Final chapter! I'm not 100% happy with this one, but I also don't like to drag out an ending. Hope you've all enjoyed my insanity and thanks for sticking with it :)

Dark Alliance 15

After spending a week at the farm, Chryseis had fully healed—at least physically. At times her eyes would darken and she would wander off alone for an hour or more. Kal and Diana respected her desire for solitude at those times but found ways to let her know they would be there if she needed them. Luckily things were quiet as far as League business, but they both knew that soon a decision would have to be made about Chryseis and her potential future with the League.

"Kal, do you ever wish that you had stayed here?" Diana asked one afternoon. They were seated together under a large tree, wrapped in each other's arms. Chryseis had gone into town with Jonathan to pick up a few things that were needed on the farm. "It's so peaceful—it must have been very difficult to leave."

"It was," Kal agreed, giving her a gentle smile. "But I realized that I could make a difference in the world, so…"

Diana rested her head on his shoulder once more. "It's going to be hard going back. This week has been so peaceful—idyllic in a way."

"Well, Ma is already planning our next visit," Kal grinned. He knew his parents had genuinely enjoyed the company over the past week. "And Chryseis seems to have become Pa's sidekick."

"I noticed," Diana answered quietly. "She really seems to like it here."

"You're worried, aren't you?" Kal asked gently, hearing the tinge of sadness in her voice. "That she won't want to leave."

"Kal, I will respect her decision," Diana said softly. "I…want her to be happy. To have a family and the life she wasn't allowed to have. She deserves at least that much."

"She does seem happy," Kal remarked. "But I don't think she's going to stay here."

"I…almost wish she would," Diana admitted softly. Even though she dreaded a separation from the girl she had come to love as a sister, she wanted to be sure Chryseis would have the best life possible. "If she leaves with us, her life is going to be complicated at best. And if she does want to join the League…"

"I know, Di." Kal gently kissed her forehead. "I guess it's time we spoke to Bruce about the situation. I didn't explain all that much when I let him know where we could be reached; only that Chryseis had been injured in the battle and was healing up here at the farm."

"I'm sure he's going to have quite a lot to say about the situation then," Diana said wryly.

"Have you both gone insane?" Bruce Wayne aka Batman demanded. When Kal and Diana had returned to the Watchtower, this was the last thing he had expected.

"Bruce, nothing has been decided," Diana answered. "But we wanted your advice because it is a possibility. Chryseis could be quite an asset to the Justice League."

"Or she could become our worst nightmare," Bruce said darkly. "If she's still considered a child but she has that much power now…"

"Bruce, you weren't there," Kal interrupted softly. He understood his friend's reservations, but he also had seen proof of how Chryseis would use her power in the time to come. "I saw that girl make choices that any of us in the League would have found impossible. But she did what was necessary—and paid the price."

"She saved my life," Diana added. She and Kal had agreed not to share certain details of the battle—such as the resurrection powers of the Tenseiga. "She could have saved her father instead."

"We may have done more harm than good," Diana commented as she and Kal walked toward the farmhouse. "I'm not sure Bruce is convinced."

"He'll give her a fair chance," Kal assured her. "Chryseis will have to earn her place on the team, no doubt, but I don't think that would prove too hard for her. And remember, it's her decision if she wants to join."

"Yes." Diana sighed unhappily. "I'm not even sure what I want her choice to be. Part of me wants her to stay here with your parents. She'd be safe and I think it would be a happy life for her…"

"I know, baby." The endearment slipped out as Kal pulled her close and gently stroked her hair. "I want her safe too."

No one was really surprised when Chryseis decided to enlist in the Justice League. Although it took some convincing, even Batman agreed that she was a good candidate.

"Nervous?" Diana smiled as they materialized in the Watchtower.

"Yeah, a little," Chryseis admitted. She followed Diana to the council room where she would officially become a member of the league. "I…I won't let you down, Diana. I swear it."

"I know, little sister. And I'm proud of you." Diana gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as the council room doors opened. "Good luck."

Chryseis swallowed nervously as Diana took her place beside Superman. "So, I, uh, I'm not really all that good at making speeches, but I do want to thank all of you for giving me this chance."

"We are glad to have you," J'onn smiled. He sensed the youth's nervousness and hoped to set her at ease somehow. "I hope someday that you will be able to consider us your family as well as your friends."

Chryseis bowed, unable to speak as Batman rose. She knew he would have raised the strongest objections to her membership and she was determined to work as hard as necessary to earn her place.

"Although I still have…reservations, I too believe that you will be a valuable addition to our team," the Dark Knight said quietly. "Welcome to the Justice League…Demonblade."