Enough Is Enough

Harry lay on his rickety bed, taking deep breaths as he assessed the situation. His arm was broken in at least two places. A few of his ribs were also broken or at least cracked. His head was pounding and there were bruises and belt wounds practically everywhere.

Thank you Order of the Phoenix.

His thoughts were dark as he recalled their "talk" with his oh so loving family. Like threatening Vernon would really help. Worse still now his relatives knew Sirius wasn't going to hunt them down if they overstepped the line.


The ache in Harry's chest suddenly had nothing to do with his injuries. How could he have been so stupid?! He should have known. From day one in that blasted school he should have known he was being led around on a string. A merry old dance. And now the prophesy. Sirius' death took the cake though. Harry was through being the nice guy. He was through listening to the old goat formerly known as Dumbledore. First thing he'd do when he was able was find out as many swear words in different languages so he can scream them out loud without punishment. Of course the old goat probably knew most languages. Still, it would make Harry feel better. Screaming the swears he knew into his pathetic excuse for a pillow helped a little. He was angry. Angry at himself, angry at the world. He was even angry as his friends.

Harry snorted, ignoring his protesting ribs. Yeah he was angry. But what could he really do about it? If he played up they'd call him a rebellious teenager. If he screamed and swore and lashed out they'd give him that "I'm disappointed in you" look.

Screw them all.

He started to imagine all the fun ways he could torture people. Strangely enough for most males he was having no trouble thinking of the largest possession they owned, and ramming it up where the sun don't shine.

Ron's would be his broom.

So would Draco's for that matter.

Lucius would be that damned walking cane. Snake end first.

Snape's would be every single stirrer there was in the school. Then if there was any room left his wand would join them.

If Fawkes forgave him then Dumbledore's would be the phoenix's stand.

He wondered if he could freeze Nagini ramrod straight for Voldemort.

His entertaining musing was interrupted by a tapping on the window. Harry glanced over to see an owl with a Gringotts sash perched on the windowsill. He groaned as he heaved himself off the bed and made his way over. Another thought came to him as he opened the window enough to let the owl in.

Damn that old goat for keeping Hedwig.

He took the letter and dug out some coins to pay the owl who hooted and flew off. Closing the window he made his way back to the bed.

What could Gringotts want with him? Was something wrong with his vault?

Just as he was about to open it there was a burst of fire and Fawkes appeared on his desk.

Harry looked at the phoenix suspiciously.

'Hey Fawkes. I guess Dumbledore wants to make sure I'm being a good little puppet?'

The bird trilled quietly at him and the image of shoving Fawkes' stand up the old goat's ass jumped back into his head. Snorting Harry took the note and thanked the phoenix. Fawkes looked at him, and with another trill, this one sounding suspiciously like laughter, he flamed away.

Harry was so sure that the bird had agreed with his thoughts.

Shaking his head in amusement he opened the old goat's letter.

Dear Harry

I trust that you are well and that your aunt and uncle are helping you through this time of loss.

As you know I've taken the liberty of leaving Hedwig with Hagrid. It's unsafe for her to be flying back and forth to you and your friends.

On that note I must ask that you not contact anyone another way as it could be tracked back to you. I have let your friends know to give you time to grieve and not to contact you. With Voldemort back the wizarding world is not safe so I implore you to stay in your aunt's home and under the protection of the blood wards.

I may be able to get you out for a couple of days on your birthday to see your friends.

You may be contacted by Gringotts asking you to come to the bank. These letters are to be ignored as the goblins don't realise that to leave would be dangerous for you. Not to worry as I will go on your behalf and explain this to them and make sure your school vault is kept up to order.

Albus Dumbledore.

That phoenix perch just turned into a dragon's perch.

How. Dare. That. Bastard!

Harry was glad his relatives were out as he snarled and ripped the letter to shreds.

Ignore them my ass!

He snatched the Gringotts letter and tore it open.

Dear Mr Potter

First off, Gringotts owes you an apology for a serious breach of trust. We have noticed abnormalities with your finances and have begun an investigation into this activity. We would also like to offer you our help.

Secondly we offer a heartfelt apology for the loss of your godfather. The reading of his Will will be in a few days time and it is imperative you are there. There will be plenty of "fireworks" which you may find amusing and we do not wish for you to miss it.

We have been kept up to date on your, shall we say adventures, and we have decided enough if enough. Normally we don't involve ourselves in the affairs of wizards but your family are one of our oldest customers and our pride and honour will no longer allow us to watch as you are led astray.

This letter will act as a portkey which will take you straight to the director's office where we will explain everything. The password is Honour Bound.

We suggest you pack everything you own as you may not be returning.

Ragnarok, Director of Gringotts.

Harry must have read it four times before he realised what it was. The goblins want to help. There was something wrong with his money. Dumbledore didn't want him going to Sirius' Will reading. The goblins want to help. Someone wanted to help him. Someone knew what he was going through in school and knew something was wrong.

Hell yes he'll be there!

He scrambled around, wincing when his injuries reminded him to calm down, and grabbed his things. He deliberately stomped downstairs and booted at his cupboard until it splintered and fell open, dragging out his trunk and hauling it upstairs.

That felt good.

He threw everything inside and grabbed the letter.

'Honour Bound!'

And that was the last time Harry Potter was seen at Privet Drive. Well…the second last.