The house fell into silence after four days of nothing but training - nobody had the energy left to do anything - Now that the days training was complete Daniella sat cross legged on Raven's bed; her psychology books resting in front of her as Raven raced around the room throwing clothes around everywhere causing Daniella to chuckle. "Hot date or something Rae?"

"Um no!" Raven blushed causing Daniella to laugh even more knowing exactly what Raven was getting all dolled up for. Hank had said he may had found a way for Raven to stop hiding - a chemical - and now his research was done. "Besides! What about you?" Raven turned accusingly to her, "Since when do you wear shorts ?"

"Alright," Daniella closed her book over laughing, "Firstly; I've been running around this house all week today doing stupid little things - I'm not running around in sweat covered clothes .. I only had shorts left." Raven sighed, "And secondly - I've been sleeping alone for the last week -"

"Stop!" Raven shrieked causing Daniella to fall off of the bed laughing. "I don't want or need to know anymore."

"You're the one who asked!" She shot back clutching her sides as she rolled around laughing.

"Wait-" Raven turned away from the dresser with a confused look, "Where's he been then?"

"Talking to Moria - or Erik," She sighed pulling herself up from the floor before brushing the dust off of her legs, "In the library, training- most of the time he's sleeping on the couch or in the library,"

"Well fair enough then," Raven stated with a small smile trying to not give away what she knew was going to happen as much as she hated keeping things from the blonde in front of her. "He heard you the other day." Daniella looked at her confused. "When you were talking to Sean about your first visit here."

"Oh.." She blushed slightly covering her face with her hands making Raven laugh.

"He was grinning the whole time Dee!" Raven exclaimed seeing the smile appear on her face; "He loves ya' you know that right?"

"Of course I do," Daniella replied rolling her eyes as a small knock rapped on the bedroom door causing Raven to throw herself to the floor picking up the clothes that had been strewn across the floor, "Lemme guess - Hank?"

"Yes. If it's not too much trouble-" Raven replied. "Can you leave please?"

"Of course," Daniella laughed standing from the bed picking up her books as she went. She opened the door with a wink as she noticed how flustered Hank actually looked. "Have a nice night kids!"

Having walked back to her room to ditch her books, Daniella threw on her jumper as she walked down the main flight of stairs towards the side-stairs that would take her up to the study. She briskly jogged up the stairs in search of either Charles or Erik or both - however she paused feeling a wave of hurt echo around her head; she lurched forward grasping her stomach feeling winded. "What the actual hell."

That was a side effect of her mutation - after she directly absorbed a mutation through a mental link everything about that person she could feel leaving her a little bit empathic to the people she had mental links with. Although without Charles' ability she couldn't reach them - even though she knew it was coming from Raven.

Knocking on the study door; she rocked back and forth on her bare feet waiting for one of them to invite her in.

"Come in!" Erik stated taking a sip of his scotch as the door opened with a soft creak as Daniella padded across the carpeted floor with a soft smile.

"Am I interrupting ?" She asked holding her hands to her stomach as she leant over the back of Erik's chair looking over at the chess board.

"Not at all love." Charles replied gesturing for her to grab a seat on one of the couches beside the roaring fire. She smiled at him walking over to the couch as she went his eyes followed her - shamelessly roaming over her from head to toe. She pulled her knees up to her chest however she hopped back up touching Charles' shoulder pretending to watch their game, "Something wrong love?"

"No - no," She smiled sitting back down. Rae ? What's wrong?

Nothing. Why would you think something was wrong ?

Well for one - you're now alone in your room and I've only been gone fifteen minutes plus the hurt is rolling off you in waves. Should I come back down?

No! No - I'm fine - just uh leave it alone eh

"Cuba-" Charles stated making Daniella look over at them, "Russia or America it makes no difference. Shaw has declared war on mankind; on all of us - he has to be stopped "

"I'm not going to stop Shaw," Erik replied bluntly. "I'm going to kill him, do you have it in you to allow that ?" He asked suddenly, "You've known all along why I was here Charles, Daniella knew it too the moment she spoke to me but things have changed; what started as a covert mission. Tomorrow - mankind will know that mutants exist. Shaw? Us? They won't differentiate,"

"They'll fear us," Daniella spoke up turning upright in her position on the couch, "And that fear will turn to hatred because they won't know," She sighed knowing she was agreeing with Erik but it was true. "They won't wanna know."

"Not if we stop a war," Charles insisted, shooting a side-ward glance over at Daniella who now refused to meet his eye. She knew that by agreeing with him he had taken it as if she condoned him murdering Shaw - she didn't at least not full heartedly - although she knew deep down that Charles knew Erik had a point he just didn't want to listen, "Not if we can prevent Shaw, not if we risk our lives doing so,"

"Would they do the same for us ?" Erik asked gesturing for Daniella to take the untouched Vodka Martini that was sitting on the table beside him, she sighed reaching over and grabbed the glass with a thankful glance.

"We have it in us to be the better men," Charles argued.

"We already are," Erik stated, "We're the next stage of human evolution," He almost growled. "You said it yourself !"

"No," Charles protested.

"Are you really so naïve to think that they won't battle their own extinction ?" Erik asked suddenly, the anger in his eyes burning. "Or is it arrogance ?"

"I'm sorry ?" Charles questioned his patience and temper wavering. Daniella knocked back her drink before setting it on the table moving over to sit on the arm of the chair Charles was sitting on, her hand resting firmly on his shoulder.

"After tomorrow they are going to turn on us," Erik replied bluntly, "But you're blind to it - You believe that they're all like Moira,"

"And you believe that they are all like Shaw," Charles countered noticing that Daniella hadn't flinched at the mention of her name. "Listen to me very carefully - my friend - killing Shaw will not bring you peace."

"Peace was never an option," Erik replied pushing himself up from the chair with a sigh. "Goodnight, Daniella," He just nodded at Charles.

"G'night Erik," Daniella muttered moving to run her hand up and down Charles' arm trying to keep his temper.

"Come on," She finally said standing up after a few moments of uninterrupted silence, "Let's go find a bottle of wine huh ?" She didn't know what else to suggest, "We can go to bed and just drink or talk ?" She smiled hopefully.

"Whatever you want darling," Charles replied standing up before extending his hand to her. Without any warning, he pulled her in against him with a smirk after a quick look of what she was wearing again. "Do we need the wine ?" He asked.

"Yes," Daniella laughed kissing him gently seeing that his spirits had picked up a little although she could still see the tension in his shoulders. "It's better than that concoction,"

"Fair enough," Charles laughed.

Both of them made their way down into the kitchen still holding hands until they reached the empty room. Daniella hopped up onto the counter top whilst Charles rummaged around in the pantry, she just drummed a soft tune on the counter hearing footsteps getting closer to the kitchen caused her to stop and to look up at the door - where Raven now stood in her natural blue form.

"You know," She spoke up not seeing Daniella in the dark corner of the counter, "I cant help but wonder what would have happened if you hadn't found me that night,"

"Sorry what ?" Charles asked thinking it had been Daniella speaking to him, however when he turned around and caught sight of his 'sister' he gasped slightly. "For God's Sake Raven; where are your clothes ?" He asked averting his eyes. "Put some clothes on,"

Daniella sighed slightly trying to think something up for her to say as Charles continued to avert his eyes from her. Raven sat down at the kitchen table. "That's not what you said the first night you saw me, but I guess pets are always cuter when they're little," She stated "Right ?"

Daniella hopped down from the counter moving over to sit across from Raven trying to gauge what or who the hell had got into her head however the blue-skinned mutant was blocking her, "Raven, I don't know what's gotten into you lately," Charles commented. "I thought you'd be in a good mood - Hank tells me that he's found the answer to your cosmetic problem,"

Daniella's jaw dropped slightly as soon as the words left his mouth. She turned sharply to look at him in disbelief. "What the hell did you say that for !"She demanded, "She doesn't have a problem Charles - She isn't ill !"

"Dan- Raven that isn't what I meant," Charles reassured or tried to. Daniella simply shook her head looking down at the table whilst Raven just kept looking at him trying not to let the hurt show. "Are you going to tell me what's the matter or do I have to read your mind ?" He asked.

"You promised me you would never do that," Raven shot back worriedly.

"Until recently," Charles replied, "I never had to use my power to know what you were thinking, Raven,"

"Charles," She sighed, "I used to think it would be you, me and Danni against the world," Raven suddenly spat, "But no matter how bad the world gets, you don't wanna be against it do you ?" She stood up sharply from the table. "You want to be a part of it,"

Pushing herself up from the table Daniella made a move to go follow her however the sharp 'Don't' from the hallway caused her to stop. She turned back to face Charles who was sitting with his hands covering his face like a scolded child. Sighing she picked up the bottle of wine and grabbed the cork-screw before nudging his shoulder with her hip. "Come on,"

"What ?" Charles questioned looking up at her surprised she still wanted to talk to him after what he had said to Raven.

"I said come on" She repeated holding her free hand out to him. He smiled gratefully at her as he pushed himself up from the table grabbing her hand - almost as if she would tear it away, "Now. I'll talk to her in the morning - hopefully she will actually want to in the morning after - well that."

"I guess so," He agreed as he allowed her to drag him out of the kitchen and up the main stair case - smiling as she paused to stick her head into the living room where Alex and Sean were sitting playing cards - towards her bedroom. She dropped their hands so she could open the door. He simply sat on her neatly made bed watching her as she popped the cork on the wine.

"You alright?" She questioned looking at him as he shrugged out of his cardigan - but didn't answer - she raised her eyebrow taking a swig of the wine from the bottle. "Charles?"

"C'mere," He spoke quietly; almost worriedly she set the wine down on the bedside table before hopping down in front of him as he set his hands on her waist before pulling her into his lap burying his head into her neck. "You know I don't think Raven's mutation is a problem - it just came out wrong," He muttered, she hummed running her fingers through his messy hair. "Oh - and I'm sorry I've not been here for the last few nights - I've been thinking."

"How did you know I had been thinking about that?" She asked almost accusingly.

"I didn't read your mind." He replied with a small smile against her neck, "Raven told me this morning-"

"Oh.." She sighed pulling away so she could look at him. "What have you been thinking about then?"

"You. Me. Us," He replied refusing to meet her eye making her panic slightly.

"What about us then ?" She asked using her free hand to tip his chin up so he was looking at her, "You're kind of worrying me now love,"

He just sighed falling back onto her bed taking her down with him as he tucked one arm behind his head the other one resting on the small of her back as she lay on his chest. "What would you say if when all of this is over and there is no worry about an all out mutant war, or there is no angry mutants storming around - or idiot ones on the other hand.."

"Charles your rambling." She told him with a small smile.

"Fine…" He huffed. "What would you say about marrying me when all of this is out of the way ?" She just stared at him as the words sunk in, her eyes going wide as she fought for words. Charles just lay watching her worriedly as she went incredibly pale. "If you don't tha-" She cut him off with a kiss, different from all of the others they had shared. This one was filled with just love and complete shock. She pulled away smiling as she kept her forehead pressed against his, a small tear rolling down her cheek as she smiled at him. "Not to pressure you but.." He whispered as she just nodded causing a grin to spread out across his lips.