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"Hi," Irina greeted her sisters with a smile and winced as there was another sharp cry from upstairs. "It's been a bit noisy," she commented and shook her head when a loud growl reverberated through the room and her sisters stared up the stairwell.

"Victoria?" Tanya queried, scenting the air, her scent was old but the nomad could easily have entered directly into the mate's room.

"Nope," Irina replied, popping the last syllable. "Rose is getting a good fucking now by the sounds of things," she smirked. "But no Victoria, unless she's watching, very quietly," she added, looking thoughtful, knowing her friend was extremely stealthy but just shrugged. "How was your hunt?"

"Good, thanks," Kate smiled and threw herself down on the couch next to her sister and put her feet up on the coffee table, feet bare and dirty from their run.

"You disgust me in ways I cannot even explain," Tanya grumbled as she looked down at her sister's feet, both pairs, lined up identically on the furniture and equally dirty.

"But you looove us!" Irina chanted which earned her a scowl from her oldest sibling but she didn't disagree.

"So," Kate interjected into her sisters bantering. "What brought on the fuckfest?" She queried, genuinely curious.

"Bella ran into a little trouble on her hunt," Irina tossed down her book and leaned into Kate who purred and began to run her fingers through her sister's hair, an action they both found enjoyable. "She killed a vampire that attacked her."

"What? You didn't think that was something I would need to know?" Tanya screeched and her sister winced. "I love you, but you're an idiot!" She whacked Irina upside the head. "Bella! I don't care how close either of you are to orgasm, get your ass down here, now!" She growled.

Bella lifted her head and gave a roar of defiance, still wrapped up in Rose's arms after their mind-blowing climax. The sound roused Rose from her post-orgasmic stupor and she added her voice to her mate's, both defying their coven leader.

"Are they serious?" Tanya growled and sped up the stairs, her sisters only a second behind, curious but also wary of a possible confrontation. She burst through the door, the sight of the naked bodies intertwined with each other not phasing her one bit.

However, she soon found herself flat on the floor with a very angry, very naked blonde on top of her, she was pinned down by her throat, Rose snarling in her face.

"Tan, they just mated, get the fuck out!" Kate urged her sister but stepped back when Rose turned black eyes to her and snapped her teeth.

"Leave," the command reverberated through the air and the bond the coven mates held. Irina and Kate scrambling out of the doorway as fast as they could, having no choice in the matter even though it meant leaving their sister alone, unprotected.

"Do you challenge me?" Tanya hissed up at her captor fangs bared, affected by the blonde's dominance however the command had not been directed at her but at her sisters. Rose didn't reply, she only roared at the question. Tanya felt no fear, Rose was not strong enough to physically harm her but the Alpha command could force her to do things against her will.

It was only when Bella stalked up behind her mate that Tanya's concern grew, the newborn was strong and unpredictable, still not as strong as she was but combined -.

"Rose," Bella placed a hand on her mate's shoulder stared down at the elder vampire, still held down by her throat. "Rose, let her go. Baby?" Bella squeezed her hand and pulled her mate back, slowly but inexorably, her superior strength no match for the blonde. As she pulled her thumb caressed the sensitive skin on the back of Rose's neck, that and the love and reassurance Bella was pumping through their bond caused a slow release of the grip on Tanya's throat. Then, with a final snarl she let go completely, leaping back into the comfort of her mate's side.

"Are we done now?" Tanya grunted but stayed down until Rose gave a curt nod, then stood, much too gracefully to be considered a human movement. "You killed a vampire?"

"I did," Bella retracted her fangs and reached for a robe which she passed to Rose, unconcerned for her own nudity but wanting to cover her mate from roving eyes. "She attacked and threatened me, she had marked out a family as her next meal. I couldn't let her kill them," Bella explained coolly and Tanya nodded at this.

"Was she hunting alone?" The coven leader questioned, keeping a wary eye on Rose whose eyes were still black and her fangs were down.

"I think so," Bella paused. "she made no mention of any others and I couldn't smell anyone else on her." Tanya nodded, satisfied with Bella's assessment that the vampire had been a nomad, as most of their kind were. "She did not have a mate bond, I checked," she reassured her elder. "I'm young, not stupid," she snorted and Tanya chuckled.

"You did the right thing, we don't need a bitch with a vendetta lurking around," Tanya confirmed. "How did you do it? Are you sure she's dead?" Again the coven leader mentality was at the fore, her concern for her charges seeking confirmation of the rogue's demise.

"I gave her my lighter and told her to set fire to herself," Bella admitted stoically and it was that information that made all the vampires in the house baulk, Kate and Irina in the hallway out of sight but not earshot. Tanya took a step back and the sisters were shocked but not appalled, they came from vicious times, creeping back to the doorway so they could see what was going on.

"Rose?" Tanya turned to the blonde who shrugged, still vamped out.

"She tried to rape Bella, I would have killed her myself, maybe with my bare hands. She deserved what she got. She fed on children, karma's a bitch. It just took my Bella to bring it down on her," Rose sniffed and looked down to examine her nails, dismissing the conversation. "And I won't apologise, although Victoria isn't here you still should have known better than to interrupt us." A blur and she was dressed and gone from the room. Bella shrugged and within seconds had also left.

"Um-?" Kate screwed her nose up and looked at her elder sister. "She does have a point."

"She was upset but didn't challenge you, in the end," Irina added. "It could have waited." Two pairs of accusatory eyes rested on the oldest Denali sister who glared back.

"Alright!" Tanya threw her hands up in the air and brushed past her siblings. "Not my finest moment," she grudgingly admitted.

"Come," Kate grabbed one hand and Irina clasped the other, "Rose is very sexy," she added.

"Especially when naked," Irina chuckled. "Let us take that edge off, huh?"

"Ugh! If you insist," was the half-hearted retort as Kate closed her bedroom door behind them, content to leave the young ones to their own devices.


It had taken a lot to bring her here, many hours of meditation and reviewing the path that had brought her to her mates.


She laughed to herself at the irony. Her, the sworn nomad had a mate, plural. She had pondered her long life and nothing she had done or any path she had chosen showed her how she had got to this point. But, it seemed fate had made its choice and here she was, back on the edge of the Denali's territory, another step and she would be on her way to her mates. At the thought she felt a surge through the bond they shared and wondered if it had come from herself or from the young ones. It was all still very new to her and she did not understand how such a thing could exist, if she hadn't spoken about it with Bella and Rose during their time in Brazil she would have no clue as to what she was experiencing.

She gasped as she felt another surge, that was not of her doing. Did they feel her? A pause to analyse the sensation and the feelings it elicited. Feelings, they were also a new concept to her, well these unexpected flares of emotion were. She had always led a carefully controlled life, sparse, disciplined. How was she going to deal with the complexities of the emotions she knew Rose and Bella shared, had shared with her. It was all very daunting but she had felt the need to return to them, so here she was.

A step and she crossed the boundary, a step and she accepted whatever the fates had destined for her.

Victoria paused at the tree line, apprehensive about her reception. She had felt an inexorable pull to return to the young ones but she was unsure so stayed hidden. However, it was only a matter of moments before Rose and Bella appeared to stand in the meadow between the house and where the nomad was hiding.

No words were needed, when Victoria turned and disappeared back into the forest both Bella and Rose sensed that they were welcome to follow. The young vampires set off at a steady run, easily tracking their mate who was not trying to evade them, her passage was obvious, simply wanting to put some distance between herself and the coven's home.

They ran for over an hour, out of the Denali territory and North, into the uninhabited wilds, an area they had spent a lot of time exploring and were relatively familiar with eventually coming to a stop and walking into a clearing, Victoria waiting on the other side.

There was a stand-off of sorts, a moment of uncertainty as both parties observed the other. Victoria all set to bolt.

"Relax," Rose was the first to speak and sent a wave of calm and love towards the nomad, knowing how hard it must be for her to be there with them. There was no response until Bella joined her mate, both making it clear that they welcomed Victoria and had missed her, the emotions reaching the elder vampire who took a step back. No! She was not a coward, she would not run, she would not run from these young ones who she had called friend and who had welcomed her into their lives.

Rose sensed her mate's fear.

"I know how you feel, I felt the same way, once," she explained, a glance at Bella. "How to deal with such emotions, such connections. We are not so different." Victoria absorbed the words and matched them with her psyche. A nod of acceptance but no move forward. "It took time and patience from those who cared about me but I had time to adjust to my feelings before the mating took place. I know you have not had that time so we will give you whatever you need," Rose pledged.

"We will come with you, if you want?" Bella offered, knowing how claustrophobic the nomad must feel, especially when faced with such a large, established coven. "Back to South America for a time? We have bonds here which cannot be broken but we just want you to be happy too."

Victoria listened to their words and felt no lie in them, their emotions ringing true. They just wanted to be with her and she found that very hard to comprehend. Not that she didn't want to be with them, now they were all together she felt warm, safe, in a way she had rarely felt in her life and it was a strange feeling but not one she abhorred. It was just -, different.

"Hello." The word was abrupt and Rose tried very hard not to smile at how inappropriately formal it was. But, she reminded herself this was the vampire that lived in the forests and jungles.

"We missed you," Bella replied and took a step closer to the red-head. "Really, really missed you," she smirked and Rose back-handed her in the stomach.

"You little perv," the blonde muttered and cast a glare at the newborn who just ignored her.

"I killed a vampire," Bella continued, unabashed, sounding slightly prouder than she should. The confession caught Victoria by surprise, as did the emotions running through her, the foremost being panic, closely followed by a surge of possessive instinct that made her gasp.

"It's Ok, she's fine. She's smart and strong. Alpha too -," Rose was cut off by an extremely agitated vampire pushing past her to get to Bella, hands cupping the newborn's face as Victoria turned her head, examining the brunette for any signs of damage.

"Were you hurt? Do you need to feed? Human blood is best," the last was said with a reprimanding look shot towards the blonde who just gaped as the frenzy of activity going on beside her.

"I'm -," Bella reached up to clasp Victoria's wrists and tried to pull them away. "damn you're strong," she muttered as she failed to pry the hands from her face. The words finally focused the nomad who blinked before dropping her hands.

"Yes, I am strong. I am over three thousand years old," Victoria stated as she stepped back leaving two shocked vampires standing before her.

"Three -," Bella shook her head, overwhelmed by the revelation.

"Three thousand one hundred years give or take," the red-head confirmed with a nod. "I have no real way of knowing for certain. Time was not recorded in my tribe." Bella and Rose stood, totally stunned by the powerful creature before them.

Victoria looked down as she stepped back, suddenly extremely self-conscious. This is what she had been afraid of, that she would be rejected. That her mates would be scared of her.

"Oh, you silly vampire," Rose surged forward and pressed her lips against the nomad's, Bella joined her, nuzzling into Victoria's neck as she wrapped her arms around the others, holding them together. The kiss was unexpected and it took a moment for Victoria to respond, her lips frozen until a curious tongue begged for entry, then she opened her mouth and returned the kiss, whimpering when Rose accidentally grazed a fang. That action cause both the younger vampires to pull back as they felt their mate's arousal spike.

"Oh, you're a fang girl, huh?" Rose purred, tongue peeking out to lick her own fangs playfully. Victoria just looked a little shell-shocked, she had not felt arousal that strong before, even with Irina and her sisters. But, it seemed that a simple kiss had her overwhelmed and she tried to form a coherent reply.

Bella exchanged a glance with the blonde and together they gently placed their hands on Victoria and pushed her gently down so she sat with her back against a rocky outcrop.

"It's Ok, we love you and we have all the time in the world to get to know each other. But, nothing you can tell us will change how we feel," Rose reassured the still nervous red-head as she took the spot on Victoria's left, Bella on the right and they snuggled up against the reclusive vampire.

"Personally, I find it extremely hot that you're so strong," Bella purred and rubbed her cheek against the nomad's, Victoria's eyes widening at the confession.

"Please forgive the newborn her hormones," Rose adroitly teased the brunette with her comment. "I already have Ms Cocky over there to physically best me," Rose retorted with a sigh, "but I am very much looking forward to finding out what skills you have acquired over the years," she whispered, an arm snaking around Victoria's waist as she pulled the red-head closer and settled her head on her chest, mirroring Bella's position.

Victoria was still slightly panicked but looked down to see two contented, purring vampires wrapped around her body. She didn't have the heart to push them away and it felt so right, having them so close. So, instead of leaving she settled herself back against the rock and closed her eyes, listening to the occasional exchange of conversation as she inhaled and familiarised herself with the scents of her mates.

"Will you tell us about yourself?" Rose asked softly.

"Please?" Bella entreated and snuggled closer, an affectionate tongue flicking out to lick the nomad on the cheek.

"You wish to know about me?" Victoria was a little surprised by the request.

"Yes, please?" Bella asked again and both she and Rose sent a wave of comfort to their mate and finally, slowly, she began to relax in their embrace.

"I was born to a tribe in the North, the Norse lands, an area they call Scandinavia now -," Victoria began.


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"We were surrounded, the creatures around us had come in the night and we were helpless against them," the young vampires transfixed by the story their mate was telling.