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As usual; the small Oxford pub was teeming with students by the time Daniella snuck in through the door only to be met with a thin-wave of smoke and the cheers from some of the students who were in her classes at University. Looking around her gaze finally landed on the blonde she was supposed to be having drinks with - working her way through the crowd she flopped down into the chair next to her.

"I am so sorry Rae!" She yelled over the noise; her thick Scottish accent lacing her words, "I got held up in the library tryin' to finish my paper!"

"Don't worry about it!" Raven smiled, "You're only-" She looked up at the clock resting above the bar, "An hour late," She winked, "You look nice though,"

Daniella blushed slightly however smiled smoothing down her skirt, "Thanks," She beamed, "Is he about?"

"Who?" Raven asked, "Lover boy?" She laughed brightly even though she was now being glared at by the blonde from across the table. "Charles is over at the bar," Raven told her watching as her eyes jumped across the room suddenly sparking up as she noticed Charles standing talking to a random blonde.

"Does he have to do that every single time we arrange to meet up ?" She asked with a sigh, "I mean come on!"

"You know it doesn't mean anything Dee," Raven replied dragging her long hair over her shoulder before flashing a bright smile at the now seemingly jealous woman, "Besides - You know he thinks you're all cute when your angry and jealous!"

"I am not jealous!" Daniella snapped causing Raven to laugh, "Hush up!" She sighed craning her neck slightly to see the slim-but-well-built man that was Charles Xavier. He was leaning against the bar chatting away to the blonde with a smirk etched on his face.

Good evening Miss Ford, you look simply delightful love. His voice echoed around her head making her smile slightly.

I'm surprised you noticed considering you've been so engrossed in your blonde friend. She replied with a smile subconsciously dragging her fingers through her choppy ice-blonde hair with a sigh. Make a blonde joke and you're on the couch.

Jealous then love? He shot back making her blush.

"C'mon Dee," Raven laughed seeing her blush. "You're telling me - in all honesty - you're not getting all riled up at the thought of your adoring lover," She choked on her own laughter, "-Chatting up some other chirp?"

"No.." She replied - Raven just gave her a look, she knew the girl better than anyone - they were best friends after all. "Well - ish," She paused again as Raven kept giving her a look, "I mean look at her!" She suddenly exclaimed making Raven smile in victory. "She has her own little mutation going on, but come on give me some credit eh? I haven't embarrassed him yet."

"Well," Raven started, "A little dual eye-colour has got nothing on you," She commented with a smile as she thought about the slightly-older woman's mutation. In her mind it was incredible - but to Daniella it was a pain. Daniella was an 'adapter' she was able to copy the talent of any other mutant just by one touch or even a mental link meaning she could adapt to anything. "You could stride over there-" Raven pointed to the bar, "Touch her shoulder and BAM-" Raven slammed her hand on the table, "Different eye colour,"

"Rae," She warned, "I already have silver eyes - how stranger do you want me to be ?"

"Ooh! I'm telling Charles you called yourself strange," She teased with a smile; "I like your eyes they have specks of black in them,"

Rolling her eyes; Daniella looked around the bar smirking at different - now drunken - psychology students she had met during her studies. She waved at some of them as they continued to fall over themselves.

"How's that seduction technique working out for you?" The blonde's voice echoed from the bar causing Daniella to sit up straighter as her eyes snapped over to where Charles and the blonde stood. Feeling her gaze on him; Charles looked over at her making eye contact seeing the scowl on her face he smirked winking at her.

C'mon love, that whole 'Groovy mutation' worked on you remember He told her whilst still nodding at Amy. Daniella groaned slightly making Raven as she sat back in her chair annoyed.

Aye. Funnily enough I do remember that considering I still date you! You flaming idiot! She shot back causing Charles to choke on his drink slightly - he knew she was loosing her patience as her accent became huskier.

"I'll tell you in the morning." Charles coughed slightly hearing the scrape of chairs across the ground. Daniella was striding through the crowd of students with Raven scurrying after her clutching onto the blonde's bag.

I'll tell ya' in the mornin'? Seriously ? She thought with her eyebrow raised.

"Mutant and proud," Amy spoke gently taking a sip of her drink. As soon as the words left her mouth, Daniella's hand shot out grasping Raven's arm in worry - knowing exactly how Raven felt about having to go about in disguise half the time. Turning to her she let out a small sigh. "Don't let it bother you Rae."

"Evenin' Ladies," Charles said with a small smile as they moved to stand beside him.

"Hey." Raven replied bluntly with an annoyed look; she already didn't like the 'Amy' girl and it was clear Daniella wasn't to keen on her either. "Guess we need to buy our own drinks around here huh?"

"Hmm?" Charles questioned airily; "Oh! Sorry!" He exclaimed turning to the barman, "Norman - one cola and a glass of white."

"Charles was just telling me I'm like one of the first sea creatures to have grown legs," Amy said boldly; causing both Daniella and Raven to roll their eyes before sharing a look with each other - neither of them cared what she had to say.

"Not wrong about the sea-creature part." Daniella muttered to herself pretending to brush some dust from her skirt. Having heard her, Charles looked down at her with a small smirk. So much for not being jealous.

"Tiny bit sexier." Charles replied seeing if he could push the boat out just a little bit further. Daniella's jaw almost hit the floor - he'd crossed the line; so far it was now a dot.

Enough. She thought sharply. Charles lips fell into a straight line showing that he understood her perfectly. I don't mind you havin' a laugh with some of the gals - like I joke around with some of the finance students - but theres a limit Charles.

"I'm sorry." Charles replied looking at Amy - when in reality he was actually apologising to the fuming mutant beside him; "This is my sister Raven."

"Hey." Raven replied with a forced smile as she involuntarily shook the other blonde's hand.

"Amy," She confirmed. "And what are you studying ?" Daniella couldn't tell if she was trying to be sincere or if she was just being a suck-up.

"Waitressing," Raven replied bluntly causing Daniella to almost choke on her wine.

"I'm sorry," Amy commented, her gaze now set on the shorter woman who stood beside Charles. "And you are ?"

"Oh my dearest apologies," Daniella replied; sarcasm dripping from her words as if it was coated in it. "Daniella Ford." She smirked looking at Charles from the corner of her eye. "Charles' friend from university."

"Oh," Amy replied faking her interest; "And what do you study ?"

"Psychology," Daniella commented. "The study of the mind and how it works;" Charles elbowed her slightly as she continued. "You know ? How people see themselves in false pretences compared to what they actually are."

"Yeah but Dee," Raven said resting her hand on Daniella's exposed arm; causing both Charles and Daniella to look at Raven with a sharp look knowing that due to their strong mental link and her touch that Daniella had absorbed some detail from Raven's 'talents'. "You study other things to right ?"

"Aye. I do." She replied blinking rapidly trying to calm her genetic re-write however when she opened her eyes, collective gasps echoed from Amy and Charles.

"You have heterochromia too !" Amy gasped as Daniella dove into her bag searching for her compact. Opening the small silver mirror, she gasped quietly - her eyes had certainly changed quickly - from silver to gold.

"Right. We're leaving. Raven, Daniella - Grab your coats," Charles stated firmly, neither women argued both grabbing their belongings before following the frustrated Englishman outside. "Don't talk to me," He said to Raven, "You did that on purpose."

"I did not!" Raven cried in defence even though it was clear to all three she had in order to defend Daniella. "I didn't even realise that the change would happen so quickly."

"Well it did." Daniella replied annoyed as she continued to blink trying to get her eyes to revert back to their original colour. Charles laced his fingers with hers causing a small smile to spread across her lips. Don't be mad at her she was only covering up my petty jealousy.

You quite suit gold eyes He told her with a cheeky smile as he bumped hips with her. I mean it - rather sexy if you ask me.

I don't believe anybody actually asked you

She shot back with a smile as they continued their walk along the cobbled street back towards the London apartment the three shared just a block away from Oxford University. I'm kidding - what ? You no longer digging the silver?

The spacious apartment door was opened and closed in a blink of an eye as Daniella moved to lock the door with a sigh seeing Raven revert back to her natural all-blue-form as she stormed off towards the bathroom. Charles looked over at Daniella as she shrugged leaving her black satchel on the table.

"I'll go talk to her," She told him with a smile. "Don't worry your pretty little head," She teased, "You'll get frown lines."

He chuckled to himself unbuttoning the top button of his shirt as he flopped down onto the couch watching her disappear down the hall. She had kicked off her black brogues as she went now she was walking along the turfed carpet barefoot. He smiled as she stood outside the bathroom door with her back to him, he let his eyes trail lazily down the small curve of her back to the small pale scar that stood out against her ankle.

"Raven?" She questioned rapping her knuckles off of the door, "You okay in there ?"

"You can come in," Raven told her through the door, she smiled slightly pushing open the door slipping inside before closing it again hopping up onto the counter; her legs swinging back and forth just waiting for Raven to explode into her rant. "Mutant and proud ?" There she went. "Mutant and Proud! If only."

"Rae, c'mon." Daniella sighed. On average - they had the same argument around three times a week - sometimes more. "You're stun-"

"No!" Raven spat angrily causing Daniella to lean back slightly. "I'm not Daniella!" Her temper flared right up. "I'm blue! Blue!"

"Raven enough!" Daniella suddenly snapped making Raven straighten slightly; she hardly ever lost her temper at her. "There is nothin' normal about me either but I don't bother about it! I don't kick up a fuss when I see people whispering and pointing when I walk past." She argued hopping down off the counter. "It is a gift," She told her. "You're gifted and I am sick an' tired of telling you that! You may not like the way it panned out but at least you can hide it whenever you want to!"

Hearing the bathroom door open with a start Charles hopped up from the couch seeing Daniella storm down the hallway - a look of thunder across her face - "Whoa! Dee-" He reached out to catch her around the waist but she swerved around him still set on heading into their - well her room that Charles more often that not stayed in. "Daniella!" He shouted after her but all he got was the door slammed shut in his face, he turned to Raven. "What the hell happened ?"

"Dee and I had a bit of a bust up," Raven replied as she crossed her arms across her chest refusing to look at him.

"A bit ?" Charles asked in disbelief knowing the red-head was lying to him - and that was without reading her mind.

"Fine!" Raven grumbled leaning against the wall "A big bust up,"

"I hope this wasn't over your looks again," Charles commented remembering the last time Raven and Daniella had argued over Raven's appearance - he didn't see either of them for the remainder of the Sunday evening. When there was no answer from her, he sighed. "You seem awfully concerned with your looks."

"Well I'm sorry!" She shot back still angry. "I can help but look like this." She pushed herself away from the wall, "I'm going to bed," She mumbled; "You need to study for your thesis, and Dee will probably come out once I'm out of sight,"

"Okay Raven," Charles nodded watching as she traipsed down the hallway. Sighing to himself he flopped down on the couch slinging his legs up before diving into his thesis which he would be delivering in the morning.

Hearing that everything was suddenly quiet, Daniella peeled open the bedroom door poking her head out seeing that Charles was looking boredly through his papers, "This is the first time I've ever seen you bored with genetics," She smiled as he looked up at her, his small smile slowly fading away as his jaw fell open at the sight of her. She was no longer dressed in her modest skirt and polka-dot vest. She was now standing against the door frame dressed in an over-sized Oxford top - which admittedly belonged to him - and he couldn't tell if there was anything else. "What ?" She asked.

"Wow." He swallowed harshly. "You alright there love?"

"Yeah," She replied with a sigh slipping away from the door frame; "I'm fine," She flopped down onto the couch moving so she was lying behind him on the couch, she made a quick job in curling up at his side.

"You sure ?" He asked as she rested her arm over his waist knocking his papers out of his hand with a sheepish smile. "No of course I wasn't reading those!"

"Well now your not," She smiled as he rolled over carefully to look at her; he smiled as she yawned slightly. "I'm so tired."

"Why not just go to bed then love?" He asked brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Well you seeā€¦" She replied with a smile as she slid a little bit closer to him. "The bed is quite empty with only one person in it,"

As soon as the words left her mouth, the space between them disappeared as Charles claimed her lips - repaying her for his behaviour in the pub. She smiled against his lips as he pulled her onto him as her hands curled into his hair giving it a soft tug. "You know I'm sorry about the pub right," He murmured against her lips.

"Of course I do love," She smiled standing up holding her hand out to him, "Although," She suddenly smirked, "You could show me how sorry you are."

Looking up at her with a grin, he hopped up his hands landing on her waist; "Yes ma'am," He hoisted her up over his shoulder causing her to shriek as he carried her towards their bedroom.

There we are ladies and gents, the first re-re-re-re-vamped version of the story; for the few reviewers who said they would like to see one-shots from this story, I will begin work on them very soon!