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Jinx frowned to herself, glaring down at her hands as she sat on her bed in thought.

She wasn't blind or deaf, she'd seen the way Kamakura had started looking at her and had heard the whispers among the rest of the team. He was cute, she'd give him that, but it was more like a puppy kind of cute, not boyfriend cute.

In fact, did she even really want a relationship right now? Even if age didn't matter to vampires, he was still younger than her and that difference would bother her even if no one else minded. Then there were the differences in their skills. She was so far advanced than he was, could she deal with the headaches that would result from him trying to catch up with her?

But to make it blunt to herself, did she really need this headache, this heartache, right now?

Shaking her head, Jinx told herself firmly that she'd turn Kamakura down, gently, but definitely make it clear to him she wasn't interested.

So why was it, when he asked her timidly to a lunch date not even a day later, that she found herself agreeing instead?