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She's Taken

:Part One:

There were a number of things that the Doctor liked about Clara Oswald. Some of them were little, tiny, insignificant things like how she sort of bit her lip when she smiled or when she'd subconsciously fiddle with whatever came to hand when she revealed something about herself that she'd never really let anyone else know. He also liked the other, more noticeable aspects of his new companion- her inability to make him laugh even in the direst of situations and the way her hand sort of, well, fitted into his. Like it was made for him. The tender, soft skin which comforted him so and how her fingers intertwined perfectly with his even though they were considerably smaller.

He even liked the height difference. Clara was almost a foot smaller than he was, but he loved the way she perched on her tiptoes to hug him and how he could bend his neck into her shoulders. She was also quite light to carry, which was handy as Clara seemed to get into trouble rather a lot, so he could just scoop her up into his arms and lift her into the TARDIS without any bother.

Sometimes, he'd just watch this marvel of a woman for no apparent reason; admiring her pretty yet innocent-looking face as she scanned a book or the enlightenment and wonderment which took over her delicate features when he showed her something new. It was quite alarming, really, the amount of times he'd caught himself just staring at her silhouette as she did the most normal of things. He'd tried stopping, he seriously did, but it was just one of those things that no matter how many times you tell yourself not to, you do it anyway.

So he just did it anyway. Because, knowing Clara's track record, she had a habit of slipping away from him just when he wanted and craved her most. They would become so close and then just as he was making plans for the incredible future they could've had together she was stolen. Twice. There was no way he was letting her slip away again, not this Clara, but even so; he thought he'd better keep an eye on her. Whether it was for his own pleasure or her own safety.

(It was pleasure. Mostly. Although he did not like to admit that to Clara when she caught him staring as she was doing some incredibly serious and complex hacking so the whole safety thing was a bit of an afterthought. Bad Doctor. Bad, bad Doctor.)

They were having a light break from travelling in the TARDIS, as Clara was tired and needed to sleep as apparently humans can't keep adventuring without having a pitstop (lightweights). The Doctor drew the line at 'keeping an eye on her' while she was asleep, although sometimes when she dozed off on the sofa in the library she looked so peaceful and…

Stop it, Doctor!

So he decided to fix some parts of the TARDIS- he was still getting used to the new desktop background, all silver and purple and ooh, spinny! It was a lot darker and metallic than previously, but he liked it. It was time for a change. A new TARDIS for a new companion. It seemed right, somehow.

He was in the middle of re-attaching the wibbly lever to the spinning thingy when Clara emerged from the right corridor branching off from the control room, her straight, brown hair messy from sleep and wearing a shirt and shorts which he could presume were pyjamas. She stretched out her arms and yawned before venturing down the stairs, sitting on the top one with a thump.

She didn't mind looking natural in front of him. She often didn't feel the need to wear makeup and cover her face with a mask of insecurities; Clara was always herself. She never tried to be anyone else and he definitely didn't want her to. "Morning."

The Doctor chuckled shortly. They were going on Clara time. "Morning."

She leaned forwards, pressing her chin into her hands. He quite liked it when she did that. "You busy?"

The Doctor abandoned the underneath shelf of wires beneath the TARDIS platform (which still needed fixing) and slipped his sonic screwdriver back into his pocket. "Nope. Not busy."

Clara smirked, running a hand through her hair. She knew he was busy. "Right… Can we go somewhere then?"

"Somewhere." the Doctor mused, drumming his fingers against the floor. "Somewhere is good. Somewhere is brilliant. What kind of somewhere were you looking for, Clara Oswald?"

"Anywhere." Clara grinned.

The Doctor stared into space pensively for a moment or two, stroking his chin thoughtfully with his thumb and forefinger. Anywhere was such a hard category to work with- it was like looking in a fruit bowl and seeing oranges, apples and grapes, and being expected to choose which one is better and of course, how could you choose? Everything inside that fruit bowl was so different and unique and individual, it was hard just to pick one particular thing.

(Unless pears were involved. Obviously no pears would be in this fruit bowl. In spacey-wacey terms, pears would probably be Clom. Who would want to go to Clom?)

And then he had the most perfect idea.

The Doctor abruptly jumped straight from his knees to his feet, making Clara's heart jump a little. He dashed across the platform to the hexagonal platform, grabbing a few levers and pressing buttons as he did so.

Clara followed as she usually did. "What? Where are we going?"

The Doctor threw his arms up and gave Clara the biggest grin. "How about a bit of history, Clara Oswald?"

Clara frowned. "History?"

"Yes! History!" the Doctor announced proudly, "We haven't done much history! What do you say to the Bath Assembly Rooms, 1791?"

Clara's confused little frown gradually developed into an adorable smile; one that the Doctor often fell for because it was just so damn perfect. "A ball?"

The Doctor pointed at her, still grinning. "See! I knew that would make you happy! We might bump into a young Jane Austen if we're especially lucky."

Clara started to bounce up and down like a giddy little kid, making the Doctor bounce up and down too. "You mean, like in Pride and Prejudice? That's one of my favourites!"

"I know." the Doctor answered knowingly. He'd seen how many times she'd picked up the original when they were in the library. "The TARDIS should have a dress in the wardrobe for you, if you look, for you, Clara Oswald, are going to be the talk of Bath!"

"Ooh! I've always wanted to be gossiped about!" Clara responded, the excitement present in her current body language. She gave the Doctor one last quick grin before speeding off down to the left wing, her barefooted footsteps carrying down the corridor.