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"What are your feelings on Dumbledorf?" Harry asked summoning a chair for Charlie and motioning him to sit.

Charlie took the seat thinking about his words carefully before shrugging. "He's a manipulative asshole who likes to try and mold people from the time they're born to the time they die. If he has no use for you however it's as though you don't even exist however and he pays absolutely no attention to you, no matter how powerful or weak you are."

"That's a very light answer." Harry said sarcastically watching Charlie closely. Charlie just shrugged.

"I never said I was on the light side. I've caught that irritating old bastard trying to manipulate Alex's life one too many times to even try and stay light." Tom raised an eyebrow at the sneer to the word. "In my opinion the dark seems lighter than the light. The dark does not lie, if they don't like you or want to kill you they say it to your face. The light will sit there smiling at you lying every chance they get and if possible trying to manipulate the situation so you end up dead and they can't be blamed." Harry nodded.

"Next question." Harry said stopping him before he could continue his rant. They were on a time limit, a long one, but a time limit none the less. "What exactly is your relationship with Alex?"

Tom and Harry watched as a small smile spread across Charlie's face and his eyes drifted towards the sleeping boy on the couch.

"He reminds me of my little brother. Before he died." Harry furrowed his brows.

"What happened?" Tom asked from his lap.

"It was maybe 9-years-ago." Charlie said facing them his eyes looking somewhere neither of them could see. "My dad came home from work one night, he was an unspeakable for the department of ministries. He had Dumbledore with him. I was playing with my brother in our play room when they came home. I remember my mom screaming. I grabbed my brother and hid in the closet. It was all I could think to do; I was only 10 at the time. When I got the door shut the screams suddenly cut off. I heard my brother whimpering and held him close trying to get him to stay quiet, when my parents walked into the play room with Dumbledore. Their faces were completely blank as they started ripping through everything trying to find us. My brother slipped from my hands and ran out to my mom. When he got to her she took his head in her hands and snapped his neck. I still remember Dumbledore's chuckle after that. It was so sickening. I ran for the door when his arm reached out and he grabbed me while waving his wand and my parent's bodies dropped like puppets with the strings cut. He told me he wouldn't hurt me but he needed me somewhere else. As if that was enough of a reason to kill my entire family. Then he took me to the orphanage and just left me there." By the end of the story Charlie was shaking something fierce from rage, pain, and sadness.

Harry and Tom were silently fuming at the proclamation of what Dumbledore had done. They knew the man was horrible just looking at their own lives, but looking at his crimes against others just made it worse and worse with each story that they found.

"A few years after that I started Hogwarts. It took all my self-control not to glare at the headmaster or even send a simple Avada at him. It started getting harder and harder to refuse the temptation. Then about last year I met Alex. He looked so much like my brother, and I could feel his power. He was the first wizard I had ever seen brought to the orphanage. I grabbed him before any of the other orphans could do anything." Tom nodded understanding. "After I had taken him and hidden him from the others making sure they knew better than to come after him I saw Dumbledore walking towards the orphanage with the worst muggle suit I had ever seen. He was asking about Alex, but couldn't get anyone to even know who he was talking about. I had wiped their memories clean. Got my first owl from the ministry too." Tom nodded appreciatively.

"Would you like to join the dark?" Harry asked smirking. The smirk turned into a frown when he got a shake of the head as an answer. "Why now?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"I'd rather stay neutral. As a lawyer it's almost mandatory. I can't have a prejudiced view one way or the other if I'm going to be defending both sides." Harry nodded understanding the point.

"Will you be my lawyer then? My personal lawyer, you can have other clients but I want you to be mine and to answer my call in any situation I require your help." Charlie frowned.

"I can't do that." Harry started growling low while fighting to keep a sneer off his face. Charlie raised his hands to explain. "If I was made a personal lawyer I would be at your beck and call, yes, but I wouldn't be able to have other clients. Personal lawyers are taken by families, because they are then bound to the families. I don't want to be bound to one family. I want to be able to help everyone who needs it."

Harry sighed rubbing the back of his head, but stopped and looked to Tom who looked up at him innocently before smirking.

Tom's POV

I was getting bored, never a good thing, and there was no one around to torture as Harry talked with Charlie. Alex was sleeping on the couch with his head on Hadrian's lap and Hadrian looking about ready to fall asleep himself. The conversation had been interesting him up until the subject changed to lawyer stuff. I never did understand the need for them. Then again I'd probably just kill the judge jury and the one who did me wrong in the first place.

I sighed, being ignored is boring. I got interested when Harry growled but the interest died shortly after I found out it was just because he was being denied something. I sighed again before smirking to myself. I'll just make it so one of them can't ignore me. I repositioned myself easily when Harry was still not paying attention and ground my ass down into his groin and against his cock.

I felt his eyes turn to me and gave him an innocent look, before smirking and grinding down again under the desk where no one could see while my upper body stayed still from its position of leaning on the desk in my boredom. Harry looked back at Charlie while starting to stroke my inner thighs.

"If you would please leave? I must discuss this with-." He cut off biting the inside of his cheek when Tom hissed and ground down with extra force. Harry coughed. "With the Dark Lord." When Charlie paused Harry narrowed his eyes growling making Charlie jump and head for the doors. "Hadrian." Harry called before swallowing hard as I ground down harder. "Take Alex and go get some food. It's well past supper time."

Hadrian nodded slowly and started to shake Alex gently to wake him up before picking him up and walking out of the room with him. As soon as they were gone I found myself over the desk and moaning with Harry buried deep in my ass.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were looking to sabotage my attempts at getting my money plus back."

I could barely sense as Harry put up some wards and chuckled to himself. I just moaned as Harry started thrusting hard making me grip the desk hard. I could tell there would be damage when he hit that one spot and made me yell loudly in pleasure.

"Ha-harder Harry," I barely made it out between pants of lust as my nails were clawing at the desk.

I moaned louder as I felt more than heard Harry growl and grab my hips slamming me back onto his cock while pounding deeper. I felt my eyes roll in my head as I neared my orgasm. I groaned and reached down to stroke myself. When I got to my base however I paused. When did Harry get a cock ring on me? I groaned louder hearing his chuckle.

"Think of it as punishment for earlier." Harry chuckled against my ear making me moan louder and stroke myself faster.

"A-ah…Ha-Harry. Please." Harry just chuckled.

"No, Tom."

I groaned louder clawing the desk deeper in pain of needing release. I clamped down on Harry's cock trying for revenge but only moaned louder feeling him fill my ass. I whimpered loudly feeling him pull out before I was flipped over, set on the desk, and felt his cock thrusting into me again. I mewled loudly whimpering for release. Hearing Harry's chuckle made my legs wrap around his waist and pull him deeper into me.

I reached up trying to grab at Harry but whined loudly as my hands were pinned over my head and lips started travelling over my neck nipping and sucking at points making me arch into the person causing so much torture in such a pleasurable way. I could hear him talking again and only whined trying feebly to reach to him again when I felt his hands on my hips and moving me. I whimpered louder when I realized Harry stopped moving in me and was just watching me. I started squirming and whining loudly.

"Ha-Harry. M-move. P-please." I begged in between pants. Harry just stood there making me try to move myself but unable to even twitch a muscle. I glared up at Harry angrily baring my teeth. "Harry either you move right now or so help me I will-."

I wasn't able to get another word in, but I did scream loudly as Harry hit that one little spot in my body before stopping again. I groaned louder.

"Fucking asshole."

"Now, now Tom. I'm just waiting for an answer to my question." I looked confused for a minute feeling tears build in my eyes from being denied release.

"What question?" Harry shook his head making me groan.

"It's a simple yes or no question Tom. So pick. Yes, or no?"

"Yes." I said not even thinking.

By this point I would have agreed to die for him if it meant he'd let me finally release. Watching him smirk I started thinking maybe I should have asked what the question was first. Then he was lifting my head and feeding me a potion. I drank it quickly wanting him to just fuck me already.

"Harry please, for the love of Merlin. MOVE!" Harry just chuckled and stroked my stomach.

"First we have to wait for the potion to kick in." I growled feeling more than hearing it turn into a whine.

"What potion?" Harry paused before continuing.

"A fertility potion."