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The Lost Child

By:  Crystal of Psyche  

Chapter 10:  Dark Spiral Alive?

'Who am I?….What am I?……..Is there a purpose in my life?……'

"Lost Soul," a deep voice.  Two dull blue eyes opened up and looked around.  Nothing.  Emptiness, and pitch blackness.  "I have a purpose for you."

"Really?" The eagerness in the voice was obvious.  There was a chuckle.

"Ah yes," the voice seemed to be amused, "A very special task for you…….There are the three celestial crests.  One of them has already been conquered but the other two are just as powerful and need to be defeated and destroyed!"

"Why me?"

"You are the perfect candidate for the job," the voice sneered.  Everything began to brighten up, the area revealed itself as the Digital World, and a certain blonde woke up from his slumber.


"Are you sure?"

"Awwww….they're going to love you!"

"I think you're over exaggerating Chloe."

"Maybe I am!"

"I agree with Ken…"

"Oh you two!" Chloe slapped her hand on her forehead.  While her partner Siavamon did nothing to help.  Ken and Wormon (CoP: they already got him back ok!?) stood there in front of her in denial.  "Come on!!  I haven't seen Davis and the others in a long time!  They would've forgiven you by now!"

"Why do you miss Davis?" Ken said smugly.  It was true, Chloe had been considered absent in the DDs.  No one knows where she was, and it was starting to worry them all a great deal.  Especially a certain goggle head.

"Because!!" Chloe said exasperatingly.  "He probably thinks that I also got brainwashed by whoever is behind the brainwashing of TK."

Ken stared wide eyed at her, "Wow, do you think he'll believe that?"

"This is Davis we're talking about, of course he'll believe anything!" Chloe giggled.  They made their way through the Digital World.  The time they were making was good, until they walked past a field full of destroyed spirals.  "WOAH!" The two wandering Digidestined both gaped at the battlefield.

"What could have happened!?!" Ken asked as he turned his head to look at Chloe.  It looked like she was in another world, and then she quickly whirled around to face Ken.

"Something must have happened while we were gone!  We need to find them right away!"  Chloe started sprinting across the field but stopped in the middle when she felt some weird vibe that came from the only spire that wasn't destroyed.  She stared at it long hard, her reflection in the spire.  Ken ran up next to her and waited for an answer.

During the time they spent together they've become very close.  She's been spending most of her time with him, Ken's parents have heard about Chloe's trouble with family and all.  They even asked if she wanted to take the guest room next to Ken's room.  So, she's been living with Ken's family for a while away from all the others.  Helping Ken get through the struggling of getting his self-esteem is what she devoted all of her time to.  Now they both were thinking that maybe they should've made some contact with the other DDs.

"There's something different about them now," Chloe said softly as she held up a hand to the control spire to touch it.  But Ken's hand came shooting out and grabbed her hand.  "What's wrong?"

"Don't touch it!" he said.  He looked to Wormon, nodded the next thing she knew what was happening Wormon digivolved to Stingmon, and the control in front of them was destroyed.  "They must have been activated again.  We must start destroying them before something bad happens!  Them activating all by themselves is not a good sign!"

Chloe eyes seemed to light up, "All the better reason to join up with the others!" Ken groaned but Chloe glared at him, he just sighed and shrugged his shoulders in defeat.  Chloe smiled she knew she won.


"Look there they are!" Chloe whispered from their hiding spot.

"And by the looks of it their in a fight," Ken mumbled.  "And that's not a digimon, their something strange about it."

"Like it's evvvvvviiiiillllll!!!" Chloe sarcastedly remarked before snickering.  Ken rolled his eyes at Chloe's remark. 

"We're going to help them," He said he then turned to the two digimon that was with them.  "I guess they don't need much help.  Wormon why don't you go."  Siavamon glared at the boy genius but he didn't acknowledge it.  Chloe giggled.

"Scared that they will recognize my digimon?" She said nudging him with her elbow.  He just frowned, although he knew what she said was right.  They would get wrong ideas about certain things, like he kidnapped her and tried to brainwash her or something.

After the fight, much to Ken's dismay Stingmon dedigivolved in front of the group.  That meant he would have to make an appearance and so did Chloe.  He seemed frozen on the spot.  Chloe made a frown and grabbed onto his arm and started pulling him in the direction of the rest of DDs.


Davis and Co. were surprised that this strange bug digimon had jumped in and helped them.  But they were even more surprised after the battle when the digimon turned into Wormon. "What the…" he heard Kari from behind him exclaim.

"Hello everyone," the ever so familiar voice they thought was gone for good.

"Oh my god!" Yolei gasped.  "If you're here then that means…"  But she was interrupted by another voice.

"Come on!!  They won't bite!" Davis's headshot up, he could recognize that voice anywhere.  Then out of the brush Chloe came into view she smiled at everyone and then with one mighty yank Ken came into view as well.  Everyone seemed to be quiet, and Chloe was getting frustrated.  "ALRIGHTY!!!  Let's all put our differences a side and work together to destroy this new evil!!!"

Cody poked his head out from behind the group, "How do YOU know about it?"  Chloe stared at him, and sweat dropped.

"If my memory recalls you were in a fight just a second ago…" She put her pointer finger on her chin like in a thinking state.  "You were in a fight just a second ago, and there was this strange digimon that was like not a digimon at the same time.  Then Ken and I decided you needed some help, so we sent Stingmon instead.  And uhh….oh then Ken was..mrf mrr mrrer!!" Ken who was behind her quickly covered Chloe's mouth with his own hand.

"You don't want to try and understand Chloe's logic." Chloe elbowed lightly in the stomach.  He winced but did not move.  When he did let go of her, he took the privilege of taking a few steps away from Chloe.  Davis was about to run up to her and give her a big bear hug but everyone seemed to run to her and start asking questions.  Davis seemed to fall back from the group.  The only one that saw him was Ken who quickly followed him.

Among the treetops a spectator watched the two DDs leave.  He smirked, and his bright red eyes narrowed, "Oh what fools these mortals be."  He jumped down and saw the look of shock turn into fear.  He stood up and unsheathed a sword and pointed it at Chloe and Kari.  "You two are coming with me."  He saw everyone slowly make their way to their D-3's.  "I wouldn't do that if I were you!"  He moved with lightning speed, swiftly knocked out the two girls out, grabbed both of them, and hurried away.

"COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Yolei shouted, she turned her head to Hawkmon and nodded.  Hawkmon digivolved to Halsemon.  Yolei quickly jumped on followed by Cody, Armodillamon, Siavamon, and Gatomon.  They didn't have time to go looking for Ken and Davis.  But on the pursuit of the chase Cody sent a message to Davis on his D-terminal.


"Wait!  Davis!" Ken gasped as he ran after the goggle head.  Davis stopped and Ken caught up to him.  "What's your deal!?!  I know your glad that Chloe is safe and sound, but I'd say that running away from her is not the most friendliest greetings in the world."

Davis slowly turned and stared at his once enemy but now ally, "I was worried sick about her!!  You wouldn't understand!" Ken frowned.

"Of course I would," He almost shouted, "When I lost Wormon and was alone guess who helped me out!?!  Yeah that's right, Chloe is the reason I am here right now, and otherwise I'd probably be in my room at the moment still depressed!  Without her I wouldn't have reunited with Wormon!  If not for her I wouldn't be standing here giving you this speech!  And yes, I consider her VERY important to me!!"  Davis stood in shock from Ken's little speech.  But Ken wasn't finished, "I and know that's she's very important to you too."

"……….I….." Davis was interrupted by a beeping sound in his pocket.  He quickly dug his hand through his pocket and pulled out the D-terminal.  A new message was from Cody.  He opened it up and read it.  His eyes widened with fear and turned swiftly to Veemon who was standing next to him the whole time.  "We have to go!!!"  Ken looked at him with confusion.  "TK just revealed himself again……"

"Yeah, Chloe warned me about that…"

Davis quickly interrupted him, "He's taken Kari and Chloe hostage."  The two boys didn't waste time to get in the in gear and start running.  They both just hoped it wasn't too late.

Author's Note:  Yes!  Things are starting to get interesting…in the DDs battle for the Digital World, and their personal feelings. *giggles* This is turning out to be a lot of fun!


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