AN- don't own, blah blah. This is my first (longer then a paragraph) fic. And yes, sometimes I like cake.

You know how these things go. Meetings get postponed and places swapped. We finally end up meeting at a small table in the back of a comic book shop. It's trying for coffee house with comics but you can tell the shop's owner, Stuart (as Miss Penny Prescott so brightly refers to him when he comes up to say hi,) doesn't actually want the coffee anywhere near the real merchandise. So we're actually quite isolated in this little part of the shop.

Still the sight of comic books as far as the walls will hold them is a nice backdrop for our conversation. Penny Prescott hasn't donned the usual hat and sunglasses that most of my interviewees prefer. Instead her hair is up in a messy bun and her makeup is minimal enough to let the smattering of freckles that barely cover her cheeks to show though. She seems relaxed, as though she's home, rather then out about to be interviewed by me.

I ask her about her latest movie and she drops hints that it is in fact, as the rumors have suspected, based on her roommates' favorite comic character. Yes, that same roommate who continually pops up in tabloids. Photographs of the two of them dining together, paired with snarky dating related headlines.

She giggles sardonically when I bring up that I do in fact know which character is Dr. Sheldon Cooper's favorite superhero. No doubt in response of the source. A gaggle of girls, all current grad students at the university that Penny's male friend currently is employed. This reporter is concerned about releasing their findings as it may not have been discovered in a ethical or completely legal way.

Luckily Penny is nice enough to allow me

to switch subjects from her upcoming blockbuster to her little passion project. A subject that causes her face to light up and scooch in closer on her chair Restoring a nearby theatre to its former glory. She says, "I can't tell you how many terrible places I performed in while trying to get bigger roles..." I listed a few of the worst theaters that popped into my head and most were quickly responded to with "Yes!" She goes on to tell that the worst was one underneath a bowling alley. If the sound of people knocking down pins overhead weren't bad enough, there was also never more then friends and family in the audience. And even some of them were missing, because who'd think to look under a bowling alley.

She grins and said that one person in particular was convinced she was lying and went to every theater in a 30 block radius before ending up bowling a few frames above her final death scene. "Or," she continues, "he googled the nearest theaters and pretended he went looking... It probably is just as likely he saw the opportunity to use his bowling gear, he complains regularly that he never gets to wear those shoes."

Either way it's a happy ending because I'm told he did wait in the parking lot with her favorite flowers, as is expected when a play ends. A nice romantic ending, something that probably won't be out of place in her summer film, that blockbuster, about which you were hoping more details would trickle their way out. The official press release is guaranteed to come out soon.

The renovated playhouse, that Miss Prescott is making her own, will be completed by this publication's next issue.