Ok, this is my first story. I love Sesshomaru. Though I love pairings like Kagome, Rin and Kagura with Sesshomaru, I thought it was time to get real...he would never be with a human or lesser demon. So, in this story he will be with a taiyokai. It takes place after he gets his arm back and has Bakusaiga. The fight with Naraku is still on. Inuyasha and his group will appear later with normal pairings. Hope you enjoy it!

A Few Days Earlier…..

Lady Amaya had been traveling for a long time; the eastern mountains, her home, was very far from the western lands. She traveled alongside her two companions, the she dragon Kaida and the human child Matsu. Her destination was fast approaching, the Moon Castle. Gazing around with violet eyes, she deemed the clearing they were in suitable for a camp.

"You will make camp here, Matsu, do not stray from this clearing as you do not wish to find yourself in a situation where I cannot save you."

She spoke in her normal calm voice, it was deeper than most women, but many were jealous of the smooth tone she produced.

"Kaida, you may go and procure food for yourself and Matsu, but return quickly." The dragon took off to the sky in search of a meal.

She helped Matsu make camp and started the fire, settling down on the trunk of tree she closed her eyes. To a bystander it would seem that she was asleep, but in reality she was closely monitoring all that went on around her, she did not need to see to be able to observe.

Lady Amaya's destination was a few miles away, nestled in the clouds. It had been awhile since she had been here, over 100 years. Thankfully, she had stayed in touch with Lady Inu Kimi.

An hour later, Kaida returned with a small deer in her jaws. Her eyes opened to watch the boy prepare the meat and begin roasting it in the fire. It was time for her to leave.

Standing up, she addressed her little group "I will be leaving you for a short while, probably a few days; there is a stream a few minutes away, Kaida knows how to get there. Do not leave this clearing."

Matsu stood up and stepped in front of the eastern lady. "Lady Amaya, where will you be going?"

Her response was simple "To visit an old friend."

With that, she leaped into the air and continued on her journey to the Western Castle.

There it was, the castle she had not laid eyes on in a hundred years. Lady Amaya slowly walked up the steps, the castle guards bowed as she passed them. Suddenly, a handsome inu yokai bowed in front of her, while still crouched, he spoke in a deep voice.

"Lady Amaya, it is a pleasure to have you return to the Moon Palace, Lady Inu Kimi is waiting for you in the study, please allow me to escort you."

He stood up, their heights were equal. She gave a small nod and the demon began leading her into the palace where her dear friend resided.

Entering the study, her gaze landed on the Western Lady, beautiful as ever. Her hair was immaculate, as were her clothes. Violet met golden and they stared at one another for a short time before a smile graced both their faces. Lady Inu Kimi spoke first.

"My dear, it has been far too long since you have visited this old lady."

With a smile Amaya responded "You do not seem that old to me, you look as young as ever, and if my nose is working correctly….that handsome guard thinks so too."

A light blushed spread on the Western Lady's face "Well we have time to talk about that later, you my dear grow more and more beautiful. Even my son would acknowledge that."

Now it was Amaya's turn to blush, she knew that she was attractive, that is the only reason to explain the line that forms outside her door every mating season.

"Sit down my dear, we have much to catch up on" She said patting the space next to her on the couch.

Gingerly sitting down, Amaya sighed, business before pleasure…

"Before we gossip like old ladies, I must ask a favor of you Kimi."

Lady Inu Kimi's face turned serious "Tell me my child, why have you come here"

With a frown she began "Those foolish panther demons have returned, after your son and stepson defeated them, all was well. Touran and I made an agreement for peace. A few weeks later, she and her followers were assassinated and some rogues vowed to take revenge on the inu yokai who had corrupted their leader's minds and defeated them. Normally, they wouldn't be a problem, our barrier will never break to those idiots, but it seems that we have a traitor who revealed our secrets and now hides here in the Western Lands. As we speak, the panthers are slowly chipping away our barrier, I escaped to find help for my people since the Eastern Lord refuses to lend his assistance. I come to ask for help in fighting this common foe and to search and punish the one responsible for revealing my people's secrets."

Lady Inu Kimi stared at her friend for a long time, never had she guessed that the eastern inu yokai's barrier would be in danger of breaking. Grasping Amaya's hand she spoke

"My dear, I do not have the power to give you an army, I can help you find the demon who betrayed you, but the rest lies in the power of a very difficult person….my son. Sesshomaru now has control of the western lands, currently he is on a quest to destroy some filthy hanyou who seeks control of the Shikon Jewel."

Amaya stared in shock, she had heard stories of the western lord, Sesshomaru, of his cruelty and terrifying power. That did not scare her, what scared her was the fact the he would probably be unwilling to help.

The Western lady continued "My son, as you may have heard, is nothing like his father except in strength…he is cold and prideful, much like myself. I know you will find him, and when you do please tell him to visit his dear mother. The last time I saw him was when he was strengthening his sword, and I had to save a human girl he traveled with. Perhaps if I could speak with him, he would be more receptive to aid you, I am his mother after all."

Amaya nodded her head and got up to begin her search but a hand pulled her back down

"Wait my dear, we still have much to catch up on, please stay the night…I have been starved of good female company."

With a smile Amaya sat down and waited for the Western Lady's questions

"So, Amaya, have you found a suitable mate yet…any prospects?"

A small sigh was heard "Oh Kimi, if only you were there. Every season males line up to challenge me, but none have ever come close to winning. The nobles are demanding that I chose the one with the best rank, he is attractive but all brawn and no brain. He has a loud mouth and is far too overconfident…I despise him. But my time is dwindling, and I need a proper heir."

She watched as Lady Inu Kimi pondered this and a slow smirk spread across her face.

"Soon enough my dear you will find a mate strong enough to defeat you, I just know it."

And so, the two inu yokai's talked the night away, and talked some more the next morning. When the sun began to set the next evening, Amaya departed with a promise to see her soon with Sesshomaru in tow.

Two days she spent tracking Sesshomaru, he was an elusive creature indeed. The moon was a crescent, matching Lady Inu Kimi's mark. Matsu and Kaida were following behind her as they always did. Suddenly a scream rang through the air, the breeze brought the smell of demons and a human.

Amaya sprang into action, sprinting through the trees, a minute later she arrived just in time to see a green imp fly through the air to the other side of the clearing. The demon who threw him picked up a small human girl, another terrified scream passed her lips before the ogre tightened his hold and she fell limp.

Its other arm began descending towards her and Amaya sprang into action, whipping out her sword she sliced the offending arm off and the ogre let the girl go. Swiftly catching the her, she landing in a crouch and turned to face the beast. It roared at her, making her face scrunch at the repulsive smell of its breath.

Still holding the girl, Amaya leaped into the air and unleashed the power of her sword upon her foe. In seconds it was gone, not even dust remained. Sheathing her blade, Amaya touched the girls cheek, wiping away the tear stains that remained there.

'How did this human child get here?'

Amaya felt a presence behind her, a strong one. Whipping around her eyes met familiar golden ones, there was no mistake, this was Sesshomaru. The resemblance to his mother was uncanny, the same color markings, straight white hair and cold golden eyes. Nevertheless, she had to be sure.

"Who are you" She asked

He did not answer her question, in a voice as cold as hers he responded

"Give me the girl" She bristled mentally at his answer, how dare he!

'Despite his apparent rudeness, I wonder why he wants the child….is she attached to him in some way?'

Voicing her thoughts she asked "Does this child belong to you?"

Before he could respond, the child in her arms began to stir, brown eyes opened and met her violet ones. When she faced the demon in front of her, a smile lit up her face. She attempted to sit up but a grimace of pain passed over her features. Amaya worried that her wounds would only open further, cautioning the child I spoke.

"Careful child, you have been injured. It would be wise to lie still until you can be treated"

Looking back at the male demon I asked the girl.

"Child, do you know this demon?"

The girl in her arms eagerly responded "Yes miss demon, Lord Sesshomaru takes care of Rin"

So, this was indeed the one and only Lord Sesshomaru. How unusual that he traveled with a human child, but then again…so did she.

Slowly nodding her head, Amaya gently set the girl, Rin, on her feet. She ran towards Sesshomaru. I intently watched as he crouched down to her level, gently turning her around. She watched as he pulled out a dull looking sword and slashed it across the wound. I expected blood to pour out but instead, the girl was engulfed in pink light, when it dissipated I could smell no more fresh blood.

During this ordeal, I studied Sesshomaru closely. When she first saw his face, she could only see the similarities between him and his mother. But now she saw the masculinity of his face, the sharp jaw and deep eyes. He was a lovely specimen, handsome and powerful. He stood taller than her, a feat which most humans and demons almost never accomplished, 6'2 was a giant compared to the standard 5'6 of male demons. He did not hold back in revealing his status either, his white clothes were pristine, the armor and his long mokomoko added to his imposing frame. His blue moon was proudly displayed, his cheek markings differed from his mother though, two straight magenta stripes ran across his cheeks, unusual for an inuyokai. Amaya could tell he was lithe and agile, power radiated off of him in waves, a match to her own. She was brought out of her observation when he asked the girl

"Rin, where is Jaken"

Before she could form a response, something came crashing through the trees. A familiar young voice yelled out

"My lady, please wait for us, don't leave!"

She turned to look at the young human, amused by his oblivious chatter.

"You left so unexpectedly that Kaida and I were left in the dust! You really must warn us next time…"

He trailed of as he finally spotted the strangers, his eyes shifting to Amaya hen back to Sesshomaru.

Another sound brought her violet gaze to the green imp she had seen fly across the clearing

"Forgive me my lord, I failed to protect Rin, please don't kill me" The imp groveled at Sesshomaru's feet, tears streaming down his face.

She watched as he kicked he imp a few feet away from him, in a voice that sent pleasant shivers down her spine he responded

"You will be punished for this failure, it should have been you in the creatures grasp, not Rin."

'His voice is most enchanting, but I suppose I should test him a little'

"Spare the imp, he couldn't possibly have stopped that demon, instead you should consider getting better protection for the child instead of placing the blame on others"

Her gaze lowered from the Western Lords eyes to the imp, who was now screaming

"Who do you think you are woman! This is the great Lord Sesshomaru, ruler of the Western Lands and son of the great demon Inu no Taisho! Learn some respect or you will die where you stand!"

She glared at him.

'What a rude little demon, how dare he speak to me that way, and I was showing him kindness as well.'

"Little demon, here I am trying to help you and this is how you repay me? Learn you place, speaking for you lord is disrespectful, I take back my comment, you should be punished for your insolence."

Before the demon could speak again Sesshomaru spoke.

"He will be suitably punished, first tell me your name and your purpose for being on my lands."

This male does not know how to treat a female, considering I saved the young girl's life, Amaya thought as she rolled her eyes. She couldn't help but whisper "ungrateful oaf" under her breath. Clearing her thoughts, she spoke in her most dignified voice

"I am Lady Amaya, ruler of the Eastern Mountains and of the Eastern Inuyokai residing there. I have come to humbly ask for your assistance in dealing with a common enemy. In exchange I offer to give you access to my peoples knowledge of magic and barriers."

Hopefully, he knew enough about her kind to see that this opportunity did not present itself to many, especially considering that the reason she was here was because someone exposed her people's secrets. Amaya anxiously waited for his response and breathed a mental sigh of relief when she heard it.

"I will consider your proposal, Lady Amaya"

Giving a small nod, she wondered if he would accept her proposal, she still had to convince him to meet with his mother to better her chances. That would be an interesting conversation for sure. But for now, his answer was enough. She could feel that a long journey awaited her, especially if the cold western lord accompanied her.

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