Doctor Whooves and His Assistant chapter 1: first meeting

A dark gray winged girl, wearing a short sleeve with a muffin on it, dark gray shorts with tiny muffins on it. On her hip were bubbles. She was wearing white tennis shoes. Her hair and tail were yellow, and so were her eyes. Her left eye was looking up and her right was looking at the corner of her eye, was sitting on a cloud. She didn't see another winged girl that was brown, her hair was yellow, but her tail was white. Her eyes were dark pink. She was wearing a dark yellow sun hat, a pink short sleeve shirt, brown pants, and ice boots. Her hip showed a pink flower with was orange leaf next to it. On the leaf, was a snowflake. Behind the flower was the sun.

?: Hey Derpy!

The winged girl, who was named Derpy, turned to see her making her way towards her.

Derpy: Hi there Season.

Season: what are you doing?

Derby: I am just trying to decide what to do today. I could either make muffins, or hang out with you. What do you think I should do?

Season: You could help me pick out my outfit for my date tonight.

Derpy: Again? Isn't this your 83rd time you've been on a date?

Season: 1) It's my 23rd time going on a date. (2) Boys just want a piece of this… And (3) you're just jealous.

Derpy: How am I jealous?

Season: Because you don't have anyone to love you. While I, have tons.

Derby was quiet. She had a point. No boy liked her. She was alone.

Season: But don't worry. I'm sure you'll find someone.

Derpy: Really?!

Season: Sure! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with a cat or~ a dog!

Derby: So… not an actual boy?

Season: (scuff) Of course not! What boy in the right mind would like you?

Derpy: …

Season: I got to be going now. Coming?

Derpy: N-No thank you…

Season: Suit yourself. See ya Derpy!

Derpy: See ya. And it's Ditzy Doo.

Ditzy stayed quiet. Tears were slowly began coming out of her eyes. She got up and flew towards the lake. She bend down and looked down at her reflection. The water moves slowly, making it hard to see the way she wanted to look at herself.

Ditzy: She's right. Who would love me? A stupid, klutz, muffin loving girl. I have the answer to that: NO ONE!

She slapped the water and began to cry. She looked at the water. It showed her and something falling from the sky. She looked up to where the object was and sure enough, a stream of light was in the sky. After a while, there was a loud boom. The wind was so strong, that it nearly made her fall in the water. When it was gone, she looked to see smoke was coming from a hill not far from her. She quickly took fight and made her way to the crash area. When she made it, there was a large blue phone booth on the ground. She hid behind a tree, just in case whatever what was in there, wouldn't see her. Not after long, the doors opened. She let out a little Eep, she saw a man pulling himself out and landing on the grass floor. The smoke cleared and it showed a man with brown skin, short not-to-dark brown hair and tail, blueish green eyes, a light brown suit with a white undershirt, a green tie, dark brown shoes, and on his hip showed an hour glass. Ditzy let a small smile. He was pretty cute. But then she remembered that no can love her. So what was the point? She back away, till she step on a stick. She let out a tiny gasp and looked at the boy. It was a good thing she was in the shadows, cause he couldn't see her, but he knew she was there.

?: Hello? Is… someone there?

Ditzy: What am I suppose to do? What do I say? Oh sweet Celestia, help me!

?: Come on! I won't hurt you.

She was starting to think she should say hello to him. That and his accent was cute. He let out a sigh, and walked forward. She pushed the bushes aside and slowly smiled. The boy's eyes widen. He had never seen anyone like her, literally.

?: She's beautiful…

Ditzy slowly stroked her air. No one her ever smiled at her like that. There was a long silence between the two, until Dizty spoke, but was hiding her face. She didn't want him to see her blushing.

Ditzy: um. Are you okay?

?: … (shakes head) Er… y-yes I am fine. Thank you miss…?

Ditzy: Ditzy Doo.

?: Nice to meet you miss Ditzy Doo. You may call me the doctor.

Ditzy: Okay then doctor. What is that thing?

Doctor: That's the TARDIS.

Ditzy gave him a confuse look.

Doctor: You don't know what that is, do you?

Ditzy: No. is it your home?

Doctor: Hehe. That's one way to put it. Would you be a dear and help me push this up?

Ditzy: Sure. Did he just call me dear? Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!

The two walked behind it and pushed it up.

Doctor: Good thing it's not heavy… thank you again.

Ditzy: No problem… (Blushing)

Doctor: Would you like to have a look inside?

Ditzy: Are we going to fit in there?

Doctor: Of course! Just let me get the key.

She nodded and looked behind her shoulder and began stroking her hair again. She had a worry look on her face. What if she's not the only one who saw him fall from the sky? He was digging through his suit pocket, but was keeping an eye on the girl. He has never seen a girl like her where he came from. He finally found it and pulled it out. He put it in the keyhole and turned it. There was a click and he opened the door.

Doctor: Ladies first.

She looked at it, then back at him. He had a smile on his face. She let out another sigh and walked in.

Ditzy: Whoa…

Everywhere she looked, there were all sorts of things that went beep, Boop, and being.

Ditzy: Are you from the future or something?!

Doctor: Well, not exactly. I come from a different dimension.

Ditzy: you're an alien?!

Doctor: In some ways…

Ditzy: Please don't hurt me! (Puts hand in front of face)

Doctor: N-No no. D-Don't be afraid. I-I won't hurt you.

Ditzy: You promise?

Doctor: I… I promise.

Ditzy: Ohhhhhhhhh, what's that?

The doctor looked at her as he walked around. Then he realized something: He made a promise to a girl he hardly knew. But something about her was interesting.

Ditzy: Umm… Doctor? What's that red beeping light mean?

Doctor: Hm?

He walked over to the red light and looked down at the words, before he could answer her, the ground shook. They both ran out and looked out. They could see smoke coming out of a castle.

Ditzy: the princesses!

Doctor: the princesses? It really worked! I'm in Ponyvill!

Ditzy: How do you-

Doctor: Ditzy, I need your help!

Ditzy: W-W-What?!

Doctor: I need you to fly me there! She could be in trouble!

Ditzy: who's I trouble?

Doctor: Rainbow Dash!

Ditzy: What?! Wait. How'd you know her?

Doctor: There's no time for that! We have to hurry!

Ditzy: O-Okay…

She flew behind him and put her arms between his arms and his armpits,and lifted him up with all her might. Not after long, they were in the air.

Doctor: Whoa HO-O-O-O-O-O-O!

Ditzy: What is it?

Doctor: This is amazing! I flew in the TARDIS many times, but never with a winged girl!

Ditzy: Thanks?

Doctor: Down there!

She looked down to see a girl with blue skin, rainbow hair and tail, her eyes were dark pink, she was wearing a dark blue short sleeve, white pants, light blue shoes, on h hip was a gray cloud with a red, blue, and yellow, lightning bolt coming out of it. She was being chased by shadow monsters. A man was following behind them. His shirt was dark brown, and his undershirt was light brown, one part of his pants were green, the other part of is was pink, his shoes were gold, he had a red and a pink dragon tail, one of his wings was a bright blue, the other one was dark blue, one of his hands was yellow, the same with his other arm, only it had a brown circle on it. His hair and mustache were silver, and his eyes were gold as well. He had one anther, and one pale blue horn. Rainbow Dash was about to fly away, but he shot a lightning bolt at her left wing.

?: Now that she's down, I can take over with no problem! MWHAHAHA!


Doctor: Ditzy, when I say when, threw me at him.

Ditzy: Can you beat him?

Doctor: I'll try and buy you some time. Can you handle them?

Ditzy: The shadow things? I-I'll try.

Doctor: Okay then. On three. One… two… three!

With all her might, she swung him at the man. It was a perfect hit. While he fought the men, she handle the shadow monsters. She gave the first one a good kick to the face, it must have been very weak, cause it vanished in the air. The second one came up and swung it's hand at her. She was able to dodge it and kick him in the gut. When it didn't vanish right away, she punched it in the face. That got rid of it no problem. The third one caught her off guard cause it came up behind her and scratched her back. She fell to the ground and looked up at him. Before it could end her life, she raised her leg up in between its legs. The monster held it with its arm and gave a strange cry of pain. That was when she stroked. She gave it a punch to the face, a kick in the belly, and a hard head-butt. Meanwhile with the doctor, he was covered in a few cuts, but was still standing. When the man looked to his left, he was Ditzy making her way towards them. He looked back at the doctor and smiled. He snapped his fingers and a bolt of lightning hit her.

Doctor: DIZTY!

?: See ya later, Doctor Whooves… (faints)

Doctor: Ditzy, are you okay?

Ditzy: I think so… (Dazed)

Doctor: Hang in there… (scoops her up) … you're going to be okay.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry, back to his phone booth. When he was in, he sent her down on his bed and ran to the computer and began typing in some codes. The phone booth began making some noise before vanished through thin air. Ditzy woke up and rubbed her head. She got up and walked to Doctor Whooves.

Ditzy: Are we… moving?

Doctor: How'd you think I got here?

Ditzy: You ARE an alien!

Doctor: (Rolls his eyes)

Ditzy: So what happens now?

Doctor: Well, can't go back, we'll be dead. Can't go foward, don't know where we'll end up. Looks like you're stuck with me.

Ditzy: So what does that make me?

Doctor: My~ companion! Doctor Whooves and Ditzy Doo! What ya say?!

Ditzy: 0.0

Doctor: Ditzy? Are you oka-

Ditzy: YES! (Hugs him)

Doctor: Wow. That's… hat's great! So what should we do now?

Ditzy: Have victory muffins!

Doctor: Victory muffins?

Ditzy: Yeah! I'll show you! (Takes his hand) To the kitchen!

Doctor: Wait? What?! GAHHHHH! What did you get yourself into,you old boy?

To be continued…