AN: Okay, so this is a major plot-bunny that has been haunting me for months. What if the Avengers got caught up in the Uprising? And what if Beck and Tron met with them, and were forced to work together? Lots of interesting twists and turns went on in my head. So this came up. Most likely this will be updated once or twice a month, maybe more depending on how I feel. And yes, this takes place during the beginning of Uprising. Bruce and Thor might be included later on.

Chapter 1

Dust swirled around the blades of the ship as it descended to the ground. Flying the craft was Clint, while lounging around on the seats were Natasha, Steve and Tony. None of them were sure why they had to make run to San Fransisco in the middle of the night, let alone to some abandoned looking arcade.

For all they knew some kid had run into the arcade and was now trapped behind the locked door. Either way, it wasn't a fun ride.

"Does anyone even know why we're here?" Steve asked when they stepped out of the craft.

"According to Director Fury he's been getting strange messages in the hellicarrier," Clint explained as he dragged out his bows.

"Did he say what the message was?" Natasha raised an eyebrow when Tony grabbed the case that held his suit.

"Not entirely sure, but I think this was the message." Tony pulled out his phone that he was normally fumbling with. Natasha's eyes widened when two words stretched across the screen.

Tron Lives glowed a bright shade of white.

"Tron, as in the video game Tron?" Clint held back a fit of laughter.

"That's why we're here," Tony said with a grin.

Natasha rolled her eyes as Clint pushed open the door. Fortunately there was no child trapped inside the arcade like they had feared. Instead the team noticed how dusty the arcade was. All of the games were covered in plastic.

Tony flipped the switches that were near the door and grinned like an idiot when the lights flashed on.

"So which game should we play first?" he asked after Steve pulled off the covers.

"We're not here to play games," Natasha muttered with a roll of her eyes.

It was than she spotted something at the corner of her eye. The bright blue and orange lights seemed to flash as she leaned against one of the video games. Whoever owned this arcade must have really liked Tron. Or they were just slightly crazy.

"Hey guys, you know who owned this place, don't ya?" Tony was fumbling through his phone again after getting past the Tron Lives screen. All of them exchanged the same curious expressions. "Some genius named Kevin Flynn owned this place, along with Encom." Clint's eyes widened in disbelief, while Steve simply shrugged in confusion. He didn't know who Flynn was, much less care. "He disappeared just as he was about to reveal something big," Tony explained after looking back at his phone.

"Well guess it's time to find out what he was about to reveal," Clint told them.

"Hey guys, check this out." Natasha leaned down to examine the floor where the Tron video game stood on. Tony, Steve and Clint followed her to see what she was looking at.

Sure enough there were grooves in the floor, as if something heavy had been dragged across it. But what was really strange about it was the fact that the grooves began where the game was standing on. There was definitely more to this game than Natasha first realized.

"There might be something behind this," Steve said as he knocked on the wall. It sounded hollow inside, which was even more surprising.

The three men pushed the game forward after realizing that Steve was right. Natasha moved to the side to avoid getting crushed, and her eyes widened.

Behind the game was a hidden stairway. Tony let out a whistle before heading towards the stairs. Clint grabbed him by the arm and glared.

"We don't know what could be down there," he warned.

"There's only one way to find out," Tony replied with a wide, child-like grin.

Steve let out a sigh of frustration as he followed Tony down the stairs. Natasha followed soon after, but Clint remained. Alarms were buzzing in his mind as he looked into the darkness. But after a few minutes he realized he didn't have much of a choice. It was this or be called a coward, and he was certainly no coward.

After a few minutes passed they finally reached a surprisingly large room. Tony's eyes widened in amazement when he saw the equipment scattered around the room. A flat panel lay stretched under the basement's window. Behind the panel was what looked like a camera or laser.

"Don't touch anything," Natasha muttered under her breath. She knew Tony wasn't going to listen. This was like candy land to him. New toys for a computer-savi man.

Tony sat down in a comfortable seat and began punching in numbers on the panel. Steve stood behind him while Natasha and Clint stood on either side. Suddenly the machine behind them made a whirling noise after Tony typed in 'yes'. Clint was about to reach for an arrow when an alarm sounded.

"What was that?" Steve demanded. But none of them had a chance to respond.

Seconds later and the machine was activated. Natasha whirled around just in time to see the laser flash. In the blink of an eye the world went black, and the team vanished.