Hey there guys! I'm back!
This time, I've got something totally new;
something I've never written before... This
little pairing people like to call Kevedd.

Now, although the main plot for this story is
completely mine, I'd like to give some credit
where it's needed. This first chapter was inspired
and written for the lovely c2ndy2c1d, whom
you can find on Tumblr or Deviantart~!

Without further ado, I present to you The Double-D Dare.
This will be a multi-chapter fic with some M-rated material
somewhere along the way. Please enjoy!

The Double-D Dare

Chapter One

It was like any other typical Thursday for Edd. A day full of invigorating classes (of which he seemed to be the only one interested, as always), a lunch full of shenanigans (of which he attempted to stay out of, as always), and a student government meeting after school. Not much in Peach Creek had changed since middle school. Everyone was a little taller, and everyone's hair was a little bit longer. The Eds had drifted apart, each finding their own specific niche in the many cliques within high school, but things were mostly the same. Eddy was still as mischievous as ever, but his scams and pranks were just meaner. Ed was still a lovable oaf, just bigger. He put his significant stature to use as a linebacker for the varsity football team. And Edd was still as intellectual as ever. He worked hard to maintain his perfect grades while balancing extra-curricular activities. He sometimes found himself so busy that he had to decline being a part of Eddy's schemes, which he didn't mind at all. Though he had outgrown such juvenile antics, Eddy seemed to remain stuck in his childhood.

The corridors were desolate. It was nearly two hours after school had ended, and everyone had gone home, even the janitor. On the way back to his locker, Edd stopped by the bathroom to wash his hands. Some things about him certainly had not changed, such as his excessive hygiene. He raised his head to gaze at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. His appearance really hadn't changed all that much either. The gap between his front teeth had grown in without the help of braces, though he was almost positive he could still fit a toothpick between them. His eyes had become bluer, his hair longer, though he'd gotten it cut multiple times. He still wore his old black hat, of course. Some things never changed. He'd abandoned his long colorful socks, but lengthy shorts, t-shirts, sweaters and a choice tie for school still made up his wardrobe. He'd remained long and lanky over the years; slightly uncoordinated still, but being a good student and experimenting with his chemistry set didn't really require much coordination. He'd known at a very young age that he would never possess the athleticism to play sports, so it wasn't a huge surprise to him that he hadn't filled out with toned muscles.

After a much needed scrub and sanitation, Edd dried his hands off on a paper towel, tossed it in the trash can, and continued through the empty hallway to his locker. It was early in spring, but it felt like summer. He could nearly taste the vanilla-caramel that was the sun on his tongue. When he was younger, he hadn't enjoyed summers much due to the absence of school. But the last few summers had proved to be quite pleasant with the addition of a month-long science camp. He looked forward to it again this summer. Humming softly to himself, he stopped at his uniform gray-blue locker, shifting the weight of his messenger bag to make it easier to enter his combination. He turned the dial to the first number, 24, then back the other way to the second number, 1-...

"Hey Double Dweeb!"

The sudden voice broke the silence of the barren corridor and startled Edd badly. He nearly dropped his geography book that was tucked against his body. His half-finished combination forgotten, he turned around, but he knew who he would find behind him before he even laid eyes on the redhead.

Kevin was approaching him, a purple backpack slung over his shoulders. Clad in an orange hoodie, blue jeans with rips in the knees and his trademark red and black cap turned backwards, his eyes were dead-set on Eddward. The teen's eyes widened as his knees began to shake slightly. Kevin looked determined, and Edd felt himself break into a light sweat. There was not a single soul around, and he could not defend himself from the jock. The years of maturation and playing sports had done him well, and although his body was lean and long – even longer than Edd's by a few inches of height – he was toned and harbored a decent amount of muscle. As Kevin stalked toward him, Edd clutched his book against his chest, stumbling backward and pressing his back against the lockers. Kevin's hand landed right by his head. Edd flinched, expecting a blow to the face, and when he felt no pain, he peered up at the ginger warily. The hair beneath his hat was still wet from the shower Edd presumed he'd taken after sports practice. The musky scent of fresh Axe filled Edd's nostrils.

In one swift motion, Kevin lifted his hand and shoved a small white envelope between the gap in Edd's front teeth. Edd winced, not daring to turn his head. Kevin released the envelope and jabbed a pointing finger in Edd's face.

"Read that when I leave, got it dork?"

Eyes wide, Edd nodded quickly, still clutching his book close to his body as if it offered some sort of protection from the male opposite him. Kevin narrowed his eyes briefly before spinning around, never glancing back as he sauntered to the double doors at the end of the hall. He pushed them open, leaving Edd alone in the hallway once again. With an exasperated sigh of relief, Edd tucked his book away into his bag before reaching up to extract the letter.

"Did he have to put it in my teeth?" he mumbled, slightly resentful, as he broke the seal with his thumbnail. He was curious as to what it was, exactly, that Kevin wanted to communicate so badly that he had to give it to him in a note. 'Why couldn't he simply say it aloud?' Unfolding the paper, his eyes scanned the words hastily scrawled upon it.

For some reason, you're all I think about. So, you
and me, this Sat. I'll pick you up around 10.
- Kevin
P.S. You'd better go, got it?

For a moment, all Edd could do was stare at the rough handwriting. He felt his cheeks burning – from what? Embarrassment? A giddy smile slowly spread across his face and he pressed the letter against his chest. "How cute," he murmured softly. Saturday was a mere three days away, though Edd wished it was sooner. With the delighted smile still plastered on his face, he folded the note back up and tucked the envelope into his bag, turning to open his locker once more.

Down the hall, Kevin peered around the corner where he'd watched Double Dee's reaction after circling and coming in through another door. As Edd's words reached his ears, he smirked. 'He thinks I'm cute.' He turned, pressing his back flat against the wall, hidden from the other. 'Got him. Hook, line, and sinker. That couldn't have gone any better.' With a triumphant grin, he sauntered down the hall smugly.