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Warning: BoyXBoy or Yaoi, Proceed with caution.

Harry Potter stared at the one they called his enemy.

He had run out of number 4 Privet Drive unable to take his relative's treatment anymore. He had let Hedwig out a few nights ago and told her not to come back, but to find somewhere safe and stay there until he could leave. He had the only things of importance to him, his wand and cloak. As soon as he got out of the house he started running and didn't stop. He had no idea where he was going he just knew he wanted to get as far away from there as fast as possible.

That was how he got here, with no idea where he was, or how to get back, staring at his enemy not 10 feet in front of him. Realizing Voldemort hadn't seen him yet, Harry started backing away slowly. Just as he turned however his luck kicked in and Voldemort turned spotting him.

"Potter?" Harry swallowed the lump in his throat hard glancing back at the man glaring at him smirking viciously, right before he started running full sprint away from the man. Before he ran five feet he felt something hit his back knocking him forward and his world turned black before he even hit the ground.

Voldemort's POV

When I saw Potter's back to me I called out cautiously to make sure it was him. I knew it was, but I just could not believe he was here in front of me with no one around. When I saw his head turn to me I realized he knew I was there before I knew he was there and cursed under my breath as he started to run. I sent a simple stunner at his back and watched with mirth as he fell to the ground and stopped moving. I flicked my wand and levitated him to me. Once he was close enough I grabbed hold of him and apparated back to my manor before anyone even had an idea of what was going on.

3rd Person POV

Harry suppressed a groan as he slowly took in what was going on before he opened his eyes. As far as he could tell he was on a bed, a big one, and his hands were chained above his head. At least I know it wasn't a dream. Unless uncle Vernon is going to do something he'll regret. Harry doubted it. His relatives were too afraid his freakishness would rub off on them if they touched him for too long. He shivered feeling a cold wind brush over his skin. His eyes flew open when he realized he was naked and chained to a bed. Looking around he realized he couldn't see anything but blurs.

"Nice to see you're awake Potter." One of the blurs said. Harry started moving his head around trying desperately to see anything.

"Voldemort? What, not enough to chain me to a bed, you have to blind me too?" He shivered again hearing a chuckle echo through the room.

"If you behave yourself I will give you your glasses but first you have to prove you won't try anything." Harry let out an irritated groan.

"How can I try anything? I'm chained to a bed."

"Oh trust me. Humans have a way of doing things they can't normally do when they want something bad enough, such as freedom." Harry let out a sigh.

"Fine. Don't give me my glasses. What do you want anyways?"

"Why, Potter. Isn't it obvious?" Harry stiffened swallowing hard feeling the bed dip by his feet. He tried pulling them up to his chest to get away from the man, but ended up grunting as his legs were pulled back down forcefully. "That isn't a very good start to getting your glasses back."

"F-fuck you."

"No, I plan on fucking you." Harry shuddered hard trying desperately to pull his hands free as he felt the bed dipping closer to his hips. "D-don't." He let out a small gasp feeling a wet tongue on the tip of his cock.

"You really have no say here Potter."

Harry let out a whimper as the tongue travelled down the bottom of his cock playing with a thick vein. He could feel his cock twitching and slowly getting harder as Voldemort kept up his ministrations. He let out a groan as he felt his cock pulled into a wet hot mouth and couldn't stop his hips from bucking as Voldemort started chuckling around his cock. He started panting hard as Voldemort slowly pulled off his cock and moved further up his body to start sucking on his hard nipples. Harry shut his eyes trying to think of anything to help him out of this situation. The only thing coming to mind was a spell he had heard of in the boy's dormitory at school. As he concentrated solely on the spell and felt his magic react to it he didn't hear the gasp Voldemort let out as he released Harry's nipple.

"What did you do boy?" Voldemort asked feeling his ass stretched and lubricated, his position putting it against Harry's hard cock. Harry lifted his hips slowly rubbing the tip against Voldemort's ass and paused hearing a low quiet moan. He pulled back and pushed up hearing it again, and feeling the ass press back against his cock. Gathering his confidence he pulled back and thrust forward hard pushing his tip inside and hearing Voldemort let out a loud gasp and dig his nails into Harry's shoulders making him hiss in pain but not stop. He pressed further forcing himself into Voldemort's tight hole. The hold only got tighter the deeper he got until he felt himself completely sheathed in the tight hole and stopped all movement.

"You will pay for this boy…later." He felt as Voldemort slowly began relaxing around him and slowly started to pull back. Feeling the body above him shiver, he thrust forward again hitting something that caused Voldemort to bend his back and let out a loud moan. Harry pulled back and thrust forward again aiming for that same spot and knowing he hit it when he heard the moan again.

$You like that?$ Hearing the parseltongue made Voldemort moan louder and reach down for his own hard length and start stroking it furiously. Harry pulled back and thrust forward hitting into that sweet spot harder. $Say it. Say you like my cock.$

$I..I l-like your c-cock.$ Harry chuckled hearing the moans escaping while he tried talking. After a few more thrusts Voldemort was releasing hard. Harry opened his mouth as the first shot hit his face most of it landing in his mouth the next few spurts hit his chest and stomach. He swallowed what was in his mouth moaning at the feel of the walls constricting his cock and after a few more thrusts he was releasing deep inside of his enemy.

Panting hard Voldemort slowly ran two fingers up Harry's stomach and chest collecting the cum and thrust his fingers into Harry's mouth not having seen him earlier and smirked wickedly. The smirk disappeared as Harry's tongue quickly started lapping at the fingers cleaning them happily and swallowing the sweet and salty mix down. Voldemort slowly leaned down while removing his fingers and chuckling at the whine he got for it. Slowly he pressed his lips to Harry's making him gasp as he felt a nose he was sure shouldn't be there.

Voldemort started to jerk his head back but gasped himself as he felt hands pull his head back down and a tongue entering his mouth. When did he get free? Was all he could think before his mind went blank for the first time in his life as their tongues started to fight for dominance. Voldemort was certain he would not lose and started trying to push back into Harry's mouth. Somehow Harry won out and Voldemort couldn't help the whine that escaped into Harry's mouth causing him to pull back and chuckle.

Harry rolled over so he was on his side and pulled the covers over them. He wasn't sure what time it was but he was tired and he was almost sure Voldemort was too. He fell asleep with Voldemort in his arms and for once in his life didn't have any nightmares and even had a smile on his face all night long.