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Note: This is an AU regarding possibilities from the episode The Portal.


Iranda was nervous and understandably so, for tomorrow was the day she was going to go investigate the Pyramid in the Star Ridge.

Oh she knew Aaron didn't want her to go and that the council wouldn't approve of it, but surely it wouldn't hurt to take a look? At the very least the Pyramid held historical value and should be documented in regards to that.

Sitting up in bed, she fiddled with her fingers as she mentally went over everything again.

It'd be safest for her to leave during the day, when no one would question a dragonator leaving Airlandis, especially if he was scheduled for a scouting survey. As for the dragonator in question, she'd talked one of the younger ones into taking her to the Pyramid and Iranda had made sure to make a note that cleared him of all blame. She'd hide it in Aaron's private study, along with the message on the holo-disk.

As for the children, that was easy. Dram was practically Aaron's assistant and would be out with him in the lab or doing rounds in the dragon sanctuary. Z'neth, Summit and Apex all had school, so she didn't need to worry about them except for making sure they got their lunches before they left in the morning. As for Peak, her baby, well, she was taking him to daycare herself in the morning, after everyone else had left.

Iranda had already decided to use an old excuse, that she was going to be doing intensive restoration work on some of the more delicate books and as such, couldn't spare the time needed to take care of a baby. The work, while not labor intensive, demanded a lot of time, a delicate touch and an extreme attention to detail, so she'd have no chance to take care of her infant son if he began to cry. She'd used the same excuse before, though legitimately those times, with her other children so it wouldn't raise suspicion if she used it now.

Speaking of her baby, Peak snuffled in his crib and began to cry, getting Iranda's attention. Getting out of bed, she gently touched Aaron's shoulder as he rolled over, letting him know that she was taking care of it. He mumbled something and moved back to his original spot, easily dropping back into sleep from previous practice.

Moving to the crib, Iranda picked the baby up and held him close, humming in her chest to comfort him. But it didn't work and Peak continued to cry, which was unusual for him. Checking to make sure he didn't need a fresh diaper, Iranda began to pace the room while still humming. That finally did the trick, sending her youngest child back to sleep.

But when she tried to put him down in the crib, he started crying again. Iranda bit her lip as she picked him back up, internally groaning. One of those nights, great. Peak had an odd habit of randomly wanting to be held for hours on end, often during the night and he'd kick up a major fuss if she or Aaron didn't indulge him in it.

Moving to the corner of the room, Iranda sat down in the replica rocking chair and rocked while still humming, taking a break now and then to instead rub her son's back, trying to coax him into a deeper sleep. She intermixed that with walking the room, taking great care not to wake Aaron up. The last thing she needed now was to give him a reason to decide to stay home.

He had some vacation time saved up and he'd been hinting that he'd like to use it for some family time soon, though they hadn't actually discussed the all important 'when'. It would be just like him to wake up now and decide to put in for that vacation time first thing in the morning, just to give her a break from the baby if nothing else.

A little fearful, she glanced at her husband. Thankfully, Aaron was still asleep. Letting out a sigh, Iranda sat back down in the rocking chair, humming again to Peak. Hopefully he'd actually go to sleep soon and let her get some rest so she could carry out her plans for tomorrow and then...and then...

The smell of coffee woke her up, causing Iranda to sit up in the bed and promptly have a mental freak out. She must have fallen asleep in the rocking chair and where was the baby?!

Jumping out of bed, she tore around the room before rushing out with a cry after she couldn't find her youngest. Aaron called out to her, "Iranda? We're in the kitchen."

Still scared, she ran to the mentioned room, ready to tear into Aaron about their missing child, only to see Peak snuggled in Dram's arms, contentedly sleeping. The young draman was in the act of handing an empty bottle to Z'neth, who himself was putting some dishes into the kitchen's small sink. Summit was mechanically eating cereal at the kitchen table, still not fully awake at the moment and Apex was making a bowl of cereal for herself.

As for Aaron, he was standing at their little coffee maker, one cup already made and pouring coffee into a second cup. He gave her a concerned look, "Iranda, I think you should take today off. We've both been under stress lately and it'd do you good to rest. I've already put in to be put on vacation, so I can take care of Peak today if you want."

Mentally cursing, Iranda gave in, "No, I'll be fine. Just let me send word to the office first and I'll see how it goes."

Aaron must have found her in the rocking chair, it was the only explanation. He must have first taken the baby to either put in the crib or give to Dram, then gone back to put her in bed. Now he was concerned for her and for the next few days, Aaron would be trying to help shoulder even more of the parenting workload to take some stress off of her. Normally she'd be happy and touched at his consideration, but today it threw off all her plans.

Mentally sighing now, she accepted the cup of coffee he gave her and sat at the table. She'd have to contact not only the Library's main office but also that dragonator to let him know the plans were canceled for today. She'd have to wait until at least next week to try again.

Only 'next week' kept happening, due to seemingly random things that kept demanding her attention and time. Dram's first dragon ride for one. Z'neth's early acceptance letter into the dragonator prep courses, which they celebrated by eating out the night he'd gotten it. Summit shyly asking her to help him pick out a gift for a girl and even Apex begging her for ear piercings as a birthday gift.

As every day came, either she found more reasons to stay on Airlandis for a little longer or something happened to bump her plans back further. Until finally she just gave up on them altogether, at least, she gave up on the part about going alone.

Iranda instead decided to lobby to the Council about sending an expedition team to the Pyramid, citing her reasons of its historical value as why. It was a horrifically slow process, but she was steadily gaining ground against them.

Until she got the go-ahead though, or at least a confirmation that a team would indeed be sent to the Star Ridge, Iranda decided that she was going to continue her work in the Library and spend time with her family.

Especially her baby, who was now big enough to walk and would chase her around, even at her job when she brought him along with. Iranda wouldn't lie about the dim light of hope that lit in her heart when she saw Peak's fascinated stares at the ancient books and seeing how carefully he would watch her while she worked.

It'd be nice to have one of the children follow in her footsteps, especially since the older ones were clearly showing interests in the dragons and the path of being dragonators.