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"Hey, what was your first kiss like?"

Spirit looked up from his book at the odd question, staring at his teammate, "What?"

Tunnel Rat was sprawled out on the small rec room's only couch, head tilted backwards so he could look back at Spirit, "You heard me. I asked what your first kiss was like."

The tracker raised an eyebrow, "Why do you want to know?"

The shape-shifter shrugged his shoulders, "We're supposed to get to know each other right? Seems as good a place as any to start."

Spirit considered that. Besides the basic stuff, such as which military branch they'd served in before joining the team or a little about their home town, none of them really knew that much about the others. Well, Scarlett and Snake Eyes were the exception to that but they were the exception to a lot of things.

He looked back at his reclined companion, "If I tell you about mine, you'll tell me about yours, right?"


Spirit sighed and put the note card he used as a book marker into his book to save his place, "My first kiss was when I was twelve. It was with a girl I'd had a crush on all summer, only later I found out that she'd only kissed me to make the boy she actually liked jealous. There, now it's your turn."

Tunnel Rat let out an amused snort, "Not much better than yours. I was a freshman in high school when it happened. Not even two days into the school year, this girl just comes up out of the blue during lunch, grabbed my face and kissed me. All on a dare from her friends too. It wasn't so bad though, cause she dated me for like a week afterwards."

Spirit hid another sigh, "Is this all or did you want to talk about something else?"

Tunnel Rat shrugged again from his position, "Yeah, this conversation kinda dead-ended itself. Anything you want to talk about?"

The tracker almost shook his head but stopped himself and said, "Yes actually. It's been bothering me for a while, but what happens to your clothes when you shape shift?"

The redhead rolled over to look at him better, "Eh?"

Spirit clarified, "Well, I've seen them get torn when you do a sudden shift but sometimes they seem fine. Why is that?"

Tunnel Rat smirked, "Because those other times I find a hiding spot and strip down or I go really small first, like a mouse or something, to slip out of them, then I shift to whatever form I really need. Course I usually end up needing a hiding spot anyway to get dressed again."

Spirit blinked, "Oh."

Well, that was something he wasn't certain he wanted to know. His teammate suddenly got off the couch, grabbing onto the arm rest to flip himself off of it, "Well, nice chat but I'm hungry. See ya later Nature Boy."

Tunnel Rat put his hands behind his head and left the rec room. Spirit blinked again, then shrugged and returned to his book.