The breeze felt lovely against their warmed faces as Regina, Emma, and Henry settled down onto the brilliant blue picnic blanket spread out in the city park beneath one of the larger trees. The laughed and played as Regina laid out the lunch they had packed earlier, and she smiled as she watched her true love and their son banter back and forth.

"After lunch," she said in a light voice, "would you like to play a board game?"

Henry's eyes lit up, and his smile was radiant. "Yes! What are we going to play?"

She grinned at his excitement, remembering when this used to be a normal occurrence for them. Perhaps it would turn into one again? "I brought Uno and a pack of regular playing cards. Which would you prefer?"

"Uno." He glanced to his other mother, grin turning mischievous. "I'm totally going to beat you."

Emma's laugh made Regina shiver, and the blonde felt the warm feeling her counterpart was experiencing through their connection. She glanced to Regina with soft eyes and reached over to place a hand on the other woman's arm giving it a squeeze. "Me, too."

"I hate it when you two do that," Henry pouted. "It's weird."

"Get used to it, kid. We're going to do it forever." Emma moved her hand to ruffle her son's hair. "One of these days, when you find your person, you'll be jealous you're not as close as me and your mom. Watch."

"You did not just use that line." Regina scoffed but couldn't hold back the chuckle. Shaking her head, she handed out the food. "Henry, why are you looking at me like that?"

"I just realized that you're happy," he said with wonder lacing his words. "I'm glad."

Emma and Regina both stopped what they were doing and looked at each other, eyes wide with surprise. It was the blonde who broke the stunned silence when she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Regina's lips. "I'm glad, too. You deserve it."

"I," the brunette looked from the woman before her to their son and then back again. She stuttered as she looked for the right words. "I… love you both. You make me very happy." She smiled, her face lighting up. "I'm not sure much more could make things better, honestly."

"You mean I could be doing more to make you happier?" The younger woman sat up and gave her best mock serious face. "Well? Spit it out! We can't have you not 100% happy. Right, Henry?"

The boy nodded, giving a very enthusiastic, "Right!"

Regina rolled her eyes as she chuckled at them. "Well," she fell into a serious expression as she considered if she really wanted to say what was honestly on her mind. She could tell Emma felt her hesitation, and she was grateful the other woman wasn't pushing. Seeming to pull courage from somewhere she didn't know she had, Regina admitted almost sheepishly, "We could be married, and," she could feel the blush crawling up her neck. She gave Henry an almost apologetic look before looking down at the blanket. "We could have a little brother or sister for Henry to play with."

Emma's shock blasted through their connection, almost knocking Regina over. Henry, for his part, practically vibrated with excitement. "You two are going to get married? This is awesome! And then I could be a big brother? That's… that's great! When is it going to happen? When do we get to start planning? Do I get to be best man? Where are we going to have it?"

"Henry," Emma settled him down with a look. "I haven't said yes yet."

Their son blinked in confusion.

"It's all the same," Regina replied almost demurely. "I haven't actually asked yet."

Henry completely deflated. "But… but… you two want to get married, don't you?"

"There was a time when I thought I'd never marry again," Regina answered honestly. Finally looking up, she caught Emma's eyes with her own. "But, after living together as a family for these past few months, I realize that my feelings on the matter have changed."

Emma tilted her head to the side in thought. "Have they?"

"Yes," the brunette nodded sincerely. "What do you think, dear? Would you like to give it a try?" She smiled hopefully. "Marry me?"

Leaning toward Regina again, Emma replied in a soft voice, "Yes," before kissing her deeply.

"Yes!" Henry jumped up and did a little happy dance, breaking the moment. He gave a little whoop of excitement.

Regina laughed. "He gets that from you."

"Yeah, I know," Emma nodded her approval. "I'd be doing the same thing right now, but I'd hate to sleep in the guest room tonight."

Regina hummed her approval. "Smart woman."

Henry stopped dancing and plopped back down with a serious look on his face. "You two need rings, and we need to figure out how big the wedding will be so we know where to have it, and we have to find things to wear, and…"

"He gets that from you," Emma said with a sigh, cutting into Henry's thoughts. "Who needs a wedding planner when we have our son?"

"And your mother." Regina shook her head. "It's going to be a long few upcoming months."

"Is Belle going to be your Maid of Honor, Mom?" Henry was already planning, his mind racing with all kinds of different things. "If she is, does that mean that Ma's Best Man would be Ruby instead of me?"

"I don't know, Henry. I'll have to ask her and see what she says." Regina pointed to his sandwich. "Eat."

"Just because Belle and Ruby are an item doesn't automatically change who my Best Man would be, kid." The blonde huffed. "Wait a minute, why do I get a Best Man? Why can't I have a Maid of Honor and your mom have a Best Man?"

"Oh, come on, Ma, Really?" He rolled his eyes while Regina chuckled. "You're totally going to wear a suit."

"Maybe," she answered with a fake pout on her lips. "But I can not appreciate the stereotype."

"Whatever, Ma." Their son's smile continued to beam. "This is going to be awesome."

"I agree," Regina said with a nod of her head. "It is going to be awesome."

Emma raised an eyebrow at her. "What is?"

Looking out over the park with its scattering of people playing and enjoying the day, Regina took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Things were better. The threats to her family were gone, for now. She and the Charmings had finally settled their differences to the point of being cordial to each other. Her son was living with her again, and now she had Emma. It wasn't how she pictured her moment of win, but, if she were honest with herself, this was far better than anything she could have come up with on her own.

Smiling back at Emma with eyes shining with unshed tears, she answered honestly, "Everything."

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