Alone in the dark forest lived a man, the Slender Man

He didn't have any friends or family, he was always alone.

One day when he was walking in the forest, he found some pens.

He didn't have anything else to do so he started to draw some pictures of himself.

After some hours he had finished drawing 8 pictures, he was really happy over how they turned out.

'This forest is so dark and boring' He thought. 'Maybe I should lit it up with my drawings'

He started to walk around, putting his beautiful drawings on different trees and stones.

When he was done he heard a noice and saw a weird flash.

It was a boy and a girl standing together with a flash light.

"Darling I'm scared" Said the girl while nervously taking her boyfriend's hand. "Maybe we should go back to the car and wait for help, instead of wandering around here"

"Don't worry" The boy said. "My GPS said it is a house around here, they can help us"

Slender Man watched the couple walk around in his forest, trying to find help.

'Maybe I should help them find their way out' He thought and started to follow them.

"What's that?" The boy asked and pointed at one of Slender Man's drawings.

"It looks like a drawing" the girl answered and looked around. "Maybe a kid have forgot it out here"

"We should take it in case we find him"

Slender Man watched as the boy reached out and took the drawing, HIS drawing.

That drawing belongs to the forest. Not this stupid boy!

Soon the couple were lost in the forest and took another of his drawings.

Anger started to build in Slender Man's body and he couldn't take it.

6 tentacles came out of his back as he walked closer to the couple.

They were going to regret coming to HIS forest and take HIS drawings.

He stepped on a stick, making a loud noice.

The couple turned around and a loud scream filled the dark forest.