I stayed in Naples, Florida at the Waldorf Astoria a few years ago, and it remains to this day my favorite beach (I love it even more than the beach I live at). Look it up on Google Images (search Waldorf Astoria in Naples) and you'll see how gorgeous it is. So I decided to write a story that'll last throughout the summer and end before school starts again. I know; it's spring. But better early than never…? Yeah, sooo, here ya go! Sorry for typos/OOCness.


"Cause you were mine for the summer, now we know it's nearly over. Feels like snow in September, but I always will remember. You were my summer love. You always will be my summer love."

I sighed as the One Direction song played on my iPod, and I pressed skip. I buckled up in the plane and glanced out the window, suddenly grateful that I had gotten the window seat. The two men in my row could've been Mama June. They were that big and gross, and their shirts had grease stains. Their heads were balding, and one of them had a piece of his lunch in his beard.

My little brothers had pranked me a few weeks ago by going on my iTunes account and ordering a One Direction album with my own money. Now, I was ten dollars short and stuck with boy bands. And weird people in airplanes.

There was a reason I listened mostly to alternative. The lovey-dovey pop songs didn't exactly do it for me, because they were all so fake and overused. They all sounded the same, whereas alternative actually had a good beat, good lyrics, and good singers.

Thank God I still had my old music on there too. The Killers 'Somebody Told Me' came on next, and I relaxed back into the leather seats. Fatty #1 burped next to me, and I turned up the music to block out their sounds. Closing my eyes, I let the music overcome my mind and body.

A few minutes later, Fatty #2 poked me, and I opened my eyes and stared at him. My gray eyes could be startling and unnerving to some people. He blinked and stared back for a second and then gestured to a flight attendant standing next to him, hand behind her back. She said something, but I couldn't hear.

I took my Beats off of my head and said, "Excuse me, could you repeat that?"

Her smile was so fake that I wanted to laugh. "All electronics need to be off as the plane takes off. You can put your MP3 player back on once we've reached a suitable altitude." She was wearing one of those perfect blue suits that had been ironed ten thousand times, and her hair was up in a tight bun. The smile looked plastered.

I grumbled something about it being an iPod and turned it off, keeping my Beats around my neck. I shoved the iPod into my purse and snatched out a pack of gum, a book, and some food. I looked back at the attendant, and she nodded once and spun on her heels and left.

I rolled my eyes, and the two fatties were still staring at me. Actually, it wasn't only them. Half of the people on the plane were staring at me with wide, curious eyes. It was actually sort of embarrassing, and I didn't even know any of them.

Putting my head down, I fixed the plastic tray connected to the seat in front of me and set my muffin and Sprite on it. I took out a piece of Key Lime Pie flavored gum and started to chew on it, hoping that it would help with the air pressure changes. I flipped through my book without even knowing what I was reading.

Out of my peripheral vision, I could see the people slowly turning around and murmuring to one another in quiet whispers. With relief, I relaxed again and felt my shoulders sag again. I turned my head to looked back out the window.

The runway looked clean and pristine, which was funny, since it was the LaGuardia airport in New York. Of course, I could still see the terminals, and they looked like they had been through an earthquake. The glass was falling out and cracked like someone had taken a machine gun and decided to go crazy with it.

The lady who had talked to me started making announcements. "Please take out the safety guide located on the side pocket of your seats and read it." Since everyone else was, I decided to do the same, even though I had flown so many times that I could recite the words in my sleep.

"In an emergency situation, there are exits in the front and the back of the plane. Your seats are already floatation devices that you can activate my yanking the cord. And in case of oxygen loss, there's…" Her words just kind of went on and on after that. I yawned loudly to make a point. It drew her attention for a minute, but she went back to being PanAm Barbie in a flash.

Once she was done, she concluded with, "It is currently 12:30. The flight is expected to take two hours and forty-five minutes, which means that we should be arriving in Orlando/Sanford International Airport at around 3:15. Enjoy your flight!"

The lady disappeared into some part of the plane, and it began to move down the runway, away from the terminal. I chewed on my gum a little more persistently. Fatty #1 farted suddenly, and I gagged inwardly and scooted closer to the window.

I glanced down at the book that I was reading. I had packed so many that I wasn't sure which one I had grabbed, and then I had even bought some at the store inside the airport. I smiled since it was one of my favorites.

I smoothed my hand across the cover and read, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs." The cover was black and white and showed a creepy little girl in a dress, tights, and tiara. She wasn't smiling. She almost looked dead, like from a horror movie. But she was floating in the air.

One of the main reasons I liked the book was the artwork. Reading was my life, but the pictures in it had an elegant and Victorian feel to it. Plus, it wasn't all about the romance, like those pop songs, which was an added bonus.

I looked at the page that my thumb was hooked in and read a little bit from it on page 186. She moved to pinch me again but I blocked her hand. I'm no expert on girls, but when one tries to pinch you four times, I'm pretty sure that's flirting.

I laughed inwardly and continued reading it as the plane got faster and faster, and we took off through the air. I stopped reading for a second when my ears started to pop, and we hit turbulence too. The plane jerked and my stomach fell. I gripped my chair for a minute and set my book down, trying to straighten out my scrambled brain.

Eventually the plane leveled out, and attendants came by to ask us if we wanted anything to eat. I told them no thank you, and went back to reading my book.

It only took me a short amount of time to finish the rest of the book from where I had started. I slowed down by the last page and read the final paragraph. I liked it when books didn't have happy endings, because it always left you dreaming about what would happen next.

Then Bronwyn lowered the camera and raised her arm, pointing at something beyond us. In the distance, black against the rising sun, a silent procession of battleships punctuated the horizon. We rowed faster.

I flipped through the vintage photographs one more time before putting the book back into my purse. We had reached the 'proper place for electronics to be allowed.'

I took my iPod out and put it on shuffle, then listened to the random songs that came on. I wanted to fall asleep, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. And then, of course, the same One Direction song, 'Summer Love', came on, singing the exact same lyrics about losing who you love because summer's over.

I was so going to get my brothers back once I got home at the end of the summer. I skipped the song again and listened to the Muse that came on afterwards, and somehow, I fell asleep for just a few moments.

Well, it didn't last that long. We hit another spot of turbulence and Fatty #2 fell down on me, right across my lap. I woke up with a start and threw my hands into the air. He was sprawled on top of me, clearly because he hadn't bothered to put a seatbelt on. Wait… what if the seatbelt didn't even fit?

My Beats were knocked off somewhere, and I saw a little more of that man than I wanted to. And he smelled like old pork skins. I gagged and tried to throw him off, which didn't work. The guy weighed a freaking ton.

Shivering, I tried to push him off of me, but it was a failed attempt. Finally, his buddy used his arms and actually helped pull him off. By that time, my blonde hair was sweaty and matted in my face, and he looked tired.

The happy attendant was at the front of the plane, and was it my imagination, or did she smirk right at me?

Shaking my head, I turned off my music and watched a little bit of the Walking Dead. It was sort of romantic, in a gory, eat-your-face-and-turn-you-into-a-walker kind of way. The Walking Dead never had a happy ending, like the books I read and the music I enjoyed. And soon, I went through an entire, one-hour episode with tears in my eyes as I watched Andrea die in the season finale.

More people were staring at me like they had never seen a girl cry before. I almost flipped a little off, but then thought better of it. The lady attendant would probably love any reason to throw me off the plane while it was still in the air.

Before I knew it, everyone was shutting off their electronics because we were getting ready to land at the Orlando airport. That was where my dad would pick me up and give me a hug. That was where I would see him for the first time in two years (Skype excluded). This was where I would wither away in my silence for three months.

And then he would take me to his giant house in Naples, and I would be bored at the beach with no friends, but I would stay just to make my dad happy.

And my summer would look like a pop song on the outside, but it was going to be more depressing than the Walking Dead on the inside.

Let the fun begin.

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