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Previously on Crimson Bonds

"Here," Bella crouched down and held out a shiny object. "Do you know what this is?" The weakened vampire nodded. "Take it," Bella commanded and her demand was met as it was taken from her hand. "Use it." The newborn stepped back to a safe distance and looked on, emotionless as the flick of a thumb ignited the petrol in the lighter, flame leaping to the the dry tinder of the vampire's flesh.

Bella easily found two gang-bangers to quench her thirst for human blood and then didn't waste any more time before running home. She didn't expect Victoria to have returned, her entire trip had only taken a few hours, not enough time for the nomad to process everything to the point of return.

What she didn't expect to find was Rose and Irina standing in the rain. The newborn slowed to a walk as she approached so that she had more time to observe the pair. At that moment their humanity was a distant mask as they stood, unaffected by the storm, icy water beating down on them. The only sign that they were 'living' creatures was the odd movement as they spoke to one another but even that would have been imperceptible to anyone not vampire. Bella took a moment to appreciate their elemental beauty.

"Rose," Bella called out, slightly concerned now but she was not picking up any stress or negative vibes from her mate.

"Bella," Rose turned to face the newborn and smiled, glad her mate had returned so swiftly. However, what then unsettled her was the almost clumsy approach of her mate, one that reminded the blonde of her mate's human self. She had also come to associate it with Bella feeling uncomfortable. A frown. "What's wrong?"

At the question both Rose and Irina's eyes scoured the newborn for signs of injury but found nothing out of the ordinary, there was the odd blood speck on her clothing but that was to be expected.

"Um, nothing," Bella mumbled, "I'm fine," she reassured her companions as she closed the last few paces separating them and placed a chaste kiss on her mate's cheek.

"Don' give me that bull," Rose growled, playfully but with enough force to make Bella gulp. She loved Rose, dearly. But, it only took a certain tone of voice to turn her into a spanked puppy.

"I, uh, um," the newborn stuttered and Irina withheld a smirk. Rose had that affect on all the coven member's at times but it seemed to affect Bella more extremely. Not surprisingly, Tanya had a similar affect on Kate and herself.

Bella straightened up and reminded herself that she was no longer a weak, uncertain human but a young, powerful vampire. Hadn't she proved that already today? Both Rose and Irina noted the shift and felt themselves respond to the newborn's confidence and pure sex appeal.

"I killed a vampire."

That was not the confession either blonde was expecting.

" You what?" Rose shrieked, her surprise sending her voice into glass shattering range. Both Bella and Irina winced at the sound.

"She wanted to fuck me, after killing a family, with kids, Rose!" Bella growled, now pissed off that she was being questioned on her actions. "Plus, she attacked me. I couldn't let her get away with that!" Bella snarled and her reaction was mirrored by the others.

"She dared lay her hands on you?" Rose was incensed and would have hunted down the perpetrator if Bella hadn't already taken care of the problem.

"She did," Bella confirmed with a brusque nod.

"Then I would have killed her myself," the young blonde snarled ferociously and both Bella and Irina were shocked by the venom in her words. Rose noticed this and let out a bark of sinister laughter. "I mean, have you never seen a movie?" She questioned, brow arched. "If you don't kill the bad guys when you have a chance they just come back to haunt you. Bella, you just made a head shot, so to speak. It's what I would have done," a wicked, predatory smirk lit her face and she bared her fangs in what could only be considered vampire flirting. Rose stared at her mate before walking past her and into the house. Bella stared after her, a look of utter shock on her face. That was not what she had expected, at all.

"She never ceases to surprise me," Irina muttered as she joined the newborn as they stood, looking at the screen door as it swung back and forth on it's hinges after the blonde's passage.

"Uh huh!" Bella hastily agreed, not taking her eyes off the still moving door.

"Bella?" Irina questioned as she took in the flustered newborn.

"Yeah?" The brunette mumbled distractedly.

"Why are you still here?" The elder vampire asked.

"Wha -?" Bella shook her head to clear the effect of her mate's pure sex appeal.

"Go!" Irina urged and helped her companion on her way with a gentle yet determined shove towards the house, the newborn finally managing focus her her mind enough to get her usually finely honed reflexes to catch herself before she face planted. She decided to bypass the house altogether and blurred off to the side of the house, quick leap up to the balcony that accessed the room she and Rose shared and she was inside.

Rose had sensed the confusion she had wrought in her mate and was feeling smug. Bella's arousal was pulsing through their bond so she did what any self respecting mate would do in such circumstance and settled down in her favourite leather armchair and picked up her current book. None of this tablet nonsense for her, vampires were tactile, sensual creatures and she enjoyed the feel of the crisp paper under her fingertips, the smell of the print and the very human task of turning each page as she liked to take her time. Vampire speed reading was all well and good but it did detract somewhat from the experience.

"Took you long enough," Rose smirked as Bella entered through the balcony doorway, closing it behind her against the still inclement weather. The newborn didn't speak, just began to remove her sodden clothes and tossing them with unerring accuracy into the bathroom doorway where the water they contained would not damage the flooring.

In turn, Rose placed her book down and placed her hands neatly in her lap as she let her eyes rove over Bella's deliciously naked body, keen sight picking up the refractions of light bouncing off the droplets of water still clinging to alabaster skin. She allowed herself to follow the pinpricks of light, then another and another until she caught red eyes watching her.

"Come here," the blonde beckoned and Bella took her lip between the point of her fangs and bit down until it had pierced the flesh, a rivulet of crimson liquor running down her chin. Rose's beast roared in excitement at the blatant come-on and she surged forward, hands clasping naked hips and pulling her mate roughly into her lap, Bella now straddling the blonde's leg.

"You did the right thing," the words were solemn but they held promise as red locked with gold, the sexual energy coursing through their bond, amplified by each nuanced emotion.

"Fuuuuuck!" Bella cried out as a warm mouth suddenly latched onto her breast and sucked her nipple, hard. At the same time her fingers went to play, slipping down between their bodies and toying with her mate's slick folds, teasing with light strokes until Bella was writhing above her, throat exposed as she arched her back in a pose no human would be able to maintain.

"Victoria?" The brunette queried in a strained whisper.

"Will come to us when she is ready," Rose replied from around her mate's nipple before pulling free to continue speaking. "She left but knows we want her with us. Time is all she needs, my love."

"Look," Rose murmured as she switched breasts. Bella opened her eyes and looked to her left, catching sight of them in the large mirror that rested above the antique dresser, it gave them an uninterrupted view of themselves and they stared at each other even as Rose slid two fingers inside the newborn. Bella moaned in pleasure at the welcome intrusion, canting her hips forward to take them deeper inside herself.

Rose entered her mate and purred in satisfaction as muscles clenched around her digits, a third finger swiftly joining the other two.

"More!" Bella growled and bared her fangs to the mirror as the blonde added another finger and the brunette's finger nails sliced into her mate's shoulders as her hands formed claws. Rose growled at the sensation but it didn't put her off. No, she just upped her game even as the tang of blood rent the air and her skin began to heal she twisted her hand and fully entered the newborn, fist clenched.

Bella roared as Rose pushed inside and sped up the rocking of her hips, meeting her mate thrust for thrust, the experience playing along the edge of the pain she now found so intoxicating. The blonde knew this and was happy to cater to the newborn's developing tastes, it was not unexpected but it was welcomed as it fed Rose's own needs, or some of them at least.

When the laving of the blonde's tongue had turned the nipple into a turgid peak Rose used her well honed skills to pierce right through the hardened flesh with her fangs, sending a gush of blood into her mouth, a flex of her fist and Bella was coming around her hand, head rearing back before her teeth sunk deep into the side of the blonde's neck, closing the final link.

The brunette had no control over herself, Rose knew exactly what to do to totally dominate her senses in this situation, the blonde's greater experience still allowing her to control her mate, sexually at least, physically it was another matter. Bella took long, deep pulls from Rose's neck, the blood prolonging her high, along with the pure need it conjured in her mate, the loud moans encouraging the newborn to take more. A quick shift and it was happening again, this time a complete white out of sensation for Bella, her whole body going rigid for almost a minute as the orgasm wracked her body. The phrase 'Le Petite Mort', ironic in this scenario.

Rose held her mate as she recovered, fangs still inside her neck, their bond resonating at such a strong frequency it was almost audible. But, it was different now, not as -, not as complete as it had once seemed.

"Victoria -," this time it was Rose who murmured the nomad's name.

"I know," Bella replied, once again acknowledging their missing bond mate as she retracted her fangs, leaving the blonde a little bereft even as she took it as a hint to remove her hand from her mate. "Oh!" A gasp as the movement released a sudden gush of fluid that hit the rug.

"Ooops!" Rose chuckled, her black eyes meeting the abashed ones of her mates. Bella growled and all Rose could do was gasp as she was shoved roughly back into the chair, knees being wrenched apart as a brunette head bowed down between them.

The blonde didn't argue, the sight of her mate between her thighs an erotic reward for her capitulation. Then there was a glance, a meeting of eyes, the newborn's narrowed and sparkling with wicked intent. Bella inhaled deeply, the combination of their scents highly arousing to her higher olfactory senses. But, something was missing. A flick of her wrist and Rose cried out, writhing on the chair as Bella sliced open her thigh, allowing a thick rivulet to snake across pale skin in a bloody equivalent to the opening of a human's femoral artery.

A guttural moan and the newborn ghosted her lips along the wound the point of her fang cutting deeper and ensuring it stayed open as she attached her mouth to it, simultaneously sliding a single finger inside Rose. The blonde moaned in response as Bella began to fuck her in a steady rhythm that was matched by the pull of her mouth as she took her mate's blood.

Rose threw her head back and clenched her fists so hard over the arms of the chair that the wood cracked but she was too far gone to care. Bella was using the pad of her finger to softly stroke the rough patch of skin inside her, the gentle strokes teasing but incredibly arousing, especially with the steady draw of the newborn's mouth on her sensitive thigh, teeth working to keep the wound open and blood flowing freely.

"Bella!" Rose growled and fisted the newborn's hair in an attempt to control the situation but it was futile. Bella used her free hand to wrench away her mate's and bit down with full force on Rose's leg, the blonde got the message and with a snarl of dissatisfaction allowed herself to focus on the heady combination of pleasure and pain she was being subjected to as she pushed back against the chair. Not that she was complaining as her mate was proving to be an inventive and talented lover but Rose couldn't deny that she was looking forward to seeing what Victoria could bring to their love-making, and pure all out fucking.

Bella was getting lost in the heady mix of blood and pure sex that was coursing through her body. She wanted more, the destruction of the female vampire had roused her beast and it was not yet placated. Rose felt the desire rise in their bond until she was totally overwhelmed and at the mercy of her mate, unresisting as Bella left her thigh and tugged her off the chair and down onto the rug, black eyes and bloodied fangs staring down at her.

Rose wasn't afraid as she stared back from hooded eyes. No, her body was humming with excitement as she waited in anticipation to see what Bella decided to do with her, in fact the wait was thrilling her as she watched predatory eyes rove over her body. The newborn was rapidly running through scenarios in her head, instincts under control, for now, as she rationalised each thought before moving on.

The blonde was disappointed when Bella vanished from her line of sight, only to be found sitting in the chair Rose has just vacated.

"Come," Bella smirked and patted her lap. Rose sat up, the motion effortless, narrowed her eyes and bit her lips as she contemplated the gesture, a curl of her lip and she acquiesced, needing her mate more than a debate with herself. A blur of motion and she was standing before the newborn. A crooked finger which then straightened to point to the space by one of the brunette's legs and Rose gracefully dropped to her knees at Bella's right-hand side, her blackened eyes issuing an unspoken challenge just as she dipped her head to meet the swollen, bloodied lips. The kiss was fierce and unrelenting, both vampires nipping and suckling the soft flesh as they kissed, Rose pushing her torso hard against her mate's pinning Bella to the chair. A growl and Bella reacted, a jerk of her wrist, fingers tangled in blonde hair, and Rose was pulled down over her lap, the force of the grip holding her down.

The blonde's struggle was brief, especially when nails scratched down her back and left bloody tracks over her spine and down to her ass. Once there, they slid lower and between Rose's perfectly curved buttocks to dally in the wetness they found there causing a guttural moan to be issued by the blonde.

"I love this," Bella murmured as she felt Rose push back against her hand as she lay over the newborn's lap. "Having you so ready for me, so needy," she purred, a single finger beginning to teasingly circle the blonde's opening.

Rose hung her head and allowed her arms to drop forward so she was lying prone, submissive, to her mate as she waited to see what Bella had in mind for her. She didn't really care, what was happening right now felt so damn good, the finger circling then dipping inside, just the very tip. It wasn't enough but it was a welcome start.

"Rose?" Bella questioned as she simultaneously scratched the blonde's scalp and massaged her buttocks, nails heightening the sensation in both locations. Rose could only mewl, she was reluctant to form the words but she didn't need to, Bella knew what she wanted, knew how to take care of her. At first it had surprised her, how confident and intuitive the newborn was in their lovemaking, well, in the case straight out fucking. But, when she gave it more thought it was just as natural as the rest of their relationship.

"Please!" The word escaped before she even registered it forming. Thankfully, Bella answered in the best way possible, striking firm flesh with the palm of her hand, the blow sending a crack of sound into the room. Another and another fell in quick succession, each hard enough to cause Rose to squirm and whimper but she didn't try to escape, instead welcomed the pain and the spikes of arousal it shot through her body.

Bella paused to examine her work, vampire flesh did not redden as human flesh did. However tiny cracks were visible in the blonde's skin, invisible to a human eye but testament to the force of the blows that had been struck and they began healing even as the brunette looked on, Rose panting in unnecessary breaths of air as she waited for her mate's next move. It had been a while since they had indulged in such play, recent visitors and events had left little time for this kind of indulgence.

Rose whimpered as she felt the newborn was taking too long, the pain now nothing but a memory leaving her cold, a shift of her hips signalled this in a passive aggressive form that irked Bella's beast. Irked it so much that a flurry of blows fell on unprepared flesh, the motion a blur so intense that Rose cried out in shock and tried to move away.

"No!" Bella growled and although the Alpha command had proven to be redundant on the blonde Rose did react to the order and forced herself to relax as blow after blow continued to fall. Once she had accepted the onslaught each strike of flesh against flesh served to push deeper into her psyche and she focused until every muscle in her body was relaxed, her venom, stimulated by the blows and racing round her body. Bella loved having such control, in general but especially over her experienced, confident mate and she knew Rose was getting a lot out of this. She recognised the signs, it was rare that the elder vampire allowed herself to relax but the newborn had discovered this to be one of those ways of forcing her to. After the initial flurry of blows Bella paused, fingertips caressing the deliciously damaged flesh beneath them, sensitive pads mapping the minuscule cracks that had formed before slipping between buttocks and down to the blonde's sex.

Rose mewled and spread her knees wider so her mate could gain full access, in turn Bella being delighted by the slick wetness she encountered, digits sliding effortlessly over soft, hot flesh, nail raking over swollen folds. Rose had never let anyone put her in this state of suspension, totally out of control, vulnerable to every whim of her master. But, she found it freeing and she trusted Bella like no other, except she instinctively knew she would also accept Victoria in the role of protector and bringer of pleasure. The pleasure Bella was beginning to elicit as she probed, two fingers pushing so, so slowly inside of her, scissoring and stretching her tight walls.

It was a pleasurable experience for them both, Bella in tune with her mate, the blonde's absolute stillness a signal that she had placed full control with the newborn. Knowing this, Bella pulled out and once again reigned down pain on hard flesh, this time unrelenting until Rose issued a low moan and the scent of blood rising to the surface of her skin as her ass was brutalised and she clawed at her mate's thigh, Bella responding as she moved her free hand up and sliced her wrist with her teeth, offering it to her mate as the blood she had freed dripped down onto Rose's back.

The scent and sensation set off a series of contractions even as the blonde's mouth met the wound, an orgasm ripping through her body as she suckled.

It wasn't enough for either of them.

Rose still burned with unreleased - , who could say? She just knew she needed more and Bella knew this too, the newborn returning to pleasure her mate. Fingers coated themselves and slowly massaged the rock hard nub that was begging for attention, thumb sliding up to put pressure on the blonde's ass. At the touch Rose ripped her mouth free of Bella's wrist and growled, long, low and deep, a lioness preparing to feast before pushing Bella's legs apart and biting ferociously into the newborn's inner thigh as she pushed back, craving the penetration, digit so coated that it slid inside without effort. The bite excited Bella who bent her head to pierce the blonde's neck, once again completing their bond, fingers joined the thumb forcing Rose open as they pistoned in and out, twisting and stretching Rose's ass as she in turn ground her sex against Bella's resisting thigh, the pleasure an ironic counterpoint to the pain that she craved and that her mate was forcing upon her.

Just when Rose thought she was going to be split open by Bella's hand it all stopped, not the movement, no that continued at a frenzied pace but she became suspended in their bond, no sense of self existed anymore. It was just them, the pleasure rising in a crescendo until it peaked, a pause and a stillness that was not of the physical.

Then it hit.

Both vampires cried out through the flesh between their teeth as Rose fell over into the abyss, her whole body tensing then contracting violently around Bella's fingers with a force to break anything but an immortal, Bella getting caught by the backlash and following suite as she experienced what Rose felt, her own body wracked with the intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain.

A joint cry as they felt the loss off their third bond-mate before they collapsed in a post orgasmic stupor.


Next on Crimson Bonds

Victoria paused at the tree line, apprehensive about her reception. She had felt an inexorable pull to return to the young ones but she was unsure so stayed hidden. However it was only a matter of minutes before Rose and Bella appeared to stand in the meadow between the house and where the nomad was hiding.