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Chapter 17


We prepared for a fight. I didn't sense anyone else around. Perhaps Caius really came alone. He seemed confident. Overconfident.

No one moved. Alice stopped screaming on the ground and stood up. Edward hopped around on one foot. Aro smiled. Alec had that smoke shit coming from his hands. Jasper nodded and I stretched my shield around us. We were going to play fair apparently. I raised an eyebrow at Jasper but he gave me a reassuring nod so I let it go.

Aro was not happy when he realized Alec's power was not working. He glared at Jasper who winked at him.

"We do this like warriors, Aro." Jasper whispered.

Aro growled. I thought he would attack Jasper and tensed. Instead he turned and lunged for Caius. Alice attacked Jane. Alec attacked Edward.

Jasper and I stood there.

I gave him a what the fuck look because at this point I had no idea who to help.

"Just relax darlin. We will let them sort this out. We need to have a little talk."

Fuck. I knew this was coming. I wasn't expecting it right now…damn. Edward just took a shot. He and Alec were battling like…girls. I don't think either one knew how to fight very well. I remembered the ballet studio. James pretty much kicked Edward's ass until Jasper got there. Sure Edward ripped a piece of his throat out after he let James slam me to the ground and throw me into a mirror. Thankfully Jasper showed up to take care of it. Emmett as well. He was a nice guy. Too bad he had such a bitch for a mate.

"Do you really think this is the best time for this conversation? I mean I already know what you are going to say."

"Do ya now?"

"Yes Major. Bella you were stupid for going after Edward without waiting. It was obvious he was leading you into a trap. There was no hurry. We could have got him at any time."

"I was going to say foolhardy. Rash. I suppose stupid works if you like. Long as you understand those are your words. Not mine."

"There, conversation over. Now can we fight somebody?" I loved him but damn could he pick some fucked up times to say I told you so.

"We could…" He ran a finger over my throat. I gulped.


"Or what?" Damn it. Fighting was going on not twenty feet in front of us.

"I was just thinking I was worried about you. Plus you are looking so good in those tight jeans. Maybe we could…"

"You want to…" Fuck! I had to duck. Alice just flew over me. "You want to make love? Right now?"

"Yeah. Wouldn't be the strangest place we have done it."

"Yes. Yes it would." I pointed out. I mean we have done it in some strange places. Oh damn he just took off his shirt.

Now his hand reached between my legs and squeezed.

"I don't want to be naked in front of these people!" I argued.

"They won't be alive much longer." He replied.

I took a look around. Nobody really seemed to be paying attention.

"My top stays on and you are on top!"


I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his jeans. I knew he wasn't wearing underwear today. I pulled him out quickly and took him in my mouth. I don't know why I bothered. He was always ready. Still I loved the taste of him and the feeling of him sliding in my throat.

I became lost in what I was doing. I believe I heard Edward scream. A flash of something towards Jasper that he backhanded away. May have been Edward.

Damn he was getting larger and I was getting wetter. My jeans must be soaked. I looked up at him. Judging by the look in his eyes my scent was driving me crazy. I took him out of my mouth and laid down on my back. Alice just fell by me. I turned my head and looked at her. She was pissed.

"You fucking bitch!"

I was about to respond when Jane grabbed her and threw her away.

Damn he just pulled my jeans to my ankles. He ripped my panties off. I spread my knees and he was at my entrance. With a kiss he entered me and I moaned. No matter how many times he entered me it always felt like the first time.

He continued kissing me. I heard somewhere Edward and Alice screaming our names. I heard breaking marble. I didn't care. His mouth was on mine, his tongue was touching mine. I was lost in him. The world could fall apart but as long as I had him I was fine.

My Jasper. I felt him tense, his muscles coiled. I felt pleasure build up in me starting where he was penetrating me and rising to my chest.

I screamed when I felt him cum in me. I slammed my hips as hard as I could into him. He grabbed the back of my head and slammed his tongue down my throat. He finally stopped thrusting. I completely relaxed.

It was then we both noticed the fighting had stopped.

We turned to look and saw Edward, Alice, Jane and Alec in various pieces. Aro and Caius were each missing an arm. But they were no longer fighting. They were looking at us. Jasper slowly stood up and stood in front of me. I stood up and pulled my jeans up.

I gave a small smile.

"Don't less us stop you." Jasper told Aro and Caius.

"Are you for real?" I heard Ty ask from behind us.

We turned. Esme, Peter, Charlotte and Ty were standing behind us. Esme, Charlotte and Peter were smiling. Ty looked disturbed.

"Problem Ty?" Jasper asked grinning.

"Yeah. We over there fighting a damn horde of evil undead and rushing to help ya'lls ass and you two are getting down on the ground while fuckers be fighting around you?!"

"We were in the moment." I explained, shrugging my shoulders. "Hey is that that big vampires overcoat?"

Ty showed off his long black coat.

"Yeah. It was his. He ain't needin it now. Don't it look good on me? Makes me look like Blade. Now somebody want to tell me who the hell we supposed to be fighting? I want to go to see the rest of Europe. Maybe find some of those Neo Nazis in Germany."

Jasper looked at Aro and Caius. They were the only ones still standing. I was disappointed by the fact that I didn't get to kill Edward and Alice. But at least they got to see that Jasper and I were happy. Maybe we would fuck in a Volvo and a Porsche in their memory.

"Fuck it. Kill em both." Jasper commanded.

"That's what the fuck I'm talking about." Ty responded. Aro and Caius tried to run but were caught by Peter and Ty before they made two steps. Esme and Char ripped their heads off and the rest of their body parts.

Soon we were standing in a circle with a pile of body parts in the center. I walked up to Alice and Edwards heads. Their mouths were still moving.

"We would have left you and your coven alone Edward. Getting the Volturi to come after us was stupid. Good bye."

I lit his hair on fire and then hers. Jasper lit the Volturi up. The fire spread quickly. Peter threw some tree limbs on the fire and within an hour only a small pile of ashes remained. I thought back over my life since I moved to Forks.

Damn it was crazy.

But still I had one more visit to Forks in me. Well, close to Forks. It was time to take care of some business in La Push. I should leave it alone. It was stupid and reckless. The wolves had never done anything to us. But it had to be done. I wouldn't rest until it was done. Something was incomplete.

We would travel Europe. Ty could have his Neo Nazis. Jasper could have me on top of the Eifel Tower and in the Tower of London. Char could have me while Peter and Jasper watched. It was all good. But first, the Chemistry building of ASU loomed. Then La Push. La Push had to be done. Jasper understood.

"Hey guys?" Ty spoke finally. "We probably need to decide what to do with that limo driver. He's sitting in the front seat mumbling in a fetal position."

Oh yeah. Guess we were going to have to give him a really big tip. Or eat him. No. He deserved a big tip. He did stay after all.

Jasper POV

How the hell do I let her talk me into this shit? Peter, Charlotte, Esme and I stood within the borders of La Push listening to the sounds of Wolf howls. We just ran up the highway and took off to the left a few hundred yards. Bella said this would be enough.

"Remember Peter. Bella said no deaths. Don't get carried away."

"Well they sure as hell are going to try to kill me. Seems only fair…"

"Peter? No deaths. Just play."

That thought stopped cold when I saw 8 large dogs slowly emerge from the forest. Bella wasn't kidding. They do like to look cool. V formation. Walking slow, heads down, growling.

"Evenin boys. Having a nice night?"

The Black one in front phased to human. Naked. Ugh.

"What are you doing here Cullen?"


"I am not a Cullen. The Cullen's don't exist anymore."

"I see Esme Cullen right behind you." The guy I believe was named Sam pointed out.

"I'm a widow. It was a horrible tragedy. I've moved on." Esme coolly explained.

"What do you want? You all have red eyes. There will be no treaty."

"Treaty? Hell I'm looking to buy real estate here. I'm thinking of a summer home. Bella tells me First Beach is lovely in the summer.

The whole damn pack growled. Peter was very jacked up. It was getting me jacked up meaning I was radiating. I needed to reign this shit in.

"Which one of you is Quil?" I asked.

A wolf stepped forward.

I sent lust towards him. A fuck load of lust. It didn't take as much as I thought it would. He jumped who I was hoping was the female wolf in the pack and tried to…oh that's disturbing. She bit him under his belly and went for his throat. She may have gotten his dick.

"Leah! Quil! Stop!"

Leah let go of Quil's fur but kept her eyes on him. Bet Quil is going to pay for that later.

Another one phased. Edward's old pal Jacob.

"Where is Bella? What did you do to her?"

"Shit what hasn't he done to her?" Peter answered for me.

"Bella is fine. She wanted me to ask how your imprint was doing? Did she get the paternity suit papers? The process server said she signed for them."

"That shit was not funny! You have any idea how long it took me to convince her that a fucking leech was playing a practical joke on me? Then she asked about Bella around La Pu…"

"Yeah I bet I can guess what she was hearing about your feelings were for Bella. Look on the bright side Jacob. You and Bella share a love baby."

"Damn it. I had to show her that stupid abduction video on Youtube to convince her that Bella was full of shit! It's not funny! Tell her to stop. Where the hell is that bitch anyway?"

"She's visiting Charlie. Letting him know all about you guys." I lied. That caught there attention though. Charlie lived on the Reservation. That was enough to distract them.

"Attack." I whispered. The four of us bowled through the eight. It would be a difficult fight to win. But we weren't fighting to win. We were fighting to distract. I hope she hurried up. I wasn't worried about me. We wanted to leave Esme behind but she insisted. We would all keep an eye on her. She really had become a much better fighter.

The wolves charged us. It was on. Bella and Ty really needed to hurry up.


"You ready Shortie?"

"Just drive. I got this."

I sped up and drove down the streets at 60 miles an hour. She had her aluminum baseball bat in her hand and was hanging half out the window.

"Batter up Bitch!" Bella began swinging. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Mailboxes flying through the air in our wake. She had gotten a lot stronger since we did this in Phoenix. I wasn't crazy about this car we stole. A fucking Rabbit? Damn thing was straining to get to 60 and it wasn't very roomie.

We could hear the sounds of battle a ways in the forest. We made a couple passes hitting every mailbox we could find. A guy in a wheelchair rolled out on his front porch and was hollering at us. Bella screamed hi at somebody named Billy and didn't hit his mailbox. I wonder if he recognized her in the dark?

"Old family friend." She offered as an explanation.

Okay then.

We peeled to a stop in front of what I guess was her dad's house. We moved quickly, breaking the door handles off and getting in. I hotwired the car and we were gone. Bella turned on the lights and sirens.

She was hanging out the window screaming in joy. I swear this bitch done lost her mind from fucking hee haw too much.

Now this car could fucking move. Gotta love a 5.0.

"There is the final objective Ty!"

I slid us to a stop and Bella moved out quickly. A couple bolts popped and she ripped the back seat door open and threw the sign in.

La Push City Limit Sign. She had the spot picked out over her bed. I'm not kidding. We hauled ass to where Peter's truck was. She tossed the sign in the back and whistled. Jasper, Esme, Peter and Charlotte came running out of the woods smiling. Peter slid in the front seat and the rest jumped in the back of the truck with us. Peter hauled ass, tired spinning as the big ass fucking werewolves came out of the woods running at full speed. I wasn't sure what they looked like before but they looked a little rough. Had some fur missing.

"Glad to see you boys again! Jake, I want my damn child support check in the mail or I am calling Tara and asking her where the fuck it is! Thanks for the sign!" Bella yelled.

The rest were laughing. Crazy motherfuckers. Esme just mooned them as we were pulling away. Damn that ass looks good.


"I appreciate you coming to help Benjamin." I told him seriously.

"Anything for a friend Bella." Benjamin responded. We met him in Egypt last year. He was so much fun.

"Okay. Jasper, Ty you guys got the power plants. Esme you have the distraction?"

"Yes, Bella. No worries. We have this." Great. It was dark. As soon as Esme drew the guards and choppers away, Jasper and Ty hit the power plants. Then it was me and Benjamin.

"So let me get this straight Bella. I follow you inside. We meet up with Jasper who knocks everyone out and takes out any additional power plants we may find. I open up the side of a mountain and the three of us carry this spaceship out?"

"Yep. Pretty much the plan Benjamin. If any unforeseen circumstance arrive we improvise."

This time we were ready. We had scouted. We were covered in head to toe black. We would be successful. I would not be distracted by Jasper's cock.

"What about when we get the ship out?" Ben asked.

"No worries Benjamin. Peter and Charlotte will be here in 8 minutes with a large Army helicopter. We hook it up to the chains and fly it away to a cave Jasper has had hollowed out to allow entrance and we camouflage the entrance. If we do this correctly and fly under the radar they won't have enough time to react. We are getting that ship."

"Sounds like a plan." Ben nodded.

I looked at Jasper and Ty.

"You guys ready?"

"Yeah Shortie, we got this." Ty nodded.

"Let's go steal a spaceship darlin." Jasper grinned.

I was ready. I checked my watch. Six minutes till the chopper was here. Time to make the call.

"Let's move."

The end.

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