I've been looking forward to this bit of the story for a while now. It reveals a lot about the characters but I'm afraid it's short, the break just fell naturally and I will continue soon. Some is revealed here but the story still has a long way to go. Hope you enjoy it too and I am happy to answer any questions you may have and thanks for all the reviews, they are really, really motivating me to get these chapters out as soon as possible.


"You wish to know about me?" Victoria was a little surprised by the request.

"Yes, please?" Bella asked again and both she and Rose sent a wave of comfort to their mate and finally, slowly, she began to relax in their embrace.

"I was born to a tribe in the North, the Norse lands, an area they call Scandinavia now -," Victoria began.

"A harsh land but one that bred fine warriors both male and female. Even as a human I was gifted in the hunt, able to hide from my prey. Now, as a vampire I am able to hide myself from detection, I am there but I am not," Victoria explained her power to them, a very useful one. Rose nodded, now understanding why Victoria had managed to surprise her when they had first mated, dropping down from the very same trees Rose had been staring at.

"I was a warrior, my tribe was strong and we conquered many lands. When I came of age I joined the raiding parties and was praised for my accomplishments," Victoria paused. "I will tell you now, I have killed many, many people and many, many vampires. So many I do not have a number," she explained to her mates and waited for them to respond.

"But you were a warrior, you didn't kill kids, did you?" Bella asked anxiously, although she was now fully in touch with her vampiric nature she drew the line at hurting innocents.

"I will not swear that I have never killed an innocent but I can say that it was never my intention to do so," Rose frowned at the confession but appreciated Victoria's honesty. "Battles are messy places, things cannot always be predicted or stopped. I can tell you that I have never harmed a human for pleasure, only in battle or to feed."

"Is battle not pleasure?" The blonde queried.

"Yes and no," the red-head looked down on the blonde. "It was different times, to fall in battle was the greatest honour for our people as it ensured a place at the table of the gods. Valhalla, or the pre-cursor to such a place. It was also my passion to fight, I was extremely gifted and many fell to my sword, in that respect it was pleasurable. Battle-lust is seductive and all encompassing." Her explanation was met with silence.

"I understand, just as blood-lust is seductive to a vampire?" Bella questioned and Victoria shrugged.

"Again,yes and no. Blood-lust is also driven by the need to survive, biologically. Battle-lust to a certain extent is too, but it is a choice to enter battle unless caught unawares, it is more of an addiction. I am sorry Rosalie, I am a disappointment to you," Victoria hung her head, shamed, knowing her mate's stance on human life and blood.

"No!" The statement caused Rose to twist onto her knees and cup the nomad's face. "No, you are not a disappointment!" The blonde scolded. "You are mistaken if you think I have never killed, never caused pain," she growled. "I have punished with death those who have crossed me and I have caused pain in the pursuit of my pleasure." Both her mates stared wide-eyed at the blonde. "Just because I refuse to take human blood in any form it does not mean I am immune from my darker urges." Bella and Victoria stared at her, slightly awed and more than a little aroused by the fierce blonde they called their mate.

"Bella knows some of this and soon you shall too," Bella nodded, she knew Rose was not the vampire the Cullen's had come to know, except for Emmett, but she was excited and intrigued to find that this was only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Victoria relaxed as she realised the high standards Rose upheld were not what she had initially thought.

"You are experienced, I think you know what I mean?" Rose looked into red eyes and Victoria could only nod, completely captivated. "Then, in time, we shall have some fun with young Bella," she dipped her head forward until their foreheads were touching, Bella squirming with arousal as she absorbed the words, the idea of Rose and Victoria with her strength -. A rub of her nose against the nomad's and Rose settled back against Victoria's side, arm reaching over her stomach to clasp Bella's hand and stroke her thumb reassuringly over the back of the newborn's hand, their eyes meeting.

"Easy there, tiger," Rose winked at the newborn who scowled, not sure whether to be pissed at being spoken about like that or all kinds of turned on. Turned on won, by a long shot.

"We will bring you great pleasure," Victoria confirmed and gave the newborn a squeeze and an affectionate nuzzle to comfort her.

"I bet," Bella mumbled, still off balance, her newborn hormones driving her crazy.

"Is Victoria your real name? Rose asked softly. Her mate paused, thoughtfully before answering.

"Valkyrie is my warriors name, the name I took when I came of age. It was a great honour to be bestowed the name of a god but my tribe agreed it should be mine. Victoria is of Roman origin I believe and once I hung up my sword it drew less attention to myself. It is what I prefer as the warrior life is behind me now." Her mate's absorbed each new piece of information, both rather bemused.

"So, my mate is a certified bad ass then?" Bella queried cheekily.

"I am not that warrior now," Victoria replied with a smile. "I like the quiet and the jungle, and you," she admitted softly. Biting her lip and hiding behind the curtain of her hair.

"Well aren't you the sweetest?" Rose chuckled and both mates placed a gentle kiss on the red-head's cheek, deepening her embarrassment.

"You're kind of cool too," Bella replied in her typically blunt and understated fashion drawing an eye-roll from Rose but she appreciated the comment.

"I mean," Bella sat up and stared at Victoria in awe, "you're a fucking viking, my mate is a viking!" she announced, looking to Rose who was smiling at her enthusiasm but equally impressed.

"Well, technically I am older than what modern history calls the true viking age, but they were the descendants of my tribes," the red-head explained proudly, knowing her kin had made an incredible mark on history with the proficiency in battle and seamanship.

"Have I wandered into True Blood?" Bella muttered to herself and Victoria gave her a blank look.

"A series of books and television about vampires," the blonde snorted. "Fucking pussies turn to goo when they have wood thrust through their hearts and cannot walk in the sun without burning."

"They sound weak," Victoria agreed with a wrinkle of her nose. "But they are vikings?" She asked, her innocent curiosity endearing her to her mates even more.

"Well, a couple," Bella clarified. "I mean, I'd consider going straight for Eric Northman," she muttered, only now realising the reason he had chosen that name for himself. Her words were met by a growl from Victoria but Rose only chuckled.

"The actor that plays him on the show is Swedish and very handsome, you could be related," Rose winked at Victoria who still looked cutely disgruntled. "Don't worry, Bella's only joking. She has never slept with a man."

"And I never will," the newborn sighed. "It seems that I am an extremely gay vampire," she added with a chuckle, then curled herself back against Victoria's side, the action mollifying the nomad who relaxed at the contact and placed a kiss on auburn locks. Rose watched the display and it warmed her cold, dead heart that such a withdrawn creature could show such natural affection after such a short time.

"What happened, when you were turned?" Rose enquired softly, not wanting to offend the red-head but wanting to give her a break from the emotional stuff. Some vampires were happy to talk about the events that led to their change, but some, such as Rose, were very reluctant to re-live the events.

"It's alright, it is not something I have a problem discussing, it was so long ago, almost a different person I sometimes feel," Victoria explained and the younger vampires could see how that might be the case, especially as it seemed her life was now very different from the one she had once lived. "I shall tell you the story but please remember in reality it spanned many hundreds of years, over two millennia," the words brought home to her mates exactly how old their mate was an it sobered them but they were still intrigued to hear her story. To see what had brought her to them and created the vampire they loved.

"We were fighting in what is now known as Germany, the battle was fierce and raged into the night. It was then that we were joined by demons." All present knew she was referring to vampires. "They came out of the sky, there seemed to be hundreds but I now know there were only a handful and they feasted on the living and the dying. When the night was silent they surrounded my warriors and their leader came forward. He said that he had been watching the battle and would spare us if we joined him. I was no fool, metal bounced off the fiends and they moved too fast to be anything but gods. My warriors looked to me for the decision and I took the only option that would continue our survival and accepted his offer." Both her mates were entranced by the story.

"They took us to a nearby keep where the nobles had been slaughtered. Their leader himself turned me and other members of his group turned my warriors. Not all survived the change but most did. When we woke we hunted down our enemies and slaughtered them, amazed at how fast and strong we were. Like Bella, our control was unparalleled, the discipline of our training allowing us almost complete control, there were slip-ups but not many. That in itself impressed our new leader and he made us the head of his army and personal guard. I was always favoured and I took on the role of General."

Rose had listened intently to her mate's story, it was fascinating and she had many questions but most of those could wait.

"Why did you leave?" She asked as she placed a soft kiss on Victoria's cheek, reassuring her after the candid revelation.

"The world began to change, my masters could no longer rule the human world unhidden, armies began to rise in Rome and we fought a guerilla war to prevent their reign spreading too far north, there had to be land where we remained undiscovered. Then it became all about the politics of the rising vampire covens and their struggle for power and secrecy from humanity so I left and have led a mostly nomadic life since that time," she finished the truncated version of her life and the last words fell into silence.


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"Tell me about yourselves?" Victoria entreated, curious to learn as much about her mates. These beautiful vampires who had accepted her without question despite her bloody past.