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The next morning they were woken by Alice pounding on their doors, shouting "Come on! We need to practice and get the other covens together again!" They all groaned as they dragged themselves out of bed. Luckily, Bella had chosen out their outfits so they were in jeans and t-shirts.

When they were dressed, they went downstairs to a big breakfast that was waiting for them, though only half was left because Paul and Seth was in the living room with their plates piled ten feet tall "Sorry, we got here early to meet you but when Esme laid the food out….." Seth said sheepishly "It's fine" Jasmine answered, rolling her eyes. There was silence for a moment before there was sound of china breaking, everyone looked at the wolves. Seth was staring at something; everyone followed his gaze to see he was staring at Lucy. 'OMG' Lauren and Lisa yelled simultaneously. "Seth imprinted on Lucy!" Lucy confused, looked at Edward for the truth. "It's true, congratulations... I guess?" Edward confirmed. Lucy turned around and slowly walked to the sofa and perched by Seth. "And they call it, Puppy love …" Emmett Sang as everyone laughed.

About ten phone calls later, everyone was in the living room awaiting the Denali's arrival. All the other covens had agreed to fight including Nahuel and Huilen. The doorbell rang and the door burst open to reveal the Denali coven. Tanya rushed over to Edward as Carmen and Eleazer, Kate and Garrett and a young man came through the door. "Oh Edward, how nice it is to see you again!" Tanya exclaimed as she embraced Edward. The young man rolled his eyes, squinted at her and she came flying towards him. "Hey!" She shouted as Edward mouthed thank you to the strange man. He moved closer to Bella who was watching Renesmee beat Jacob at snakes and ladders. "Oh! We forget you. This is the newest member of our coven Mica." Carmen told them as Mica muttered hellos. He had brown hair and pure gold eyes and he wore blue jeans with a spotless white t-shirts. He watched Lisa with staring eyes that she ignored. Suddenly, a car swerved down the drive and came to a stop in front of the house. "Oh no! I forgot Charlie was coming today!" Edward exclaimed. "Ok! Lauren and Jasmine you are Carmen and Eleazer's kids. Lucy, you are Garrett and Kate's kid and Lisa you are. . . Mica's girlfriend!" Alice decided after a quick vision. Alice grinned and only Edward knew why.

Soon, the echoing thuds of Charlie's ranger boots stopped outside the door as Bella opened the door to her now grey father. "Who are they?" He demanded as he walked into the living room and saw the Denalis and the humans. "This is Tanya and Kate, Carlisle's sisters with Kate's husband Garrett and their daughter Lucy. This is Carmen, Esme's sister and her husband Eleazer and their children Jasmine and Lauren. Last but not least, this is Mica and his girlfriend Lisa!" Alice announced before anyone could open their mouths. "Wow, you have a big family." Charlie mumbled as he wondered if there were any more hidden round the house. He collapsed in a chair next to Emmett and was soon too absorbed in the game to see Lisa squirm out of Mica's arms, or the hurt look on Mica's face as she went to join her 'nieces'.

After a few hours, with one more suspicious look towards the humans and the Denalis, Charlie left. While the others played Monopoly with Emmett, Jasmine wandered outside and was soon joined by Paul in the warm summer air. "So where you from?" Paul asked. "Other side of Forks, you?" Jasmine replied. "La push, you should come down sometime." "Maybe I will." She answered looking up. As soon as their eyes connected, she realised what had happened. From inside, she heard Lauren and Lisa groan and Lisa say; "Great, two imprints in a day!" Edward must have told them. She barged inside and stuck her tongue out at Lisa. "You're only jealous because you are a loner now!" Everyone laughed. "I'll live." Lisa replied, rolling her eyes. Only Lauren, Alice and Edward saw Mica flinch.

Later, Lauren and Alice cornered Lisa. "He loves you Lisa." They told her, getting straight to the point. "Really? You think so?" Lisa questioned. "I've seen you together in the future." Alice answered. "Oooh, oooh are we going to be vampires." Lauren asked. "That's a possibility. . . "Alice replied. While they were distracted, Lisa slowly backed out, straight into Mica's waiting arms. "It's true you know?" Mica said as she wondered how long he had been standing there for. He pulled her out her thoughts by asking; "Do you like me?" "Maybe. . . "Lisa whispered. Mica sighed and at vampire speed, asked Edward for the truth. "She does." He revealed as Lisa hid her head. "If you do, is it ok if I do this?" Mica questioned as he pulled her into a hug. "I suppose so. . . "She mumbled, laughing. She saw, Jasmine, Paul, Lucy, Seth and Lauren staring at them. "Haha, I'm not the loner anymore, Lauren is!" Lisa exclaimed. "I don't care." Lauren said. "But if you become a vampire then you will be alone forever!" Lisa rebuked. "You are so evil!" Lauren yelled, rushing upstairs. "Guess we better go find her." Lisa sighed. She hugged Mica one last time before dragging the others upstairs.

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