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"Sounds like you were having some fun?" Kate queried as she saw the mates emerge from their room. Rose looked extremely smug and the other two were all over her her, the high from their mating still coursing through their bodies. It still surprised the sisters that Rose had proved to be the focal point of their bond, just as Tanya was theirs. But, Tanya was the oldest of the sisters so in theory that role should have naturally fallen to Victoria however that was obviously not the case.

"Yes, we did. Rose deserved some tlc," Bella purred as she pulled the blonde down into the couch next to her.

"What of your toy?" Victoria asked coyly, referring to the mis-behaving guard they had gifted the sisters with. To be honest she was surprised that Kate was not still with her sisters.

"Oh, she's having some two on one time with Tan and 'Rina," Kate explained, "I was just on a supply run," she announced. "Chelsea kindly helped out," she smirked at the thought of how willing the blonde female had been to assist her. Even requesting a session with her before they left. "She was very helpful as long as I assist her with her very specific needs. Although, Victoria your skill set would be right up her alley." The red-head wrinkled her nose.

"No thanks, I have my hands full here," but Kate's words raised Bella and Rose's curiosity.

"What skill set?" Bella asked bluntly, she had very quickly left her human sensibilities regarding sex behind and was always wanting to expand her horizons.

"Victoria has a very dominant beast," Kate explained, "I now realise why but a vampire's true nature often shows itself in times of sexual arousal." Bella nodded, already knowing this. "But, a normally dominant vampire can often forced to submit to another through sexual activity," Kate shrugged. "Victoria is adept at making that pleasurable experience," she added, throwing the ancient a coy wink before disappearing back into her room, twirling the whip she carried as she went.

"I see," Rose narrowed her eyes and glared at the uncomfortable looking red-head who was looking anywhere but at her mates. Bella was less glarey and more curious but still her eyes joined Rose's as they fixated on their mate.

"Explain, be brief but pertinent," Bella spoke up, surprising the older vampires with her authoritative query.

"I , uh," Victoria struggled, blinking rapidly before they saw her straighten up, turning to face them fully. "I gave her a lesson in control. I strapped her down, whipped her until she bled and also fucked her mouth, cunt and ass with an extremely large phallus." Now it was the younger vampires turn to blink.

"Fucking hot," Rose murmured but Bella had been rendered speechless, the images a little too hard to shake as she analysed the acts described.

"Oh, I also coated the phallus with human blood before I fucked her ass," Victoria added, a little too innocently, especially when coupled with the self-satisfied smirk that followed. Rose felt her fangs drop, blood always introduced an additional element to sexual play, she did not indulge for obvious reasons but knew her lovers had gained a lot from it, and in turn it increased her control over them.

"Well thank you for the information," Bella cleared her throat, voice husky with arousal. "I look forward to expanding my horizons when we return home," at that both Rose and Victoria were hit by a wave of dominance from the newborn that blackened their eyes eyes that turned to fix on their mate. Victoria's chest rumbling with a low growl, not threatening but one of satisfaction. Her young Isabella was strong indeed.

A knock on the door of the outer chamber interrupted the conversation.


"Enter, Damon," Victoria gave her friend permission after seeking agreement from her mates.

"The court is convening to sentence Edward Cullen. Master Aro has requested the presence of you and your coven," the warrior delivered his message with a bow

"Thank you, we will be ready shortly," Victoria replied with a nod.


"Yes?" The ancient turned toward her friend with a smile and he returned it with a grin.

"May I suggest that you remind them who you are. There are many who have not seen you on the battlefield," the soldier winked before ducking out of sight and closing the door behind him.

"What does he mean?" Bella questioned.

"Come see," Victoria beckoned with a grin as she opened one of the chests situated against the wall of the room. Soon two lovestruck vampires were helping their mate into her armour. Once Victoria had adjusted it to her full comfort her mates stood back in awe.

"Wow," Bella, blunt as always marvelled at the fierce warrior she was now looking at. Rose was also suitably impressed.

"Here," Victoria stepped forward and held out a robe to each of her mates.

"What's this?" Rose queried as she shook out the silver material, she had never seen anything quite like it. The cloth was heavy and felt like spun silver, as she held it up she could see it was a Grecian style robe with Victoria's phoenix crest emblazoned on the front in gold thread. "It's beautiful," the blonde murmured in appreciation of the.

"I it would be appropriate to show a united front?" Victoria phrased it as a question, not wanting to anger her mates in anyway.

"Where did you get these?" Bella asked the question that was also on Rose's mind and they both looked expectantly towards the red-head.

"They are mine, what I would wear when not in battle," their mate informed them. The explanation suited them both and they changed quickly, neither minding that they were taking Victoria's crest as all three also had their Denali crests proudly on display. "Here, these are also mine," Victoria held out another item to each mate, it was an intricate metal arm band, one for the blonde and one for the brunette that she had retrieved from her personal collection. It finished off their attire perfectly, the trio looked more like ancient warriors than vampires from the 21st century.

Victoria led them from their room into the outer area of her suite where the remainder of the coven waited, eyes widening with admiration as they saw the regal vampires that entered the room.

"After you," Tanya gestured to Victoria who frowned at the suggestion from their coven leader. "No, today is about you and your mates," the blonde leader inclined her head graciously, sensing the red-head's reluctance but Victoria accepted the gesture graciously, after a nudge or two from her mates, taking point as her coven fanned out behind her. As they exited the room they met Damon who had been waiting for them in the hallway and he fell in behind them as did the palace guard when they swept past the barracks. All in all it was an impressive show of force. This was mirrored in the eyes of every vampire present, bar Aro. The procession coming to a halt as they entered the throne room.

"Father," Victoria greeted Aro with a bow of her head, implicitly implying her loyalty in the action.

"Welcome," Aro gestured with his hand, encompassing all the assembled. "We have come together to discuss the punishment for young Edward who has repeatedly attempted to disrupt the lives of my daughter and her mates," he hissed directly at the bronze haired vampire who was being restrained in the corner of the room. He looked worn out, all signs of self-righteousness gone. "Let us make this quick, hmm?" Aro spoke again and looked for any sign or sound of objection from the room, none came. "Victoria, you have the right to demand death," Bella and Rose showed no reaction to the leader's words because they felt none. Edward had repeatedly endangered them and their mate, he deserved anything that was coming to him.

"Felix, bring him forward," Aro commanded, the huge male did as instructed and moved from Aro's side, swiftly pushing Edward before him until the boy was face to face with his judge, his large hand grasping Edward's neck and forcing him to the ground. Tanya inhaled sharply and frowned and looked to Kate for confirmation. Her sister nodded and Irina caught the look, blinking her agreement.

"Victoria? Do you have any comments?" Aro enquired politely but the warrior shook her head.

"No father, my mates and I are content with whatever judgement you choose to pass," she replied evenly as she glared at the boy with blackened gaze. He didn't look up, just kept his eyes trained to the floor, now fully aware of how serious his childish actions had been. "Well then, I think death after starvation seems a suitable punishment, don't you think? Hmm?" Aro rasied his this brows and waited for Victoria's answer, the punishment would provide a final end to Edward but not without probably months of torture. It was fitting and she was inclined to accept.

"Wait!" Tanya called out as she stepped forward. "May I?" She asked permission to approach Edward and Aro granted it, confused as to what the coven leader wanted. The room was silent as Tanya grasped Edward's throat, her grip tightening as he struggled but her hand enveloping both Edwards and Felix's flesh where he held his captive. She concentrated, sending a pulse of energy into the boy who cried out and struggled some more. Tanya looked down into his eyes and Edward was genuinely scared by the black depths above him. Suddenly she broke off and sent a pulse to all the succubi present, confirming her findings.

"Oh!" Bella gasped and looked at her former husband with new but still scornful eyes.

"That explains a lot," Rose muttered under her breath.

"Tanya?" Aro, questioned impatiently.

"I have more to add but the details are best kept private. They are interesting, may I have a moment?" She requested trusting Aro's curiosity to get the better of him, and it did.

"Excuse us," the vampire leader ushered Tanya into a small ante-chamber behind the thrones and the door closed with a loud thump behind them. Victoria was confused but trusted Tanya so waited with her coven for them to return.

When they did Aro was beaming.

"Wonderful, wonderful!" He praised Tanya before gesturing for her to approach Edward. "Tanya has thought up such a novel punishment," he crowed and this set off whispers among the vampires waiting for the punishment to be awarded. "Tanya would request that Edward is given to Felix as a plaything, that was his punishment will be eternal," Aro let out a burst of hysterical laughter and clapped his hands as Edward tried to stand but was held down by Felix's unmoving hand. "Would that suit you, Felix?" Aro questioned, knowing how Felix liked to play with his 'toys'.

"As you wish Aro, I am sure I can think of varied and long-lasting punishments for the boy," he rumbled, smirking wickedly. Tanya looked smug, as did the other succubi, only Carmen and Eleazar left out of the link.

"Edward, you shall remain here for the rest of your days, you will be locked in Felix's dungeon until he sees fit to release you. You will do anything he commands, failure to do so will result in starvation but never death. But let us be honest, Felix has his ways of ensuring co-operation. Your torment will be eternal. Felix." A gesture that the vampire had permission to claim his new pet. The huge male jerked Edward to his feet and the boy stumbled.

"Come." Felix ordered and Edward followed with a bowed head.

"Oh, Edward." The boy's head jerked at the sound of his name as they were poised to leave the chamber. "I will be sure to inform Carlisle of your whereabouts," Aro added with a giggle. Edward hung his head at the thought of the shame he had bought upon his coven.

Once Edward and Felix had left the throne room Aro dismissed everyone but the Denali's.

"That was most entertaining," he beamed, happy in his extremely twisted way. "Your powers are truly astounding," he praised Tanya and by default the other succubi present. "Felix will have so much fun. Edward -, not so much," Aro shrugged but obviously held no remorse for the boy's fate. "You may leave me now and return to your home if you wish," he dismissed them, obviously bored with the whole event so the coven departed and walked in silence until they reached Victoria's rooms, the honour guard escorting them.

"Thank you," Victoria saluted the guard who returned the gesture in a crash of metal against metal. "My friends are welcome to visit me in the place they call Alaska," the ancient pledged and her invitation received several brusque nods as they left, the Denali's entering their rooms, keen to be away from the Volturi.

"What did you do?" Carmen turned on Tanya as soon as the door sealed. "How can you condone another to suffer so much? Death would be kinder!" She accused her coven leader and friend, Eleazar looked equally concerned.

"It's Ok," Kate jumped in and reassured her coven-mate. "The boy and Felix, they are to be mates," she explained.

"Eventually," Tanya smirked, "the bond is weak but true, it will form over time and then Edward will be happier than he deserves to be. But, first he will suffer. Probably for many months, if not years. Felix is a brutal vampire." This was common knowledge, the sisters' had avoided his company for centuries, his sexual tastes leant too far toward non-consensual sex for their liking.

"Mates?" Eleazar was astounded by the information.

"Indeed, but he will first receive the punishment he deserves and will come to enjoy it," Irina shrugged, looking to the younger vampires to gauge their reaction. She saw only satisfaction on the faces of Bella and Rose, Victoria looked less pleased but also a little relieved that she would not be required to end the boy's life.

"I want to go home," Rose spoke firmly. "Now, if possible," Tanya nodded her agreement.

"Let us leave. Victoria?" The coven leader had to ask, now that the ancient's true origins had been revealed.

"Denali is my home, not this place," lips curled in distaste. "Although it has been pleasant to see my brothers and sisters," she added. "But yes, I wish to leave." The answer pleased them all.


"So, that was your mommies saying they're coming home," Emmett looked down at the wolf he was babysitting and smiled. Storm had heard the call and was also 'smiling'. She missed her sisters and the other vampires. The Big One had been asked to take care of her but -.

"So does this mean you're going to stop peeing on my shoes?" Emmett asked, ever hopeful. He'd taken to going barefoot as they explored the continent together as every time he asked the wolf to do something she didn't want to do, she peed on him. The wolf flipped her tail and turned away from the Big One, he had to be kept in his place.

"Come on then," Emmett sighed, "you're the most annoying creature I've had the pleasure to meet," he muttered to himself as he set a steady jog back towards the Denali compound. The young wolf ignored his words and loped along beside the Big One. She understood everything he said but he was still unaware that she was more than she appeared. It was fun messing with him but she would be glad to get back to the den, she missed the dancing pictures and her soft bed. The Big One had explained that her pack had to go visit another pack and that Rose trusted him to take care of Storm. Well, that is how Storm had translated his words with her still developing understanding of her pack's language.


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