JLU Spiderverse

Chapter 11: Initiation and Teammates; Team Spider vs the A-Bomb pt.

Spider-Man grunted, as he slowly got back up, cradling a bruised right arm. He stood among M'gann and Mainframe, as well as an unfamiliar hero, lying face first into the ground. M'gann was slowly getting back up, as she rubbed her sore neck, while Mainframe was doing a quick systems check… while trying to repair a damaged area on his chest, that looked like a battering ram had struck his chest. Their current location was a forest, deep within the wilderness of an area full of snow-capped mountains.

Spider-Man moved his left arm, and made sure it wasn't broken, as he moved it around, and flexed his fingers. Once he knew he was back in working conditions, he groaned the obvious question, "What the heck happened?"


A loud roar was heard, catching the attention of the three conscious heroes, as they looked up at a cliff. The roar died out, and then a huge hulking figure jumped off of it, and crashed fifteen feet from them, creating a massive cloud of dust from the impact crash.

The others shielded themselves, as the dust settled down, and a huge shadow cast over them. There, in front of them all, as the dust cloud faded, stood the owner of the shadow. A huge male being that was 9 ½ -feet tall, heavily muscled beyond any imagination, wearing only a pair of tattered pants with the legs barely covered by the upper half, and with hind feet with two claw toes, with the big toe big like a raptor's claw, and on his hands having three clawed fingers. His entire body was colored blue, along with scales going around his body, mostly on his elbows, knees, back heels, spine, and a small Mohawk of them on his skull, and a row of them on his jaw to make a sort of beard, and a pair of elf-like ears, and piercing red eyes staring down at them all.

The being let out another huge roar, exposing yellow sharp teeth, "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" As the roar nearly knocked them all on their butts, as they stood among a huge behemoth.

Spider-Man groaned, "Oh yeah… this guy…"

7 Hours Earlier

Watch Tower

In one of the telepod chamber rooms, Spider-Man jumped out in a blur, web-sling-shooting himself across the room. In a blur of speed, not matching the Flash's, he soared over the staff that worked in the towers. Once the Tower was up and running, civilian staff began to work there. But that wasn't what on his mind, as at the moment, he was cursing up a storm to himself.

"Crap, crap, crap," he said to himself over and over again, as he web-slung all around the corner. "I'm late. I'm late. For a very freakin' important date!"

Before he had gone to the Tower, he had gone out for a little morning patrol over the city. And he was about to get back to his place and to the meeting. But Fate seemed to just make other plans… without him knowing. Some yahoos had tried to steal an armored call full of isotopes, in some crazy attempt to make a homemade bomb. They were planning to hold the city for ransom, but after a long chase, as well as a pansing after a one-gunned showdown with their crazy Russian leader, he webbed them up, secured the isotopes until the authorities came by, and he would make a break for it. Unfortunately, one officer, Detective Yin, attempted to arrest him, but he got out in time, though it cost more time off of him.

But finally, he had gotten there, but realized he was running late, even with him web-slinging to the main hall. Although he rounded a corner, he had crashed face-to-face… with a green pterodactyl. The two crashed onto the ground, as the pterodactyl started to change shape. Once Spider-Man was back on his feet, although a bit shaky, he got a good look as to what… or who, he crashed into.

Suddenly, in a quick warp, the pterodactyl suddenly took on human form, as it was now explained the dinosaur was a human shape shifter. It was a boy around eighteen, much like him, but with a slim build, with his forearms a bit puffy due to fur, and dressed in a purple body suit that stopped above his knees, with a silver white stripe down in the front and back of the abdomen, outer thighs, silver white sleeves that ended above the elbows. a black belt as well as a black spot around the collar bone, with a purple turtleneck, purple fingerless gloves with white trim on the wrists exposing claw-like fingers, and had a black belt around his waist. What was a bit weirder about the boy was that the skin that showed his forearms, hands lower legs and feet, was that his skin, as well as his pupils in his eyes, was all green. The hair cut in a short spikey military style was a darker shade of green.

the boy straightened himself out, but stood straight, as he saluted, and spoke out, exposing his lower jaw's fanged lower teeth, giving him sort of a werewolf feel, "Ex-Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, sir! My apologies for running into you, sir! How can I help you, sir?" suddenly, his eyes nearly popped out of his skull, dropping his salute as well, "Wowzers! You're Spider-Man, aren't you, sir? This is so cool!" But then he reestablished his salute, "How may I be of service?"

"Well, you can start by not calling me 'sir,'" Spider-Man answered. "Second, you know where the meeting's at? I'm running late."

But then he blinked, as he saw the one calling himself Beast Boy, was going all starry eyed at him, as he answered, "Dude, I'm just as lost as you."

"Okay, then stop looking at me like I'm Miley Cyrus. You're creeping me out a bit," Spider-Man stated, feeling a little weirded out by this scene.

Spider-Man ran down the hall, with Beast Boy coming after him, until finally, they made their way in and got through the door. But once they got in there, the two stopped as they slowed down, and went bug-eyed as they bore witness to a scene neither one of them came to know of. "Whoa," was all the two said in unison and in different silent tones.

All around the place were super heroes, so many of different genders, shapes, sizes and etc. Peter didn't know there were that many in this world. Not even the Avengers had this many members.

At the moment, Superman stood up on a podium for all to hear him talk, as he spoke out a speech for all. "Each of you brings something different to the table. Strength. Speed. Stealth. Whatever. But we are all equal in just one way." Superman spoke out, looking to all, as he went on. "Each of us is willing to make the sacrifices a hero needs to make, even the ultimate one. Since there are so many of us, we have a chance to do more than put out fires, both literal and figurative. We can be proactive, we can do some real good in the world. But we are going to be organized." He motioned to J'onn, who stood by the monitor controls. "J'onn will be up here keeping an eye on everything. He'll be deciding who's going where and when. I know a lot of you are used to making those decisions for yourself. But from now on, we have to be more coordinated than that. We can't be cowboys any more..." he then half-smirked, "…or cowgirls."

That earned a few round of chuckles, especially from the girls, as Spider-Man heard every word of it. And underneath his mask, he was smirking as well. But he jumped, as he heard a low voice speak from behind him, "You're late."

He whipped around to come face-to-face with Batman who had showed up behind him. He really hated that part of the Dark Knight when he sneaks up behind someone. In fact, secretly… he was thinking of putting a silent alarm behind one of cowl's pointy ears.

"Sorry about that, Bats," Spider-Man stated, as he explained his reasons. "Basically, armed robbery, Russian mob was trying to make a home-made atom bomb in New York. Stopped, disarmed, webbed them up, and pantsed their leader." But it was then that the two noticed Beast Boy starring at Batman… and he was all fanboy at this moment.

"Dude. You know Batman? That's sweet," Beast Boy smirked, but then shook himself awake, as he introduced himself, "Oh, forgot. Name's…"

"Beast Boy. AKA Garfield Logan. Former member of the Doom Patrol as well as a group referring itself as the Teen Titans," Batman answered, earning a shocked look on Beast Boy's face, even more star-struck.

Beast Boy grabbed Spider-Man and shook him like an excited fan shaking a ragdoll, "Dude! He knows me! The Dark Knight knows about me!"

Spider-Man pried him off, as he stated, "He knows hwo everyone is. He's Batman."

Peter was pretty evident on that as well. Batman had files on every one of them and knew a few personally, some more personally then others as he saw a familiar-looking magician/illusionist, Zatanna.

"So...anyone I should avoid?" Peter asked, looking at the crowd.

"Just a few, especially those that might not get your...humor," He cautiously told him. "I think I see a few of the safer members you might like." Batman moved off.

Beast Boy smirked, as he looked to where Spider-Man was, "So, Spider-Man, wanna grab something to…" but then blinked as he saw he was gone out of sight. He frowned, "Ah man!"


There sure were a lot of people here; he was still amazed how many heroes were just going on around the place with no one looking over their shoulder like Fury had with him. There was a particular duo of heroes that he was surprised to see.

He looked to his left and up, because on the shoulder on what looked like a giant robot painted all patriotic, looking like the Iron Patriot on steroids, was a sixteen year old Caucasian blonde haired girl, wearing a blue and white costume with a white star on her chest, black combat boots, a blue mask, and had some kind of red belt. Her costume left her torso exposed and the bottom were like workout spandex shorts.

Her companion was almost ten feet tall, heavily built, with a sort of Big Guy robot feel to him, with a big massive chest built like a tank's front. He had red armbands on his wrists, his head's top was red, as were his eyes. If Peter could have guessed, he'd be more like a Hulk-Buster than Big Guy the robot.

In well honesty, the two looked like a female version of Captain America, minus the shield, and her companion appeared to be a supped up version of the Iron Patriot.

He waved to the two, "Well, this is a surprising duo. So… what the heck do I call you guys?"

The blonde hopped off, as she stood to face him, which surprisingly, she was only three centimeters shorter than him. She seemed pretty cocky, a flaw he once had, as she spoke up to him, "Hey, name's Stargirl, but you can just call me Star." She then pointed to the big guy behind her, "the big guy here's Stripy."

Spider-Man arched an eyebrow, as he asked, "Stripy?"

"It's S.T.R.I.P.E.," It said in a robotic voice, as it groaned and looked to Stargirl. "I wish you'd stop calling me that."

"As if," She said and looked to Spider-Man. "Hey, I've heard about you. You're that Spider-Man, right?" She said looking to Static and Gear.

Spider-Man shrugged, "Pretty much." He then looked to S.T.R.I.P.E, and commented, "Nice robot you got here? You built him?"

"Actually it's just a suit, kid. And I'm the real tech head in the group," He told him, and pointed to Stargirl. "She's not exactly gifted when it comes to metal shop. Barely even knows how to program a VCR."

"Hey!" Stargirl shot back. "Besides, nobody uses VCRs anymore. It's a DVD era now."

Spider-Man chuckled, but then noticed Mainframe, "Hey, if you'd wanna talk mechs, talk to my friend, Mainframe. He knows so much about exo-suits, he's practically refurbished one of the secondary satellites to be used to keep storage of other suits he's build."

Stargirl blinked, "He has more than one suit?"

"I have one for every occasion and any mission," Mainframe popped up, his audio sensors burning from the talk he heard. He looked at S.T.R.I.P.E.'S armor, and asked, "Is that vintage WWII? Maybe Vietnam?"

"Yeah, something like that," S.T.R.I.P.E. said, seemingly impressed by this guy.

Peter walked around to see a few others, but then suddenly was tackled behind him, with slender arms grabbed around his neck. He leaned back, gagging for air, as he pleaded, "AGH! LEMMIE GO!"

The figure did so, as he turned around to see Kara, smiling that smile as she chuckled, "Sorry. S'not my fault you're two centimeters taller than me."

"Still, that's not tall enough to pull me back and choke me," Spider-Man coughed up a lung, rubbing his sore neck. "So… what's up?"

"Just wanted to say goodbye before I go on my first mission," Supergirl said with an excited tone. "Somewhere in Asia, at least that's what GL said."

"Supergirl, come on," Green Lantern called out to her, as the two teens saw Jon Stewart in uniform.

Along with him was another guy with Stewart's body structure, but appeared to have an entire body composed of a silver and red body suit, military cut, and had an atom symbol on his chest.

"Okay, got to go. See ya," she smiled to him, as she caught up with the others. She was anxious to prove her worth to the League.

"Spider-Man," J'onn called up, getting his attention. "I have a mission for you."

Spider-Man smirked, as he webbed up there, and landed on the edge of the console, crouched style, as he asked, "What's the job, J'onn."

The Martian Manhunter switched on to a monitor, as he showed a red spot located in Canada. "We're still unsure of what this is, but it appears to be a nuclear accident. The sensors are showing traces of what appear to be radiation, though there haven't been any reports of a nuclear power plant going critical, much less of a hazmat team going to report it."

Spider-Man tilted his head to show his confusion, "I'm not exactly one to contain that stuff. So why me?"

"There's something odd about the reading," the Manhunter explained. "The signal disappears and reappears at times. And the oddest thing even more is that when it returns, it moves. The last coordinates indicated it was somewhere in Elksford, Canada."

"No chance you have anyone to contain something like that?"

"Not right now," J'onn answered. "Captain Atom's already left with Green Lantern and Supergirl. They're on a similar mission. The best we can do investigate on what this is."

Spider-Man looked to the crowd, as he pointed out to Mainframe, "I'll take Mainframe with me. He's got enough suits to handle the hazardous stuff in case I can't get near it."

"Take M'gann with you for support and crowd control," J'onn advised, as Peter looked to him in question. And surprisingly enough, the Martian Manhunter arched an eyebrow, as he pointed out, "Like Kara, she's got to start somewhere. And I'd feel much better if she was with someone she was familiar with. But my suggestion to you is to use one of the ships. We're not sure on where it will go next, considering the low radiation is making it difficult to track it down."

Peter nodded, as he looked to the crowd, and spotted her talking to one of the League members that looked like a Gypsie, as he called them both out, "Mainframe, Miss Martian. We're up on a little trip to Canada."

Hangar Bay

Peter met up with the two in the giant hanger bay, he saw Green Lantern and his team in one of the new and improved Javelins, along with a fellow that looked like a blonde version of Robin Hood and Batman. Peter was told that the League decided not only to upgrade from the original model but also made a few more, since in the past when the original Javelin –7 had been destroyed it was tough getting to the Tower and back until a replacement was finished. But as they walked into the hangar bay, he blinked, realizing something.

"Shoot," Spider-Man groaned, as he slapped himself in the face with his palm. "I forgot. I'm not qualified to drive one of these things. I don't even have a car."

M'gann walked up and sympathetically placed a hand on his shoulder, "Oh, that's okay. We can take my ship."

"Your ship?" Mainframe questioned.

She nodded, as she led them to a slightly empty hangar platform, and atop there hovering in the center, was a red orb as big as a Beetle Buggy car. Spider-Man blinked, as he pointed to it, "That's your ship?"

Mainframe looked at it, and stated, "I don't think we're gonna fit in that thing."

M'gann chuckled, as she looked to her teammates, "You goofs. It's just sleeping."

The two looked to each other, as they asked in unison, "Sleeping?"

M'gann smiled, as she looked to her ship, as her eyes glowed green, connecting a mental link to it. Once she did, the exterior shifted, until it was now a red and black alien-looking vessel as big as one of the Javelins.

The two looked at the ship, as Spider-Man walked over to her, and smirked under his mask, "Have I mentioned how cool Martian tech is?"

M'gann smiled at him, as she complimented, "You could say it more often."

It hovered around, as it slurped open a rear entrance, allowing the three to enter. They walked inside of the cockpit and as M'gann took the controls, while Peter and Mainframe took the back seats sitting across from each other. The ship then took off, as M'gann activated the controls, which were two glowing orbs on two red stocks, while the two were sitting down on organic chairs, which stretched out organic seatbelts.

The ship lifted off and went out the docking doors into space. This was Peter's first flight through space and it was really cool, okay so he lived on a space station for about a month and personally knew a few aliens one being one of his newest and closest friends, but this was still pretty cool.

As they were breaking Earth's atmosphere, Mainframe felt something rattle inside him, as he shifted his movmenets. Peter blinked as he took notice of the strange actions his friend was making, and asked, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, it just feels like something's crawling inside of me," Mainframe stated, as he tried to figure out what was going on.

M'gann looked to him, and asked, "Would you like a moment to open up? Find out what the problem is?"

Mainframe shook his head, as he assured her, "No, no. I got an idea."

He then sat still, as he shut down seemingly… and then his body jolted with sparks of electricity. The two blinked at this sight, until finally, he stopped, as he opened a port from his right forearm, folding it open, as he shook out something. Something shook out, and plopped on the floor for all of them to see. It was a little green hamster that dizzily stumbled on its four legs, until finally, it morphed into Beast Boy, as he sat up, coughing out smoke, "Dude…"

Spider-Man blinked, "Beast Boy? What the…? What are you doing here?"

"And did you have to sneak in me of all things," Mainframe questioned, as he shook his open arm, getting little green fur clumps out of him. "Yeesh, why did you shed in me?"

"Dude, I don't shed," Beast Boy denied.

Mainframe tilted his head, as he asked, "Oh really?" And then banged on his chest, as fur came out of every nook and cranny from his exo-suit body.

Spider-Man turned to the green changeling as he stood up, as he stated, "WE should radio the telepod deck. Tell him to get one back on board the station."

"Oh come on!" Beast Boy crashed to his knees and begged him, pleading out, "Just give me a chance on this, please! Pretty please, with scary things on top! I really need a mission, and there weren't any available for a shape shifter like me!"

Spider-Man thumb-pointed to M'gann, as he replied rather dryly, "Miss Martain's a shape shifter."

Beast Boy thought about it for a moment, but then he calmly crossed his arms, as he pointed out, "Yeah, but can she change into a bloodhouse and possess the sharpest nose on the planet?"

"She has telepathy," Spider-Man pointed out.

"Okay, okay," Beast Boy waved at that part. "But can she turn into a T-Rex, Triceratops, or a whale?"

Spider-Man looked to M'gann for an answer, as he asked, "Can you do that?"

M'gann shrugged at that, but then looked ahead, "I don't think it's gonna matter. We're already here."

Elksford, Canada

The Bio-ship flew in above, as it gently landed on the ground, hovering above the ground. The rear opened up to allow the ship's occupants to walk out, as they walked out to see the situation. But once they did, they wished that they hadn't. for behold them all, they saw the ruins of what was once the town of Elksford. Buildings had been trashed and blown up, almost as if explosions had occurred indirectly. Cars and trucks had been tossed around, like they were building blocks. There were even traces of bullet shells as well as cannon shells too, meaning somebody was packing some heavy firepower. They also noticed the military helping out, as well as the ambulance, helping with citizens needing hospitalization as well as giving them food and blankets. This didn't look like a natural disaster, it looked like a freakin' warzone had been struck.

Beast Boy whistled out the obviousness, as they all surveyed the destruction, "Whoa. Somebody had a bad day."

"That's not half of it," a well-aged middle man in a military uniform stepped up. "Name's Col. Ives. I'm with Department H of the Canadian military." He then motioned for them all to follow him, "I'm glad the Justice League came to answer this situation. Frankly, I don't even know what we're dealing with."

"So what are we dealing with," Mainframe asked, as he inertly scanned the area, as they walked through.

"It happened about four hours ago, just before dawn hit," the Colonel explained to them. "The creature was sighted crossing the US-Canadian border." He then pointed to the wreckage among them, "This is what happened when it reached civilization."

Miss Martian blinked at that, as she asked, "The creature?"

"A few eyewitnesses heard it calling itself A-Bomb," the Colonel explained. "Details: sketchy. Department H thinks the U.S. Military's covering something up. Me, I don't think the US is even aware of this thing even existing."

M'gann knelt down to look at a crushed and torn dolly. She scooped it up, as she gently examined it, and used her powers to scan the area. Suddenly, images in her mind began playing out what was only a prediction of what had happened, but not the whole picture.

The owner of the doll, a little ten year old girl, was in a van. The whole city was ablaze, as the little girl looked terrified at a giant hulking figure roaring in anger, running towards the vehicle. Flames and explosions shook the place, as massive destruction wrought out among the city. Finally, on a Cliffside, far from the town, the little girl and her unconscious parents stand before a massive muscled monster, with glowing red eyes, as it growled and looked down upon the little girl.

M'gann blinked as she rushed back to reality. She set the doll down, as she looked to the others, "It definitely was a creature. But… I'm not sure about the rest."

Beast Boy changed into a bloodhound, as he sniffed the ground, going around for a while, until he changed back, "There was a whole lot of firepower going on around here." He then wrinkled his nose a bit, as he confessed, "And I'm smelling a whole lot of toxic something. Not harmful, but… it's definitely noticeable."

Spider-Man took notice of all the shells and bullets, as he commented, "Somebody fought back against this thing. And from the looks of it, didn't fight hard enough…" He looked to the Colonel and asked, "Did any of your men or the local police know anything about this?"

The Colonel shook his head, "Negative. By the time we arrived, all local authorities awoke. Apparently somebody knocked them out. But no one showed any signs of being gassed." He hten looked to the heroes seriously, as he stated, "Our department wants you to find and stop this A-Bomb before it reaches another town or city. And if you can't stop it… kill it."

The heroes were a little taken back by that last request, but kept quiet on the subject. But Spider-Man calmly, but sarcastically stated, "Sounds like fun."

Later On

Canadian Wilderness

The four had arrived within the wilderness, last to where the creature had fled into and had disappeared in. As M'gann had her ship go into camouflage mode, Spider-Man looked to the three, as he pressed a button on his right web shooter. "Okay, Mainframe. I've linked up to you." He then looked to Miss Martian, "M'gann, synch us up."

She nodded, "Okay." Her eyes glowed a little, until telepathically, she spoke to the three, 'Mental link established.'

The Web Slinger then looked to everyone as he stated, "Okay, I know this is a stupid idea, but we split up, cover more ground."

"GAAAAAAAAH!" Beast Boy shrieked, as he got into Spider-Man's face. "Dude! Do you not see horror movies?!"

Mainframe blinked, "What are you talking about?"

"Well, duh!" Beast Boy explained, sounding rather freaked out. "When you split up, the monster hunts you down one at a time, starting with the good-looking comic relief guy!"

Spider-Man blinked, as he asked, "Who, me?"

"ME!" Beast Boy freaked out, as he tugged at his face, freaking out, "In a forest, separated from everyone, a monster out here, hunting us down and about to eat us! And I'm probably delicious!" But then suddenly, Spider-Man slapped him across the face. He looked at him frowning, as he silently fumed, "Did you just slap me?"

"I did it in order to calm you down," Spider-Man defended.

"HOW WOULD THAT CALM ME DOWN?!" Beast Boy shouted.

But all he got was a shrug from the wall crawler, as he webbed up to a tree and swung out, "Just stay in contact!"

Mainframe then rocketed upward, as he took off, leaving the two green teens behind. Beast Boy huffed, as he morphed into a green husky, as he ran off. But before he did, Miss Martian spoke out, 'Don't worry, Beast Boy. Spider-Man was just doing his best to put you at ease. He won't let anything happen to us.'

Beast Boy stopped in his paw printed tracks, as his eyes blinked in shock at that. He turned around and barked at her, but mentally, she read, 'You talk to dogs? Yeah right!'

M'gann giggled, as she smiled to Beast Boy, 'I'm talking to you, aren't I?'

Beast Boy's dog face went wide eye with shock, a little frustrated to answer her, he mumbled, 'Well I, uh… technically, I'm a Husky.'

'It's called telepathy,' M'gann reassured him, as she flew off in another direction. 'Be careful.'

Beast Boy huffed, as he mockingly mimicked, 'It's called Telepathy.'

'I heard that,' she responded in his mind, making him wince from that.

He then grumbled, 'Yeesh! There's no privacy with that girl.' And sped off, like the others did, in search of this gigantic beastie called the A-Bomb.

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