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:Part Two:

About half an hour later (which felt like much, much longer than half an hour to the Doctor- how long could it possibly take to put a dress on?) Clara skipped down to the control room, clad in a slim, muslin gown which seemed to fit her petite figure perfectly. She also had a woven bonnet perched on the back of her brunette tresses and a lace parasol she couldn't resist but grab on her way out of the wardrobe. After all, how often did you get the chance to casually travel back to the 1700's? Might as well go the whole hog.

She span around on the spot a couple of times, grinning as the light material floated in the air and dropped; enchanted by the silkiness of the fabric. "What'd you think?"

The Doctor, well, he thought a number of things about Clara at this point. Mostly about how beautiful and perfect she looked, with that adorable grin on her face and a glisten of cheekiness and mischief in her bright hazel irises. Another part of him thought that he should just scoop this miraculous tiny (oh, she wouldn't like that) human being in his arms and keep her forever and never let her go because she was exactly what he wanted and needed and he couldn't possibly ever, ever give her up.

(However, he assumed that that wasn't what Clara was expecting him to say and he should really keep that quiet. She meant the dress, not her. What you thought about the dress, silly. Silly Doctor.)

He scrunched his brow, the right word on the tip of his tongue but he couldn't really eject it, per say. There were so many words just rushing through his head that could describe how Clara looked right now, but not one was sufficient, good enough, for Clara Oswald.

"Nice?" he finally suggested, although he realised that as soon as he'd said it that nice was definitely not the correct word. Nice? How could he possibly! It was so mediocre and average and definitely not Clara Oswald. "I think it's very nice."

Clara looked at him for a few moments. Her eyebrow rose (oh Rassilon, no, not the eyebrow) and she looked slightly shy of pleased. "Nice? Really?"

"Erm…Lovely!" the Doctor grinned, striking his hands out and gesturing at Clara's gown. Lovely. That was good, wasn't it? Lovely. "Not nice, lovely! Lovely Clara. Very, very lovely."

The eyebrow eased back it its original position (oh, thank Rassilon for that) and a small smile graced over her lips. Lovely was acceptable. She pinched the sides of her gown with her forefingers, admiring the cloth and the craftsmanship. It was like she was really living her favourite novel. "And the bonnet? Not too much?"

The Doctor looked slightly astounded for a moment. Really? Was he the one giving out hat advice now? Now that was new. New feeling. Usually, it would be the companion giving him hat advice. Usually 'take that monstrosity off your head right now or I'll obliterate it'. But now… Clara was wearing a bonnet and he had no hat at all.

"No, not at all." he smiled warmly, because he genuinely liked it. He loved it. "I like it."

"Oh." Clara gave him a chuffed little smile, which formed the most adorable dimples at the side of her lips. It was like she could sense his credibility, that he wasn't just saying he liked it because if he didn't she would hit him. Which she would. "Thank you."

"Maybe I should get one." the Doctor shrugged, "I like a hat."

Clara giggled at the statement, but then straightened when she realised that the Doctor was in fact deadly serious about this obligation. She managed to ease her chuckling (just). "What? Really?"

"Erm, no." the Doctor straightened his bowtie self-consciously, making out that he'd never said such a thing and would never wear a bonnet. That would be stupid. Very stupid. "Of course not. Very stupid."

"Okay…" of course she didn't believe him. He always fiddled with his bowtie when he wasn't being truthful. But, of course, she'd already thought about this situation before she'd come down to the control room. She didn't want the Doctor to feel left out, did she? So, out of the creases of her parasol, she produced a red, box shaped hat.

She grinned, leaning on the very tips of her toes in order to perch it on the edge of the Doctor's scruffy-haired head. "Here you go!"

The Doctor's mouth formed a small 'o' of surprise as his hands gripped the edges of the hat which was now sitting on top of his quiff, fingertips skimming the soft felt material.

He grinned down at her and she grinned back, make him automatically grin even bigger because, well, she does that. "A fez!"

"Yeah!" she replied, marvelling in how she could make him so happy with a simple thing as a hat. "Well, I know you like them, and I couldn't have a hat without you having one, could I?"

"You… You like it?" his eyes glisten ever so slightly, sheened with happiness because it's a fez! Which she likes!

Fez and like are two words that he thought would never go together.

"Of course I do!" her head tilted ever so slightly and a pensive look glazed her features. "It's cute."

"Cute!" the Doctor announced with flourish, "You think my fez is cute!"

"Yes. Very." she beamed, then frowned. "Not sure if it's good for eighteenth century England, but you're in a bowtie so…"

In that moment, he was just so happy that he pulled Clara Oswald into his chest and kissed her forehead giddily. Sorry, did he mention? A companion that likes fezzes! "Clara Oswald, you are brilliant!"

She laughed, pushing him away bashfully because she believes it's just a hat. "Okay, mister, someone needs to calm down…"

He shook his head in complete disbelief (she likes fezzes!) for a couple more moments. He has found someone worth keeping.

(Not just for the whole fez thing, by the way. He likes her a lot more about her than just that aspect. Although, that is a good aspect. A very good aspect indeed.)

"Anyway…" she tucked her arm underneath his and smiled up at him, that daft face still in the wackiest of grins. "I thought someone suggested a ball?"

"That I did." the Doctor admitted, squeezing her arm tightly. "Now, Miss Oswald, would you care to accompany me to the central Bath assembly rooms? I believe, though this may be a rumour, that a young girl by name of Miss Jane Austen is currently residing there…"

Clara's eyes widened. "Well, we better be going, Sir Doctor! I simply cannot miss the opportunity of casually bumping into Miss Jane as of today!"

"I can assure you, Miss Oswald," the Doctor leaned to whisper in her ear, "We will not miss a thing. We will be the newcomers, the mysterious travellers, the faces no-one as of yet has seen around Bath… We bring stories, we bring gossip, we'll be the talk of the town. Everyone will remember the time when the Doctor and Clara entered Bath and no-one will ever forget. We'll…"

"Can we go in a horse and carriage?" Clara interjected, excitement present in her facial expression.

The Doctor, a bit let down that his credible speech was interrupted by such a futile question, sighed. "Yes, yes fine. Horse and carriage it is then."