A/N: This is just something the rat-maze I call a brain came up with. Very much A/U, and based on the more modern JL than the classic. I tried to get the characters as close as possible to the little I've managed to read and watch, so if something's off, it's an honest mistake. Also SM/WW pairing, so if any of this bugs you, PLEASE do not read! I don't want to get flamed just for letting my muse out to play!

Dark Alliance 1

"Are you certain?" Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira asked, unsettled by the latest news brought to her.

"Yes, my queen," answered the young messenger. "Hades has freed himself. But there is more…he has located the child now."

"Then may the gods help us all," Hippolyta said softly. Hades' escape—however it was managed—would have been trouble enough. But now… "Prepare a message. We must summon allies if we are to survive."

"Diana, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost." Superman moved to her side as she continued to stare in disbelief at the parchment in her hand. When she didn't answer, he laid a gentle hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up at him in a way he'd never seen from her before. Fear. "What is it?"

"My mother…she sent this…" Diana broke off, struggling to find the right words as he gently took the message from her. "Kal, we have to…"

"Easy, Di. First we have to find the child she wrote of." He pulled her close for a moment, feeling her heart racing and her body trembling. "And we can't do that until you calm down."

"It's just…I can't forget the last time Hades was set loose…" She held on to him for a moment, allowing him to steady her. "And if he escaped on his own…"

"I know." Kal remembered all too well their last battle with Hades. They had won, but it felt more like a loss because Diana had nearly been killed—and then was exiled from her home. "You won't be alone in this, I promise."

"Thank you." Somewhat calmer now, Diana slowly pulled back to read her mother's message once more. "'He has found the one who can stop him.' Could that be the child?"


Kal and Diana turned toward the unfamiliar voice and saw a man standing about ten feet away. He appeared human at first, but on closer inspection, there was something odd about him. Even though he seemed to be in his mid-twenties his hair—which he wore pulled back from his face- was long and silvery white and his eyes were a rich amber shade. Deep magenta tribal-style markings on his face contrasted with the silver-grey suit that he wore, making him look like a young, rather eccentric businessman.

"Who are you?" Diana asked sharply, then felt Kal grip her arm in warning. "And how do you know what's in this message?"

"Quite simple," the stranger answered, completely unperturbed. "I've been following the bird carrying it since it left Paradise Island. I had received a similar message and assumed others had been sent."

"And you could be lying," Diana shot back. "Why would Queen Hippolyta—"

"Because the 'child' in question is my daughter."

Diana stared in shock at the stranger, not sure what to make of this. Kal released her, but remained close to offer support. "Your daughter? Where is she now?"

"Safe—at least for now. But if events have happened as I fear, she will not remain so."

"It sounds like we may be on the same side," Kal spoke quietly. "We can save most of the questions for later, but I'd like to know why Hades would be after your daughter—and what the connection to Paradise Island is."

"Her mother's name was Hemera." At Diana's gasp of recognition, the stranger continued, "I see you know of her. I am Sesshomaru."