belly. "I think you made a great start." She undulated her hips slightly to tease him.

Closing his eyes in ecstasy, his arms tightened around her. "Since you're free until Monday, would it be alright if I stayed?"

"Depends. When is Jack coming home?" .

"Monday night. It's spring break." He laid back and pulled her up so that she could straddle him. Immediately his body sprung to life. "Two days to show each other how we feel."

JJ seductively moved her body against his hardened length. "Are you sure it's going to be enough time?" she mockingly challenged.

"To finish mending your heart, yes." He cupped her hips. They were so perfect together. She was perfect. "To show you how I feel…? Well, I think that's going to take a lifetime…

"If you're lucky to get through tonight alive," JJ added with a smile.

"Then let the night begin," Hotch avowed, then kissed her as he made them one.

For life.

The End.