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JLU Spiderverse

Chapter 1: The Exodus; Ending the War…


In a battle between a super villain named Nitro and a band of heroes, calling themselves the New Warriors, Nitro exploded, seemingly killing the entire team and a huge number of civilians (including 60 school children). This led the United States government to introduce a "Living Weapon of Mass Destruction" registry for all super-powered individuals. Most heroes were divided on the issue, and a Civil War ensued.

The history behind this was when the Superhuman Registration Act had been a long time in the making. The logical extension of the often-proposed, never-passed Mutant Registration Act, the Superhuman Registration Act arose following the devastating attack on Manhattan in reprisal for Nick Fury's 'Secret War' and the Hulk's destructive rampage in Las Vegas, which killed 26 adults, 2 children, and a dog (unbeknownst to the general public, S.H.I.E.L.D. subsequently deceived the Hulk and jettisoned him into space following this incident).

Following M-Day, 90% of the Earth's mutant population found itself spontaneously depowered. With the mutant population suddenly far less visible and extremist groups claiming the event marked a turn in the tide of growing mutantdom (if not divine punishment against all mutants), sympathy for the group was near an all-time low. The majority of the remaining mutants—estimated at 198—were gathered up and forced to relocate to the Xavier Institute for their own protection. These events put public support for the registration bill at around 50%.

Tony Stark, the hero known as Iron Man, was among those working to prevent passage of the act. He even hired a new Titanium Man to attack him immediately after his testimony before the Commission on Superhuman Activities, hoping it would hammer home that the act would make the nation less capable of dealing with rogue or foreign superhuman threats. The anti-registration camp seemed to be making headway, and may have even defeated the bill by the narrowest of margins, if not for the events that took place in Stamford, Connecticut.

Villains Nitro, Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, and Coldheart had been holed up in a house in Stamford when the New Warriors located them. The Warriors were at the time the focus of a reality TV show, and although a number of them felt that the villains were out of their league, the network and others in the group thought it would be great for ratings. When Namorita attempted to capture Nitro, he used his explosive powers and destroyed several city blocks, including the elementary school at the epicenter. All of the New Warriors, the three villains accompanying Nitro, and over 600 civilians, among them 60 children, were killed. Numerous members of the superhero community arrived on the scene to search for survivors.

Public sentiment towards superheroes plummeted. The inactive New Warriors were widely regarded as 'baby killers' by association. Hindsight, desperate to distance himself from them, began releasing their secret identities, and almost as many were killed by lynching as by the explosion in Stamford. The Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm, was beaten into a coma outside a Manhattan nightclub. Public opinion had been lukewarm for the Superhuman Registration Act before; now it passed the tipping point. Although nominally a UN agency, SHIELD seemed to have assumed the brunt of enforcing the act under acting director Maria Hill.

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, balked at leading a force to apprehend rogue heroes. He felt that heroes needed to be above direct government control, because when politicans could control the heroes, they could decide who the villains were. He escaped the SHIELD Heli-Carrier and began organizing other anti-registration heroes into a group the press dubbed the "Secret Avengers.' Most of his core group—Captain America, Hercules, Bill Foster, Luke Cage, the second Daredevil, Daniel Rand, Falcon, and Cable—had to take on a series of identities to avoid capture, literally becoming outlaws. The Secret Avengers apprehended a number of criminals while evading the opposing heroes and the new SHIELD "capekiller" units. Other heroes joined them or were liberated after their arrests. The Young Avengers, Cloak, and Dagger were some of these later heroes to join the group.

Iron Man, on the other hand, felt that it was reasonable that heroes have proper training and oversight, that the casual self-policing the superhero community had enjoyed until now was insufficient, and (most importantly) that it was now impossible to resist this change in the political landscape. He gathered his own pro-registration heroes to bring in Captain America's group and other non-registered combatants. Mister Fantastic, aka Reed Richards, with the help of Yellowjacket, aka Henry Pym, and Tony Stark, began work on designing a prison (nicknamed 42 because it was the forty-second idea on Tony's list of ways to improve the world) to detain superpowered violators.

Most of the pro-registration heroes, such as Mister Fantastic, Doc Samson, She-Hulk Jennifer Walters, Ms Marvel Carol Danvers, and Wonder Man, already had highly public identities. Even Stark unmasked himself as Iron Man (for the second time in his career), and admitted to previous attempts to hide his identity. One supporter, however, was not yet public: Spider-Man, at the age of fifteen, was reluctant to reveal his identity. He prepared to liquidate his assets and flee the country with his girlfriend, Mary-Jane Watson, and his aunt, May Parker, to avoid revealing his identity and putting them in jeopardy. They, on the other hand, were supportive and felt it was time for Peter to finally get some recognition for his good work he had done for a whole year, since he became the wall-crawling superhero, Spider-Man. During a live, nationally televised broadcast, he pulled off his mask and announced, My name is Peter Parker, and I've been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old.'

That one even changed everything.

A war broke out, as superhero fought against superhero. Those that worked with the Government, and those who became the Underground Resistance to fight this Registration Act. However, it became apparent that normal humans fighting against power-enhanced, whether by accident, mutation, or other dimension, was proving too difficult, as normal people were being caught in the crossfire. So the government brought in the Sentinels: gigantic mecha robots that were designed for the sole purpose to hunt down and detain Mutants. Now, they were programmed to take super enhanced humans as well. Things seemed bleakest for humanity at this moment, but the darkness did not stop there.

In the confusion of the Civil War, an adversary of Spider-Man tampered with the Sentinel's main AI and main constructor of the Sentinels. Now, the Sentinels were programed to attack their new enemy: Everyone Else. As the human race was being hunted for extinction, the adversary, Norman Osborne, and a select council of the most notorious rogues as his command, were now planning something terrible with the Triskelion, the flying island fortress of SHIELD.

And now it was up to one hero to make a final stand against them.

3 years Later…

New York Skies



There, floating above the ruined dysa-apocalyptic city that was once New York, was a gigantic floating fortress of unimaginable technology. This was the vessel, the Triskelion, the main island headquarters of SHIELD, and former inhabited base of the Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes. The Triskelion was partially, but significantly, destroyed by the Liberators when its super-soldiers pushed and scuttled S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers onto the facility, which the Scarlet Witch, who was present in Nick Fury's office, used her powers in saving only the first three floors of the building and everyone within them. While in the process of repair, the Triskelion later experienced a massive prison break caused by the Green Goblin.

In that confusion, the Green Goblin took over, and rewrote Master Mold's program, making him loyal to Osborne alone. Now the fortress was the Goblin's personal castle, watching the Sentinels destroy what was left of New York, and the world. Giant humanoid robots, colored violet and blue, equipped with advanced weaponry, flew or stood protecting the darkened fortress. But now, some were blown up, or torn apart, destroyed, as fighting was heard from within the now flying fortress. The Triskelion took off, lifting upward, as it was heading towards the skies.

Heading right towards a massive Black Hole, ripped open within the skies above New York. As it did so, several lights erupted from the former SHIELD flying fortress; escape pods, carrying who knows who back down below the ruined island of Liberty Island, where the remains of the melted and worn Lady Liberty once stood. And even though despite the safe landings and escapees were exiting their pods, or helping others as they landed, a few watched up as the Triskelion was making its way towards the Black Hole.

And even so, a fight was still going on within the Triskelion itself.

Triskelion Main Control Deck

Within the command center of the Triskelion, a fierce fracas of explosions and brawling was still commencing. The place looked halfway baked and bombed, as the main controls were nothing more than scrap metal. The holo-nav platform was flickering on and off, showing what appeared to be diagrams of Earth… or rather several. Millions of Earths, with the continents formed differently, or colored differently, but still all read Earth. Apparently, whatever was going on, it had to do with this, as on the chart, one Earth was selected, flickering with coordinates. Suddenly, a blue and red figure was thrown into the holo-nav deck, shattering the lens and killing the map. The figure crashed into another control console, as it left a dent in it, but it didn't deter him to slowly get back onto his feet.

The figure was revealed from the lights that still remained on, as he stood up, slightly hunched from the injuries. He was a male individual, slim lean build, appeared to be between the ages of 18 and 23. He wore a full-body suit, covering him from head to toe, and colored red and blue. The main body of the suit was blue, but the inside of the thighs were red, on the calves to ankles were three red lines. On his chest was the insignia of a red spider, with its front legs stretching outward and outlining his shoulders, as well as the bottom legs going around his waist, making a sort of belt. On his forearms, were what appeared to be armguards made to look like spiders, reaching out to the back of his hand to make hand guards as well. His fingers were red, as was his mask, with only two large lenses that reflected white, hiding the eyes completely. On his back, where his neck met his back, was a red spider insignia, and under that, was a cape made to look like webbing, that reached down to his butt, and torn at the end, though not as tattered as his costume at the moment. This was Spider-Man, and secretly Peter Parker, a superhero with the abilities of a spider, a former Avenger, and right now, the last hope for his city, and the world.

He groaned as he rubbed the back of his head, still reeling from the explosion, and getting tossed around. "Ugh! Remind myself, never to let my guard down. Especially around that guy."

"I should've warned you about that," a voice appeared around Peter.

He lifted his right forearm, and from a lens hidden in the armguard, a small blue holo-light appeared. And from the light, a small holographic insignia of his Spider symbol showed up, with a simple face consisting of eyes and a mouth. This was Mainframe, an A.I. computer given to him by Anthony Stark, aka Iron Man, one of the Avengers that remained alive in this 3-year war. And Peter's only friend left.

"You should've warned me faster," Peter groaned. "My Spider-sense warns me faster than you compute battle plans."

"At least I have plans; you just rush in head first," Mainframe argued. "It's only when you're in a fight, you actually plan… after you get your butt beaten a few times."

Spider-Man sighed, "Why did Tony make you so life-like? Oh yeah, to annoy me as much as I annoy the bad guys." Suddenly, a hideously insane cackle echoed throughout the room. Peter shut Mainframe down, as he shook off the pain, "Speaking of bad guys, end argument now, take Gobby down at this moment."

Then suddenly, as if Spider-Man's worst fears were answered, something slowly hovered out of the smoke and shadows. There, standing on what appeared to be a black and purple glider, shaped like a bat, was an imposing opponent. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties or early forties, medium muscle build body, and strangely… had sickly green skin. He even wore some kind of purple body armor, on his boots, forearm guards, a long loin cloth held up by a utility belt with a smiling Jack O'Lantern buckle, and a sort of pilot hood on his head. His face was long and twisted, with a pointy nose and chin, yellow eyes that seemed to go on forever, like a black pit, and an insane smile on his face, with no chance to reason with. This was the Green Goblin, the reason the Sentinels were destroying the world, and Spider-Man's number one nemesis… and most dangerous.

The Goblin cackled aloud, as he folded his arms across his chest, "You are a real piece of work, Spider-Man. The others fled as soon as the Triskelion took off, but you decided to stay behind. I don't know whether you're just stupid, or crazy like myself."

Spider-Man flipped up, landing on a pillar console, as he readied for an attack, "Stupid, no. Crazy, not up to your level, thankfully."

"Aww, now that's a darn shame…" Goblin smirked, as suddenly, Spider-Man leapt forward, preparing to charge at him. Unbeknownst to him, Goblin slowly pulled out what appeared to be a spherical grenade that looked like a jack o'lantern. "It would have come in handy for this."

Spider-Man was about to land on the glider, until he got a massive tingly sensation up his spine, sounding off senses of danger. His eyes opened wide with shock, as he realized his Danger sense, or Spider Sense as he liked to call it, was sounding off. 'Crap! Now what?' he thought, but was answered, as the Goblin tossed a Lantern Grenade at him. Just as the bomb was close to his face…


Spider-Man was thrown out of the window, half of his mask burnt, as the left lens was gone, and part of his mouth exposed. He began to fall downward, as the Green Goblin flew out, hoping to capture the horrid aftermath of his foe's death. But that never came to be, as Spider-Man shot out his left wrist, and fired from it a string of web, hitting the tip underneath the glider. He pulled at it, shooting himself at the glider, and landed underneath it. And before the Goblin could do anything, he smashed his fist through the Glider's engine, causing it to sputter and stop, as the two fell towards the platform below.

The Goblin and Spider-man crashed on the ground, as the glider did so, exploding behind them. Spider-Man slowly got back to his feet, but his spider sense went off again. This time, he was ready for anything, as the Green Goblin charged at him, and Spider-Man flipped above him, and delivered a back-kick once the Goblin was in the right spot. The Green Goblin fell face first to the ground, as Spider-Man pounced right at him. But the Goblin spun around on the ground, and shot his open hands forward. Bolts of electricity shot forward, striking Spider-Man as he cried out in pain. The boy fell to the ground, as the Goblin brought out what appeared to be a lance staff, as the front opened into a three-pronged pitchfork, sparking with electricity.

The Goblin charged at Spider-Man, but the Wall Crawler was ready. With a flick of both wrists, out shot from them 14 inch blades, hidden blades, and easily blocked the Goblin's stab. Now it was a duel between lance and blades, as the two parried on the encroaching flying fortress, that was still heading towards the Black Hole.

Spider-Man got at Goblin's chest with a swipe, slicing at the armor and leaving a mark on it. Goblin looked at and then at Spider-Man, "Adamantium, eh? Didn't think there was any left."

"The old Weapon X base was still standing in Alkali Lake," Spider-Man answered. "There was still a vat of Adamantium still in cold storage; all that was needed was to make the blades before they cooled over."

He then smirked evilly, "Really? I would've thought you raided Wolverine's body while he was still healing."

"Hardly," Spider-Man crossed his blades, "Laura would skewer me if I did that." And charged forward, until that tingling sensation hit, 'Spider sense? Already?'

He didn't see it coming, as the Goblin pulled out a blaster, and shot an unsuspected Spider-Man in the shoulder. The Wall Crawler slid on the gorund past the Goblin, almost fallen, and a small puddle of blood forming from the wound in his shoulder. He slowly got back up to his knees, and held his shoulder, feeling a sting or two. Not something a normal lead bullet would do to him; his skin was a bit more durable, as he pulled back his hand to see it stained with blood.

"Ooh, did I hurt you? Good!" Goblin put his lance away, as he smirked, "Did you, Fury, and the rest of the remains of the Avengers and SHIELD think you could stop me?"

"Depending on how crazy you were, Fury said it'd be an easy victory," Spider-Man winced from his shoulder, "Even though we still didn't know what you were doing with a Black Hole."

The Goblin cackled at that, as he asked, "Do you really believe that up there is a Black Hole? It's far from a mere collapsed star." He looked upward, and smirked at his work, "It's actually the end result of research from one of my company's greatest minds, Dr. Jonathan Ohnn."

Spider-Man managed to get back on his feet, a bit shaky, as he asked, "So what is it? A fancy space gopher hole?"

"A portal to another dimension," Goblin answered, "Another dimension leading to an alternate Earth. Maybe one where there aren't heroes." He spotted the credulous look on Spidey's face, even though it was half-masked. Goblin put his hands to his sides, as he shook his head, tsking, "Oh, come now, Spider-Man. Don't tell me the theory's never boiled inside your head?"

"Alternate Earths? Sounds like another theory gone untested," Spider-Man quirked, "Or something you'd dream out of the comics."

"I assure you, they're quite real; Ohnn's research stated the obvious," Goblin defended. But as the two were standing by, an unseen figure was climbing from one of the Carrier's inner ladder vents, overlooking the scene. "Think about it, Spider-Man: Infinite Earths with Infinite Realities. For instance, on one Earth, our roles are reversed, in which I'm the hero and you're the psychopath. Or in another one, in which mankind has evolved into creatures of the dark. Or others where mankind didn't evolve into what we are, but something else. Or a world where nuclear war wiped out all humanity, or even one in which Earth was thrown out of Orbit."

"Okay, I get it. I don't need a lecture coming from you of all people," Spider-Man interrupted, but then pieced it together, "The Holo-Nav computer; that wasn't a map of a solar system. Those were the Alternate Earths you were blabbing about. I don't get it, you've already or nearly taken over this Earth, so why…?"

"Why limit myself to merely just one Earth," Goblin answered, as he wlaked over to a downed Sentinel nearby, "Call it the businessman in me, but to me this is Business. I'm merely expanding my horizons." He then yanked the cannon off from the Sentinel's forearm, "And who knows: the Earth I'm going to might not have a Spider-Man. Not that I don't mind the fights and battles we've had these past four years, but I'd really not have the distractions." He then aimed at his opponent, and aimed carefully, "And as for you… this Ion cannon should do the job."

"Peter," Mainframe spoke up, getting Spider-Man's attention, "That cannon's blast is a fatal one; one direct hit and you won't make it. And with the current state you're in, dodging it might not be an option anymore."

Peter winced at that thought, but looked to the Goblin, ever defiant, as they felt wind pull around them. "Even if you do kill me, or if there isn't even a Spider-Man where you're going," Spider-Man stood defiant, as he shot out, "I'm certain there'll be heroes in that dimension; others willing to stand against you."

The Green Goblin cackled, as he aimed, the cannon glowing to life, "Then I guess I'll have to destroy them all then, won't I?!" and fired the cannon.

The beam charged right at Spider-Man, who could only stand there as the beam reached him. He figured that this would be the end, and that he'd join the others very soon. First his Uncle Ben, whom he should've have tried to prevent that one night. Gwen Stacy, his girlfriend who was killed by the Green Goblin; in which he had felt responsible in part, due to the way he caught her. Then Aunt May, and Mary Jane… so many deaths, and so little to go on with. But he knew that if he had failed to stop the Goblin now, all would be lost. He thought this was the end, and that he failed them all… until…

Suddenly, the figure from the vents shot forward, and pushed Spider-Man out of the way, taking the blast for himself. The figure crashed to the ground, skidding until they were left on the hull, lifeless. Spider-Man managed to get back onto his feet, and looked at the individual who took the blast. It was a male of his build, but was wearing a military black and green battle suit of sorts. Spider-Man went wide eyed, realizing who it was.

"Harry!" he shouted as he leapt to him.

He landed on the ground next to him, and gently rolled him over, as the mask was halfway blown off, revealing a dark brown haired Caucasian boy, with a slight scar on the left side of his face. Spider-Man looked in loss, as he realized his best friend, his brother, had remained on the Triskelion, hoping to help him finish this mission. And he did help him, by giving his life to save his. Spider-Man lowered his head in shame and regret, knowing that now… he was alone.

The Goblin huffed, as he tossed the cannon aside, "What a waste of ammunition." And then slowly walked towards Spider-Man, "And what a complete waste of my genes; I always knew my son, Harold was useless. And this proves it even to the very end of his miserable and unimportant life. The only good thing he's ever done is befriend you… just so I could kill you."

Spider-Man gently laid his downed friend on the ground, and balled up his fists. Spider-Man… Peter… had enough of this guy. He turned around, keeping his face to the ground, as he spoke up, "After four years of all this, I finally know one thing about us, Norman Osborne."

The Green Goblin smirked, as he pulled out his lance, "And what do you think is it that you know?" And charged at the Wall Crawler…

But Spider-Man grabbed the lance's front, ignoring the stinging of the electricity, and amazing Osborne, overpowering him, as he looked at the madman, with anger in his eye, "That in this world, or any Alternate versions of it, will never be big enough for me or you to coexist."

And shoved the Green Goblin with such force, that he flew halfway off the gorund, and into the wall. As the Goblin tried to get up, Spider-Man webbed a Sentinel forearm and fist, and with the web, swung at the Goblin like a mace, smashing him back into the wall. Then Spider-Man webbed from above the Goblin, and began to pull at the wall his webs made contact with. The sound of straining metal could be heard by the Goblin, as he looked upward, and saw the wall above him slowly being pulled out. The Green Goblin ran for it, but it was too late, as Spider-Man managed to pull it off its hinges, and fall right on the green psychopath, pinning his legs to the ground.

The Goblin cried out in a bit of agony, as he struggled to pull himself free. But then he looked up, as he felt a shadow over him, and saw Spider-Man standing defiantly in front of him. The Goblin chuckled a bit, as he whispered, "You know, I was wondering now… are you finally going to do it this time? Is this when and where you finally kill me? If that's the case, you might as well finish me off now."

Peter's brown sneered at his downed arch-nemesis, as he balled up his fists, allowing the hidden blades to pop up. But then suddenly, they both heard a loud metal roar coming from the front of the Triskelion. It had reached the portal, slowly entering it… but as it did so, it was slowly coming apart.

The Green Goblin's eyes widened with fear, as he realized what was going on, "No. I hadn't calculated this."

"Wait, what," Spider-Man asked, as he looked to the Goblin, "What is this? What's going on?"

"The Gravity well of the portal's event horizon is too great," Osborne answered. "The Gate's tearing the Triskelion apart." He attempted to get up, but Spider-Man webbed him in place. The goblin tried to get free, but to no avail, and looked up, as he saw Spider-Man do nothing, not even flinch as the explosions and debris of the Triskelion ripped the ship to shreds. "ARE YOU INSANE?!" the Goblin shouted, "We'll bot die if we don't get out of here!"

Spider-Man didn't even bother to turn towards him, as he looked up at the portal, as all the debris and explosions seemed to be drowned out by the portal pulling them in, destroying the Triskelion in the process. "If it means stopping you, then into the Event Horizon we go." And closed his eyes, as he allowed this end to claim them both.

Back on the Ground

As the remaining heroes and SHIELD agents safely boarded out of the escape pods, they felt that all was lost on this final mission to take back the Triskelion. However, as they all exited, they heard massive explosions coming from above in the sky. They all gazed in fear and awe, as they witnessed the Triskelion being sucked into the supposed Black Hole. The vortex itself was spiking and dancing with lightning bolts; possible discharge of the portal's growing instability. As the Triskelion was finally sucked in, the portal began to close; a whirlwind of clouds circling the hole, as it finally started shrinking.

And then, with a bright starlight forming from the cracks, a mighty explosion erupted from the closing portal. The skies lit up with blinding light, as everyone shielded their eyes. Once the roaring of the explosion faded, they all looked up, to see the night and cloudy skies form once again, and only a small husk of wind blew around the spot to where the gateway was once at. Once they saw the Triskelion gone, along with the Green Goblin, they all cheered in victory. The Civil War of the Superhuman and Mutant Registration Act was finally over.

However, to those who knew that Spider-Man and the New Goblin were still aboard… it had come with a price.

Next Chapter: Waking Up in a Whole New World

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Josh Keaton

Green Goblin: Steve Blum

Mainframe: Robert Downey Jr.