The doctor and his assistant chapter 5: the battle

Doctor Whooves woke up and looked to see Ditzy was hugging him. His face went red. This had never happened to him before. He smiled and hugged her back. She felt warm. It was nice. VERY nice. In a far away world, there was a cave. Inside the cave were two girls. One of them had brown skin, short black hair and tail, part of her hair and neck was a large white spot. On her face, arms and legs had large white spots as well. She was wearing a white hood, her eyes were blue. Under the hood, she was wearing a white shirt that showed her belly button, her pants were long and white, and she was wearing no shoes. The second girl was the same as the first girl, only different. Her skin was white, her hair and tail was white, wearing a brown hood, the same cloths only brown, her spots were brown, and her eyes were still blue. The twins were smiling at the couple.

?: They look so cute together!

?: I know, right? The stone glows brighter and brighter the more they are together.

?: Sounds like you two are very good at this.

The twins turned to see Princess Celestia standing inside the cave.

?: Princess!

?: What are you doing here?

Celestia: I came to see how everything was going. Mira, Arim, are you two the ones who's planned all this?

(In case you're wondering, Mira is the one in brown skin and white spots and Arim is the one with the white skin and brown spots.)

Mira: No miss.

Arim: This happened all by itself. We swear!

Celestia: Well then, as soon as you're done here, I need you to come to Ponyvill. It's something very important.

Mira & Arim: Yes Princess.

She smiled and walked out of the cave. The twins looked back at the orb and at the small heart stone that was glowing bright red.

Mira: This is going to work out well.

Arm: Let's hope…

What they didn't know was the monster was watching the couple. He was tall, scaly, had razor sharp teeth and claws, red eyes, pale green skin, and an evil grin.

?: Show time…

With a wave of his hand, a black hole appeared above them. From the black hole, a black hand came out and grabbed the TARDIS. It made the TARDIS shake, waking up Doctor Whooves and Ditzy.


Doctor: Something bad. Hang on!

As the hand returned through the black hole, the two got up and opened the door. The vortex was black and purple and spinning. Doctor Whooves closed and looked at Ditzy, who had a scared look on her face.

Doctor: We'll going to be okay. I promise.

She nodded but still had a sacred look. Outside the TARDIS, the hand set it down and ripped the door right off, scaring Ditzy like crazy. The two looked at the monster, who still had the evil smile on his face. His voice was cold and shrill.

?: Come, come. I don't bite, much.

Doctor Whooves stood in front of Ditzy, and the two made their way to the monster.

Doctor: Hello. I'm the Doctor, and this is my assistant, Ditzy Doo.

Ditzy: Please leave me out of this.

?: Nice to meet you. My name is Claw. You are in the No world.

Doctor: The No World? What's that?

Claw: My home. It's also where I keep my collection.

Ditzy: Of what?

Claw: Mothers.



Claw: You should know how that feels.


Claw: Ditzy, do you remember when your mother disappeared?

Ditzy: No one could find her…

Claw: She's right here…

He snapped his fingers and a bright hole opened up. Out came a mirror. It floated towards Ditzy and she got a look at it. Inside the mirror, was a pale purple winged woman, she had yellow hair, her eyes were closed so she couldn't tell hat color they were, but she knew who she was.

Ditzy: Mom… You did it… YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME!

Claw: And, Bingo was his name, oh.

Ditzy: WHY?!

Claw: Like I said, I have collection of mothers. You see, I'm the last of my people, so I don't have a mother. That's when I thought her. If there is more than one world, then there must be more than one mother. So if I can't have a mother, either can anyone else! The love you have for the doctor is powerful, I had to stop you some how. So I sent my daughter to do something about it. I believe you know her.

From behind him, was Season.

Doctor: Season?

Ditzy: But why?

Season: If you found a way to bring your mother back, wouldn't you try?

Ditzy: I… Guess…

Claw: I'll cut you a deal, come with me, and I'll let your boyfriend live.

Doctor: You'll have to go through me first!

Claw: Well, isn't someone trying to be a hero. Season, you know what to do.

She nodded and in the middle of her forehead, a horn came out. She used her magic to pick him up and move him aside. He tried to get free, but was having trouble. Ditzy eyes were wide as she looked at the Doctor. She looked back at Claw, whose eyes were now black and white and spinning. Ditzy eyes began to do the same. She walked over to him and smiled.

Claw: Let me take that mirror for you dear.

She handed him the mirror.

Claw: Perrrrfect. Season, get rid of him.

With a wave of her hand, the floor blow him opened up. There was a metal room. He looked back at Ditzy, who was still smiling at Claw.

Season: Say goodbye to her, Doctor. It will be the last time you'll see her again.

Her horn stopped glowing and Doctor Whooves fell to the hard metal floor. He pushed himself up, only to have the mirror land on his hand. He picked it up to see Ditzy's mother was still asleep. He let out a sign of sadness and hugged the mirror. The twins saw this, and began to panic.


Mira: There is only one thing to do!

Arim: Blame life?

Mira: No. We have to go and help him!

Arim: Will that even work?

Mira: We don't know unless we try. Are you with me?


The twins ran over to a wall and from Arim's hood, was a tube of paste. She made it look like a door. It wasn't long till a actual door came. The girls walked in, and to Doctor Whooves surprised, they were in the same room as he was in. As soon as they were in, the door disappeared. Doctor Whooves could hardly believe what he just saw. Mira waved her hand in front of his face.

Mira: Umm… Doctor? Are you okay?

He snapped back to the real world.

Doctor: Who are you two?

Arim: My name is Arim, and this is my twin sister, Mira. We are here to help you reuse Ditzy!

Doctor: Thank you girls. But I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help her.

Mira: You don't know unless you try!

Arim: You can't give up on love!

Doctor: I…

Mira: Doctor, if you love her…

Arim: You'll do anything to be with her.

Doctor Whooves was quiet. They weren't wrong. He got up and stood as if he won a epic battle.

Doctor: What's your plan?

Mira: We need to fly up…

Arim: Save Ditzy…

Mira: And stop Claw!

Doctor: How are we going to do that? We don't have wings.

The girls touched hands and wings came out of their backs. Mira wings were brown with white spots. Arim wings were were white with brown spots. Doctor Whooves eyes were so wide, I'm surprised they didn't pop out of his head.

Doctor: How did you do that if you don't have horns?

Mira: We don't need horns.

Arim: Now let's get going.

Doctor: But I don't have wings.

Mira: Are you sure about that?

Doctor Whooves closed his eyes. His eyes shot open when he felt something. He gave the mirror to Arim and took off his coat. He slowly lifted his wings. They were large and the same color as his skin.

Doctor: How is this possible?

Arim: You see, when you entered Ponyvill…

Mira: And touched Ditzy…

Arim: Your body got some of the winged people's DNA. O when you were sleeping…

Mira: And kinda sleeping with Ditzy…

Arim: Your wings came.

Doctor: Amazing. Now, let's go save Ditzy!

They nodded and took flight. The walls were very tall, so it took a few minutes to reach the top.

Doctor: So are we just going to hit the ceiling like crazy people.

Mira: Of course not. Ready is?

Arim: Ready!

The twins closed their eyes and their hips began to glow. Mira's hip showed a purple heart shaped dream catcher. Arim's hip showed a pink heart shaped dream catcher. They opened their eyes and held hands. Mira grabbed Doctor Whooves's hand and they turned cleared. When they reached the top, they passed right through. Claw and Season turned to see them. The twins and Doctor Whooves saw an old mirror and Ditzy in chains.

Doctor: LET. HER. GO.

Claw: I don't have time for this. Season, take care of the Doctor. I'll handed Mira and Arim.

And the battle begins. Season used her powers and shot lasers at Doctor Whooves. To both of their surprise, he dodged them. She growled in anger. She shot ice arrows at him. He still dodged them. She let out a scream of anger and shot a fireball. The fireball landed on the floor cause it was too heavy. There was smoke all around her. She slowly moved through the smoke, being careful around each turn.

Season: Here Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Come out a play. ~

Doctor: TAG!

He came from above and kick her in the back of the head. That knocked her out with no problem. He rushed over to see how Ditzy was doing. Meanwhile with the twins and Claw, he was trying to eat them, but they were too fast for him.

Mira: Either we have gotten faster, or you've gotten slower.

Claw: CHOMP!

Arim: Our grandma can bite better than you!

Claw: CHOMP!

Both: Maybe it will help if we stood still?

Claw: CHOMP!

They were jumping all over the place and fast, he didn't know what he was biting. It wasn't long till they jumped on top of the orb. Claw turned and toke huge bite at it. The orb must have been hard cause it broke is teeth. He let out a cry of pain and held his mouth. Blood as coming out of his mouth. He must have been to focus his blood cause the girls came from behind and pulled out two swords. They jumped on top of his head and thrust their swords into his eyes. His cry of pain turned into a scream of pain. He was able to throw them off and pull the swords out. H stared to cough out blood and then fainted from losing too much blood. The girls high five each other. The battle was won. Back with Doctor Whooves, he was trying to free Ditzy from her chains. He was able to bust her out. She fell in front of him, but he was able to keep her from hitting the ground. He slowly helped her stand. She opened her eyes and smiled. Then green chain came and grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back towards Season.

Doctor: LET HER GO!

Season: As you wish…

She pulled out a sword and thrust it in her belly. He yanked it out and pushed her onto the ground. Not after long, Mira appeared from behind and put her hands behind her back. Arim appeared in front of her and touched her belly. A small part glowed and she moved it up till it was out. She fainted as it shaped into a dragon. It was pink, green, orange, and white. It bit its tail and froze. Arim was able to catch before it hit the ground.

Mira: What should we do with it?

Arim: We could either burn it, or threw it off a chief.

Mira: … Burn it.

Arim: Burn it.

She tucked it in her pocket. The girls turned to see Doctor Whooves was trying to bring Ditzy back. The girls had sad looks on their faces as they made their way to him.

Mira: Doctor, stop.

Arim: There's nothing we can do now.

Doctor: There's always something you can do! But what?

Mira: You could sing her a song…

Arim: You do know a song right?

Doctor: There is one song I know.
Stars and moons and air balloons.
Fluffy clouds to the horizon.
I'll rap you in rainbow,
And rock you to sleep again.

I'll rap you in rainbow… (cries)

He held her head close to him and began to cry.

Ditzy: And rock you to sleep again…

His eyes shot open and looked at Ditzy. Her eyes were opened and filled with tears.

Doctor: Dizty, you old girl, I LOVE YOU!

Ditzy: I love you too.

And the two kissed.

Mira & Arim: Kids in the room.

Doctor: Right. What's your plan on getting us out of here?

Mira: The TARDIS.

Arim: It should bring you back home. But before that can happen…

Mira smiled and nodded. With a wave of her hand, the mirror floated in mid air and glowed. It wasn't long till it burst open. He women floated down. She was wearing a dark purple shirt with matching pants and shoes. Her hair and tail were yellow. They couldn't see what her hip looked like. She opened her yellow eyes and looked around.

?: Where am I?

Ditzy: Mom?

She turned to see Ditzy was getting up, with some help from Doctor Whooves, and looking t her with a large smile. Her mother returned it.

Mother: Ditzy?

Ditzy: MOM!

Mother: DITZY!

Ditzy ran over and hugged her mother. Doctor Whooves smiled. As long as she was happy, he was too.

Mother: Ditzy, what's going on? I was only gone for five minutes and already I have no idea where I am.

Ditzy: Mom, it was actual five years.

Mother: We have a lot of catching up to do, don't we?

Ditzy: Yep. Doctor, can she come with us?

Doctor: Of course he can! Mira, Arim, thank you for all your help.

Mira: No problem!

Arim: It's what we do best! Now if you excuse us…

She waved her hand and a portal opened up.

Mira: We have to be on our way.

Ditzy: You're not coming?

Arim: We can't. We have something else to do. But don't worry. We'll meet again.

They waved goodbye and entered the portal. The three entered the TARDIS for a long ride home. They were ready for anything.

Ditzy: Hey Doctor? Where did you get those wings?

Doctor: It's a long story…

The end… for now…