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When reading this you can assume that Bella and Edward's relationship continued uninterrupted by

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"Bella's - different." Alice flopped down next to Rosalie who had been reading one of her auto magazines.

"Yes, but it's not a bad different. I mean, she couldn't have been any worse," the blonde sniffed dismissively at the thought of Bella before she'd been turned. Pathetic was the word she used to describe her brother's wife, snivelling and weak also crossed her mind when thinking about the brunette. "And seriously, you're noticing this now?" The pixie's flair for understatement was amazing.

"Edward's not happy," Alice sighed and Rosalie dropped her magazine to pay more attention to her sister.

"Edward doesn't control Bella, especially not now, " she growled in defence of the brunette.

"No, but they're married and Bella is really upsetting him." Alice defended her brother causing Rosalie to snort.

"Tough, he's a controlling ass that picked a weak girl and bullied her into marrying him before she was ready." Rosalie had never hidden her opinion of the events that led to Bella becoming a vampire. She commented on the fact whenever she saw the couple together, she'd even tried talking to Bella about it but the young girl was too besotted with the ideal of her brother to see his faults.

Faults that were now causing friction between the couple. Well, ' friction' was a gross understatement.

Bella's change had been different to say the least. She had agreed to be changed after the Volturi had threatened their coven with annihilation if she was left human any longer. Their family had been discovered to be friends with the human on a tip off from a nomad they had encountered but chased off their territory. As revenge the nomad, Riley, had called the Volturi, the ruling vampire coven, with details of the crime and that had initiated a visit from their leader, Aro. As Aro had sensed Bella's latent power, a strong mental shield, and the fact that Bella was already wanting to be changed he had spared them all on the condition that she was changed within the year.

Edward had refused, the stupid boy not realising the seriousness of the situation, so Alice had promised to change Bella once she hit her 20th birthday.

Rosalie had not agreed with the decision but to protest would have been idiotic, you can't argue with the Volturi. She would rather have Bella a vampire than dead and refusing to turn her would have ended in the deaths of their entire coven and that was not on her to do list. What irked Rosalie even more was that Edward had persuaded Bella to marry him while she retained her humanity, although she had ended up being changed a few days later, Edward's refusal to consummate their relationship until she had been turned had influenced Bella's decision.

But, as Alice had said, Bella was different now.

It had been only a few days since Bella had been turned and a lot had changed.

Although Alice had pledged to change Bella, Edward had insisted on doing it. Bella had agreed and Edward had begun training with Carlisle, the coven leader and father figure. He was also a doctor and had faultless control over his bloodlust. The date had been set and Bella had visited her father, Charlie, for the last time as a human and had told him that she would be studying abroad for the next year. Charlie had accepted her lie but hadn't challenged it, rationalising her decision with the fact that she was a grown woman now and could do what she pleased.

Everything had gone as planned, in the beginning. The first sign that anything had been wrong was when Carlisle had called for help. The whole family had rushed to the new couple's room where Carlisle was restraining Edward who's eyes were pitch black and was fighting to re-enter the room Carlisle had wrestled him from.

"Jasper, Emmett, take Edward away from here." He ordered as the vampire in question struggled in his arms. The men grabbed their brother and hauled him away from the bedroom doorway.

"Bella? What did he do?" Alice cried, her eyes darkening as she picked up the scent of blood in the air. She wasn't the only one to be affected, Esme and Rose had joined them and were also struggling to control their instincts. Esme had stopped breathing and Rose was willing her aching fangs to retreat but neither wanted to leave, they needed to know what was going on.

"He couldn't do it, his control was too weak." Carlisle confirmed. "I'll have to finish the transformation." He stated abruptly and made to enter the room where Bella lay.

"No! Let me do it?" Everyone looked shocked at the suggestion from their smallest member. "She would want me to do it," Alice explained and the statement was true. Bella was closer to Alice than anyone else in the coven.

"Are you sure?" Carlisle questioned, doubting whether his daughter had the necessary control. Alice nodded and she took a deep breath, looking up at her father with eyes that had returned to their normal gold. Carlisle looked shocked but impressed by the demonstration and nodded.

"But I insist on staying with you," Alice agreed to her father's conditions with a nod and they entered the room.

"Please stay here, in case we need you," he urged his wife and other daughter as they stood in the hallway and received nods of acknowledgement. Alice entered the room and immediately held her breath, Bella was lying on the bed and blood was smeared on her neck and cheek, her dark hair in disarray on the pillow that was supporting her head.

"Is she Ok?" Alice asked, shooting the blonde vampire a worried glance as she took in the sight of all that blood, it seemed a lot to the pixie. Edward had made a mess, that much was very obvious.

"She's Ok, but currently suffering from extreme blood loss but not yet enough for her body to shut down. You need to take enough blood to cause near heart failure and then inject your venom into her. I would suggest biting her above her heart, wrists and the main artery in her legs, your best option would be her inner thigh." Carlisle explained clinically. Alice's eyes widened at that but she didn't comment, just moved swiftly towards the bed where her friend lay.

Alice hesitated as she approached, now wondering if she was actually capable of going through with this. The scent of blood was almost overwhelming her senses, her beast was trying to break through and she hadn't even tasted any yet.

"Go on, you need to be quick now," Carlisle urged and she sat next to her friend, carefully pulling Bella's unconscious body onto her lap. Without further delay Alice bent and sank her teeth into the soft, warm flesh, making a fresh wound on Bella's neck. As the blood pumped somewhat sluggishly into her mouth she groaned, pleasure coursing through every fibre of her being as she tasted human blood for the first time in many decades.

"Alice!" Her father cautioned her but she kept drinking, it had been so long since she'd tasted human blood and it was doing things to her. What had not been discussed with Bella, because Edward forbade it, was that feeding on humans was akin to a sexual experience for a vampire and often the human they were draining. That, coupled with the fact it was Bella she was feeding on was flooding her body with unfamiliar but addictive sensations. Sensations so strong she almost missed the stutter of her victims heart began to falter.

"Stop!" Alice pulled back almost before Carlisle spoke, she didn't know how she did it but she did. Carlisle looked on proudly as his daughter looked back at him with dark eyes and a blood smeared mouth. "Bite her," he urged, "quickly!" Alice, still dazed, took a moment to register his words but seemed to shake herself and bent back to Bella's body to administer her venom.

She only paused when she came to push up the nightgown the girl was wearing and scented the latent arousal, Alice growled at the scent and only a spasm of Bella's body recalled her to her task. Still lost in the blood and arousal Alice continued her task, relishing the feeling of the soft flesh in her mouth as she marked the human, claiming her. When she had finished her instincts had her laying out on the bed next to her friend, holding her protectively, growling when Carlisle approached.

"It's Ok Alice, I won't take her from you." The younger vampire snarled but allowed Carlisle to check Bella's pulse, or lack of one as her heart had now stopped beating, she was dead. "Now, we wait," her father spoke softly and Alice curled her body around the larger girl as they lay together. "You can stay with her as long as you like, you did well. I'm proud of you." He smiled down at the small vampire and went into the hallway to speak to the rest of the family.

"It's done," he stated softly, knowing that his words were redundant as it was likely that the whole household had been privy to their conversation. "Edward?" He questioned of his wife who was hovering near the doorway to Bella and Edward's room, desperate to check on her daughters.

"Still out," Esme informed him worriedly, a frown marring the matriarch's features. "I had no idea he'd react so badly, Rose went out to check on them and he's better but the boys took him hunting." Rosalie was silent as she watched the conversation.

"Let me clean up the blood and then you can come in and see her," he reassured his wife who nodded, going to link arms with her blonde daughter to wait for his go-ahead. Rosalie just watched the proceedings until her father exited the room, Rose's admiration for her sister had drastically increased as the petite vampire had exhibited supreme control and had not harmed Bella.

"You can go in but don't try and touch Bella," he warned. "Alice - , Alice is feeling extremely protective and it's best not to get too close." The women frowned at that but as soon as they entered the room Alice began growling and snarling at them, angling her body between the intruders and Bella where she lay next to Alice on the bed. She was feral.

"Alice!" Esme, tried to calm the pixie but Rosalie held her back.

"Don't, she's protecting Bella, just leave her be." The blonde then turned her eyes to the girl Alice was holding, she looked dead and there was no heartbeat but Rose detected tremors beginning to run through her body. "It's starting," she cautioned, remembering the signs she'd witnessed when Carlisle had turned Emmett at her request. Sure enough a few seconds later the screams began. They were ear piercing and caused Alice to focus her full attention on the brunette, she pulled her close and held her to her small frame, placing soft kisses on her face and stroking her hair as Bella's body began to spasm violently, the pixie's eyes were now switching between black and red. The colour startled Rosalie but she didn't comment, it was to be expected she reasoned, after all Alice had just consumed human blood.

"We need to keep Jasper and Edward out of here," Rose mumbled to Esme who frowned but nodded her consent.

"At least until Alice regains her composure," her mother agreed as both female vampires warily eyed the couple on the bed, Alice still emitting sporadic snarls and hisses if she thought anyone was getting too close to the bed. However, she did allow Rosalie to sit in the corner of the room even when she grew intolerant of Esme and Carlisle's presence.

Rose settled down, unmoving as she kept her eyes trained on the bed, noting every small change as Bella's transformation took place before her very eyes. She also studied her sister but saw no real reason to worry, she imagined she would be acting the same if she was in Alice's position, knowing from experience how instincts took control. Although, she hadn't been so possessive over Emmett, trusting Carlisle to care for him during his change.


Edward returned to the house a few hours later, desperate to see his wife.

"She won't know who you are, son," Carlisle cautioned. Edward nodded but proceeded to enter the room. Alice immediately started snapping and growling as he tried to take his wife from her. The pixie's eyes were black. Bella was hers, hers to hold and protect, she needed to protect Bella and would fight to the death to do so. She knew in the corner of her mind that she was being irrational but Bella was a part of her now, she could smell her venom rushing around Bella's body, claiming her as her own. Now Edward was here, trying to take her away, he didn't deserve her, he couldn't even manage to control himself enough to change his wife. She growled at that, Bella was hers!

"No, Alice let me hold her." Edward tried to forcefully remove Bella from Alice's arms, both the pixie and Rosalie growling at the action. Rose left her seat and went to intervene but was interrupted by her father.

"Edward!" Carlisle rebuked his son, "the change isn't complete, you'll damage her body." He rested his hand on Alice's shoulder. "Alice, give her to Edward." Alice flat out refused and held even tighter to the brunette.

"Alice!" Edward yelled at his sister over the constant screams that were still being issued by Bella as her body burned with her change. Esme entered the room to see what the commotion was about. Carlisle eventually managed to persuade Alice to release Bella to her husband's care but the screams of torment escalated as she parted from Alice. Carlisle exchanged a look with his wife and studied Alice's reaction, she was pacing the room, hands pulling at her hair as she growled and snarled in Edward's direction, she was barely in control.

"She should have snapped out of it by now," he muttered as though to himself as he watched Alice's frenetic movements, sporadic bursts of vampire speed interspersing her more human pacing.

"They were always very close Carlisle," Esme reminded her husband as she placed her hand on his arm as he surveyed the room. Bella's cries were louder now and she was thrashing against Edward's hold.

"Edward, please let Alice hold her again." Carlisle's voice was low and Edward opened his mouth to protest. "You want this to be as easy as possible for Bella, don't you?" Edward caved under his father's logic and allowed Alice back onto the bed, she gently took the brunette back from Edward and the change was obvious, Bella clutched at Alice and her cries lessened significantly.

"I think you need to let Alice take care of her, son, it could be some kind of connection through Alice's venom," he reasoned, smiling reassuringly at Edward. "This should be over soon and Bella will be back to normal."

Except that never happened.

Once the screams had stopped Bella had slept, when she woke she wasn't confused as most newborns are. She was totally lucid if a bit unsure of her new body, even managing to shower and dress herself, Alice helping as Bella wasn't ready to handle the presence of other vampires just then.

Bella remembered searing pain that had gone on for an eternity, when it was over she felt safe, she took time just inhaling the wonderful scent of the person holding her, it wasn't until she opened her eyes she recognised it was Alice. Bella blinked, trying to clear her vision but soon realised that nothing was wrong as red eyes looked down into hers and a soft hand brushed the hair off her face.

"Bella?" Bella blinked again, trying to reconcile the word that had been spoken with what she remembered, how that same word, her name, had sounded like when she was human. It had been musical but nothing to match the inflections she had just heard.

"Alice?" Bella finally managed to croak and her friend beamed down at her, placing a soft kiss on her forehead before hugging her tightly, a hug Bella knew would have crushed her bones as a human but now it just felt so right.

"Hi!" Alice beamed down as she looked into the newborn's eyes, incredibly proud at what she had achieved. Bella sat up, the movement effortless as though only thought was required, not muscles. Once upright she pulled free of Alice's embrace and looked down at herself, the afternoon sunlight streaming through the window and bounced off her skin, dazzling her.

Alice watched as Bella watched the light playing over her skin for a full ten minutes, the pixie fascinated by the expressions crossing the brunette's face. It was childlike and Alice was touched by her friend's innocence but she knew it wouldn't last more than a few hours, soon she would be a killer, as all her kind were and that saddened her, she wanted to preserve this moment for eternity, preserve Bella's innocence. So, when Esme entered the room and distracted Bella from the light show Alice snarled and leapt in front of the newborn, protecting her from the harsh reality of their existence that her mother had come to prepare Bella for.

"Alice!" Esme scolded her daughter as she eyed the now feral vampire warily. Alice was crouched down in front of the bed where Bella still sat, eyes black, fangs down.

"Leave the clothes," Alice growled and Esme carefully placed the fresh clothes she had brought for Bella on the dresser and backed out of the room, not taking her eyes off Alice for a second until the door was closed behind her. Esme had been witness to enough transformations to know to be cautious around newborn's and their -? Usually it was mates but Alice wasn't Bella's mate so is was more likely a very strong makers bond she reasoned as she returned downstairs.

"Give her some time, Alice will bring her down when they're ready, she explained to her family who were waiting expectantly.


Every noise made her jump and she was still trying to come to terms with the sights and sounds surrounding her, Alice being the most notable of those.

"It's amazing isn't it?" Alice commented as she watched Bella stare at herself in the mirror.

The pixie was feeling more like herself now, the primal, possessive feelings she'd been experiencing during Bella's change had lessened to those of love and protection. Although, she did admit that the experience had changed her, stirred something inside she never knew existed but that needed analysis, away from Edward. And Jasper. She'd spent no time with her own husband during Bella's change and she knew he had been neglected. They needed to talk as Alice knew that Jasper must have picked up on some of the emotions she had been kicking out during Bella's change but thankfully he'd been out of the house for the most damning of those.

"I can't believe that's me," Bella marvelled. "I sound different." Bella's voice now held a soft burr to it that made it richer.

"You sound great and you look amazing. You, but different." The pixie added with a smile at her friend as their eyes met in the mirror. Bella's eyes were the red of a newborn and Alice's were also still red.

"Thanks," Bella looked away and Alice sensed that if Bella had still been human she would have been blushing.

"Look, we match!" She joked, pointing to their eyes, making Bella laugh, the pixie easily picking up the notes human ears would miss.

"Are you ready to see the others?" Alice queried, Bella had only seen the pixie and Esme since she'd woken, Rose had left when the newborn began to come round and Alice's protective instincts had gone into overdrive. Alice had some experience of newborns but not a lot, however even she knew that this level of lucidity was not the norm.

"Ok," Bella agreed, turning her attention to her friend who held her hand out. "You smell really good," Bella purred as she nuzzled into Alice's neck, acknowledging what she had been fixating on since she'd woken.

"Thanks," Alice giggled at Bella's behaviour, ignoring her body's reaction to the brunette. "Come on," she tugged the brunette's hand and led her downstairs to where the family was waiting for them. The newborn followed, reluctant to share Alice with anyone but followed her maker obediently. As they walked down the stairs Bella scanned the room with her new eyes and was astounded by the vibrancy and depth of the colours in the previously plain seeming room.

"Bella!" Edward lurched forward to embrace his wife but before anyone could react he was thrown across the room, smashing into the wall, Bella having lashed out defensively.

"Dude!" Emmett chuckled at his brother's misfortune.

"Edward, everyone, please remember that newborn's are extremely volatile, never rush them like that." Esme, reminded everybody in the room. Edward was now standing and brushing himself off and fixing his hair.

Rosalie snorted at his need to improve his appearance when his wife had just thrown him into a wall, his priorities seemed a little off, she thought as she watched events unfold with an amused smile on her face. She let her eyes wander over Bella and liked what she saw. This was a strong, confident vampire, not a weak pathetic love struck girl. She also noted how Bella still held Alice's hand, her thumb stroking over the back of it in a steady rhythm. Alice was staring intently at the newborn as though trying to anticipate her next move.

"Bella?" Edward took a more gentle approach and slowly walked towards his wife, she watched him, head tilted, studying him with a strange look in her eye. "Do you remember me," Bella nodded but didn't speak. "Do you remember that I love you, that you're my wife?"

"I'm a newborn, not an idiot Edward," she retorted, causing Rosalie to snort and Emmett to laugh outright. Alice also had a smile on her face.

"Oh, dude, you got shot down!" Emmett crowed as he continued laughing, Rose joined in too, much to Edward's consternation. "You look constipated right now," the burly vampire chuckled.

"What? More than usual?" Rose added dryly and now Jasper was trying not to laugh.

"Rosalie!" Esme berated the blonde.

"Oh, so only I get told off, he started it!" She pointed her finger at her husband who was behaving like a child.

"I agree with Emmett," Bella rejoined the conversation. "You do look like you've got a stick up your ass," she dead-panned causing a shocked gasp from Esme.

"Bella!" Carlisle reprimanded the newborn, a look of disapproval on his face. Bella backed down although it was obvious she had more to say. "Alice, maybe you should take Bella hunting?" The blonde father figure suggested diplomatically. "Maybe Bella will feel more like talking when she's fed?"

"She might even want to fuck you," Emmett muttered much to his mother's horror and Rosalie's amusement. The look on Edward's face was one of terror, if Bella's look could be translated to words it would have said 'if hell freezes over' as she glared daggers at her husband. Interesting, Rose mused to herself as she watched Alice lead Bella outside.

"Come on," Alice used Bella's grip on her hand to pull the brunette along until they were outside.

There was a silence as Bella took in her surroundings. They were at the Cullen's Canadian ranch home which was in the mountains and surrounded by dense forest, much like their home in forks was. They had left there after getting sick of the wolves, now led by Jacob Black, constantly giving them grief about Bella's future. Plus, the fact that Aro had visited made the wolves extremely uneasy so it had been a mutual decision to leave Forks. Although Bella was familiar with the area around the house she was seeing it through her new, vampire enhanced eyes and Alice gave her the time she needed to absorb everything around her.

"It's beautiful," Bella marvelled as she began to walk towards the forest, Anne Rice was right, she mused with a chuckle to herself as she thought back to the dramatic vampire novels she'd read whilst still human, there was life everywhere. She could hear birds, insects and almost feel the plants surrounding her grow. Then she heard it, her walk soon turned into a run until she was running faster than she ever had, even with Edward. The chase was on. Her ears followed the sound and she gasped as her fangs dropped for the very first time.

Boom ba boom..

"Bella!" She barely registered the sound of Alice's voice over the beating of the heartbeat she was tracking.

It was getting closer.

And closer.

Bella ran as fast as her new body would allow, everything was blurred and yet she saw every vein on every leaf as she passed. The heartbeat wasn't moving away, it wasn't running. Bella wanted it to run. She wanted to chase it down, to play with her prey. She could smell it now, it smelled better than any meal she could even have imagined as a human and her throat was tight and burning. God it was burning. She burst into the clearing and tackled her prey to the ground, the man underneath her, screaming as he looked up into the face of his death, all sharp teeth and red eyes.