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It was a nice, quiet day for one certain blond teenager, though he wasn't happy about being grounded. It wasn't because of anything serious, no, it was because today was one of his 'school days' and as such, he wasn't allowed to do any flying of any sort until school was over.

Thankfully it was now the self study period, which he luckily had right after lunch. Sitting at one of the tables in the school's library, Peak stared at his science book without really seeing it. He tapped his pencil idly on his note pad, mentally more focused on figuring out a new flight maneuver than memorizing equations and formulas.

A distraction soon came to him in the form of Jan, his best friend. She sat herself next to him at the table, dropping her bright yellow book bag next to his dark green one. Peak smiled at her but before he could say anything, she asked, "Hey Peak, you haven't been kissed yet right?"

He went red, which gave her the answer right away regarding the status of his first kiss. Despite that, he still protested in a hiss, "What's that got to do with anything?!"

His friend idly ran a hand through her currently hot pink hair tipped with bright purple and stated, "Because Emma is going around saying that she's your girlfriend and that you two make out every chance you get."

Peak groaned and dropped his head onto his school book. His muffled voice floated up to Jan, "I don't even know who you're talking about and I most certainly don't have a girlfriend."

Unseen by him, Jan nodded in satisfaction, "Good, because I called her out on it in the hallway right before I came in here. She was pretty upset at me about it too."

The teen boy raised a hand to make a half-hearted attempt to flick her arm, not even caring that he missed by several inches, "Bad Jan. Don't play with fire."

She just giggled and dug into her book bag to pull out her math book, "Help me study? I'll give you tips in history, like usual."

Peak sighed and gave in, raising his head to look at the book, "Which section?"

Having been her friend since the beginning of high school, he was well used to her by now. Eh, it kept school from being boring at least.