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Warning: The story will contain swearing and explicit yaoi scenes. This is my first story, it might suck. For any grammatical errors, I do apologize in advance.

The weather was a bit chilly but not even that could outshadow the beautiful sunset which was currently showing the main color of Shutoku's jersey. It wasn't only orange, it had a tad bit of pink and red, giving it a range. The red was ominous, like it was saying that this day blood has been spilled. The boy with the same hair color inwardly chuckled at his own thought. But what if killers were indeed out there? Well, he would just outrun them. Right? While eagerly staring at the pretty sky before him, another color filled his vision. Dark blue. Okay, that was strange. Sunsets didn't have that kind of a color. Then the dark blue suddenly had a nose and an annoying voice which started spilling words out.

"14-2." Full lips uttered the quite short sentence which was enough to rise the boy's hackles who was sitting on a bench next to the basketball court. He didn't pay any mind to the fact that his sight was focused on those lips a bit more than needed. No, because sudden rage was taking place in his mind which suggested him to go and tell the other boy off.

"Next time," Kagami said with a heavy scowl covering his features, "I'm gonna wipe the floor with your ass."

Aomine somehow found this statement funny as he was laughing joyously while wiping the sweat off his forehead where most of it was accumulated.

Kagami turned his head towards the sky once again and said determinedly, "You'll see."

Honestly, he didn't exactly understand their current situation. They weren't buddies. Kagami wouldn't say that as the blue-eyed power forward was always such an ass. He always took the time to broach his thoughts which revolved around Kagami being a "weak pussy" and that his victory against him during the Winter Cup must have been a joke because there was just no way that a so-called winner afterwards lost each time they battled. He once even tried to steal back his Nikes. When he failed that attempt he became so pumped up that he lost three 1-on-1 in a row. What a sight that was. Kagami's mouth twitched at both of its end, making him look like an idiot. Then his cavity curled back to its original state.

What was up with Ahomine anyway? He constantly bothered Kagami with his presence. Don't get him wrong, it was appreciated when it came to basketball. Kagami accepted Aomine as an amazing player, well, for fuck's sake, he couldn't even win half of their battles just yet. That wasn't the issue here.

The issue was Aomine's behaviour. His mood-swings were not amusing and miraculously, he always ended up at Kagami's apartment. Like...always. If it had been Kuroko, it would have been alright because he knew proper etiquette. (Let's not talk about his weak presence which sometimes still scared Kagami shitless.) Aomine was the invader kind of visitor. You know, the ones who left chaos behind themselves. The destroyer. Armageddon. You could always tell when one of these has been in your place. When Aomine left his "Mai-chaaan" magazine at his crib a month ago, he called Kagami at 1 AM to tell him not to jerk off using that, and dirty his shit. When Kagami simply disconnected the call, he heard the doorbell ring. That freaked him out a bit, but thanks to Ahomine he was wide awake, so he took his ass to the door with a baseball bat in hand. (Everyone should own one. Just to be safe.) You guessed it correctly, it was Ao-fucking-mine. Because what better thing one could have when it was 1 AM. Right? He didn't even bother with meaningless greetings, just walked inside, picked up his "shit", walked outside and closed the door behind him. Kagami's mind was too slow to get mad or anything. He just locked the door and went back to sleep.

Let's not mention the food issues. Kagami needed every ounce of energy to play basketball and he leveled up by consuming an enormous amount of that. Now, when Aomine leisurely plugged his hole with the precious thing that Kagami made...he wanted to become Hulk for a second and tear the mofo in half. Especially when he dared smirk in his face during feeding time. He had no shame.

All these thinking just made him angry and hungry without a reason. Oh wait, he had a reason for being angry. With both of their temper, he found it amazing how their veins haven't popped yet and made them bleed out on the spot.

He let out a tired sigh and stood up, gathering his things. When he packed everything up, he left the court without saying a word to the bastard. He knew what was coming. Why bother? He even looked back to confirm that he was right. And right he was. Aomine was following him, leaving a one-meter-long gap between the two of them. Kagami made a face at that but Aomine was too preoccupied with drinking to notice. He turned back and sighed again.

Just because he lived alone it didn't mean that his life was any better. In Aomine's world it meant freedom and space, just the things he was desperately looking for. And then he called Kagami a chick when he had told him how he could cook for himself. He told the idiot that at least he wouldn't die starving if mummy wasn't there for him to cook. That shut the bastard up. He shut his trap again when he tasted the food. Kagami was pleased with himself, being able to silence that boy.

There was this mysterious silence between them. It wasn't like Kagami cared about his weird thoughts or anything. Nope. On another note...who was he kidding. He was dying to know what rotten things could flow through the taller boy's brain. If he had any of the latter, that is.

"Oi, Kagami, what's for dinner tonight?" Aomine asked while showing off such a big yawn that Kagami could have seen his tonsil if he was looking at him. At least he didn't have to remember how the other hasn't even bothered to put his pawn in front of his mouth. Manners... Obviously, he was not interested in Aomine's facial attributes, so he kept walking forward to finally reach his destination which happened to be his home.

"It's not like I'm giving you any." Kagami said irritably, trying not to click his tongue. "Seriously, why are you even following me?"

"What. I won almost every 1-on-1 today, sooo, of course my rules are in charge." The almost-raven-haired teen said as a matter of fact.

Kagami stopped and looked back at Aomine who had his eyes closed, his hands were crossed behind his head as he walked past the redhead.

Just before he could have been behind Aomine, he stuck his left leg out, making Aomine flail and stumble to the ground. He was making such a funny yelping noise that Kagami couldn't help but laugh.

"The fuck is yer problem, bastard?" Aomine grunted and slowly stood up to his full height.

The lighter-skinned male burst into laughter, "Yo-Your face...you should see it." he managed to force the words out between the waves of his needy laughter.

"You wanna injure me so you can win at least once next time?" Aomine asked, which made Kagami abruptly stop his doings. He didn't even let the lasts of the bubbling laughter out and looked at the other in disbelief. After a second, his smiling face morphed into as of a raging animal's and he practically hissed at the bluenette.

Kagami really wanted to say that he could kick his ass anytime, but knew it better. Aomine liked to humiliate others, he knew that. He didn't want to hear another comment on how Kagami couldn't beat the other even if he was a short and fat chick.

And even if he was about to injure the bastard, the younger male would still end up winning. Giving handicaps just excited the idiot all the more. Even if Kagami sometimes felt the urge to just punch the dark-skinned boy in the face, he was not the violent type. Aomine just always managed to rise his hackles and get the worst out of him.

"As if I needed a handicap..." Kagami scoffed and started walking off, picking up his speed.

"Huh? Need I remind you to this day's outcome? You still have my babies and you still didn't manage to fairly win 'em for yerself." Aomine chuckled and Kagami could hear the footsteps getting faster and faster until something hard bumped into his shoulder.

Kagami lost his balance for a second but recovered easily. He was still angry from before so he didn't even look at Aomine while forcing the words out of himself, "Well, you can shove those shoes up yer ass, shithead. I'm gonna win the next 1-on-1 and anyways..." he turned and stared at Aomine while a scowl framed his features, "why the heck are you still following me? Do you really think that I will provide you food after all this? Fuck off!"

Aomine obviously didn't have any manners for that matter. Barging into his life, fucking up his free-time and him...whoa there, not literally…and he was expecting food and happily outstreched arms for him to jump into? Or a smiling face when he was dropping shit onto his face? Did he not know his place? Oh man, the redhead could somehow understand that monster Akashi a bit more. Insolent people were such a pain in the ass. Aomine didn't even care about anyone other than himself.

He was walking so fast now that other passing people looked at him funny but that was, at the moment, the least of his concerns.

He heard the bastard catch up to him which annoyed him even more.

"But you always give me food, no matter what I say." Kagami could practically hear the other boy's smile which made him think. The jerkwad was right. No matter what shitty things he had done, he somehow always ended up at his place, sleeping and drooling on the sofa with one of his porn magazines or Kagami's basketball ones on his lap for that matter. Kagami was acting like the spoiled brat's mother. What was wrong with him? Letting the asshole do whatever he pleased.

This all would just cause him a bad headache, which was needed like pain needed to be in an ass.

"Just shut up, will you." Kagami was too tired to argue with the other male.

It seemed that Aomine didn't realize that he was just digging his own, already huge, grave deeper. If he continued like this he would reach hell in no time. It wasn't like he wouldn't deserve to finish up there. More accurately, down there...

While being busy with his thoughts, he didn't even notice that they had reached his street. Kagami looked at Aomine, who was being oblivious to his surroundings, and gave out a long sigh. He was thinking too much about this person behind him and anyway. He should have been thinking about the upcoming meal, not some childish guy with a shitty attitude. Did he even have soy sauce at home? He had planned yesterday to make BBQ and there was nothing to stop him from doing so. On a second thought, that missing ingredient could do just that.

He was battling with his keys to finally open that damned door, while the things gave out loud clanking noises. This was when Aomine interrupted him.

"Hey, ask me what's on my to-do list." Aomine said ominously.

Kagami frowned at him, not really understanding what would be the point in that and he let his thought be known, "Why the hell would I do that?" It wasn't like he deserved to do as the asshole wanted him to.

"Oh come on, just say it. Don't be a douche." Aomine teased.

Kagami half-turned from his spot to answer, "Because if I'm not doing that, I'm a douche. Really. Tell me more about it."

Aomine needed a punch in the balls to get some sense into him.

The bluenette rolled his eyes and started observing his nails on his left hand. "Well, just so you know, a douche is exactly like that. Bitchin' around but would never answer openly to questions." At this point he was wearing a bored expression and stuck his pinky into his left ear.

Okay, so now Kagami was pissed. Not like he was indifferent or calm before but now, royally PISSED. With capitals. Even the image of Aomine's pinky made him see red, it made Kagami remind him of that douche comment from earlier.

"What'sonyourto-dolist?" The older male has uttered the words so fast that Aomine should have almost missed them, almost. Because of the fact that the wrongly named tiger half-yelled out of pure anger, it indeed reached the other's ears, even if one of them was currently occupied.

Aomine's face has changed, in less than a second, from bored to excited and now he was having a lopsided smirk on his face. Somehow Kagami had the premonition that he wouldn't like the answer. Not one bit. Nope.

"You." Aomine said simply.