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Note: This takes place in my Half is still Whole AU.


When Aaron entered the University building, he did not expect to encounter her again.

But there she was, only a few feet before the front desk, talking with a coworker. Going from the way they were apparently comparing files, their conversation had to be about work again.

Grimacing a little, Aaron decided to just walk past them to the front desk to see if his files were ready yet.

But of course, the coworker had to notice him and called out a greeting, which Aaron had to return, not wanting to be rude. This of course got her attention as well.

Dark brown eyes met his blue ones as she turned to look at him. She gave him the barest of look-overs and said, "Aaron, you seem to be doing well."

He gave her a slight nod in return, "As do you, Madeline."

It was true. His ex-wife still had her beauty, though it was a little more refined now and still cold, completely unlike the warmth Iranda projected. Madeline's dark brown curls were pulled back into a bun at the back of her head, with plain hair pins holding her bangs out of her make-up free face.

Her figure was still good as well, hidden as it was under her half-buttoned lab coat. The only hint at all of her real age were a few gray hairs at the edge of her temples, nearly hidden among the other dark strands.

As to their conversation, she gave him a nod at the compliment before turning back to her coworker, pointing at something on the other's files before pointing out something on her own.

Aaron knew the dismissal and kept on walking, a little surprised at himself. At one point, just the sight of Madeline would have made his heart soar, made him crave her attention as he tried to think of how to properly woo such an intelligent woman with words that seemed to stutter even in his own brain.

After their divorce, he hadn't been able to look at her without feelings of hurt, rejection and betrayal. But now? Now there wasn't even a hint of the old heartache that used to be there and he likely had Iranda to thank for that, in a good way.

Perhaps he owed Madeline a bit of thanks as well? If she hadn't divorced him to focus on her career, then Aaron would never have met Iranda and also would never have had his three younger children or possibly would never have been able to adopt Dram either. Madeline had unfortunately made it clear that she did not want children, not only during their dating phase but also after their marriage and she'd made it especially clear at their divorce proceedings where she'd signed over full custody of Z'neth to Aaron.

There had been days where Aaron suspected she'd only had Z'neth just to make Aaron happy, as he'd wanted to start a family as strongly as she hadn't. But that was unfair to Madeline for him to think that, even if it seemed to have some truth to it.

Mentally shaking his head free of the cobwebs of the past, he approached the front desk to handle the business he'd came here on.

Life didn't stop after all, it simply progressed.