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Nearly a month has passed since he last saw Seirin's power forward.

First of all, he was busy practicing with his own team, now that he had a new goal before his blue eyes. Then, he was trying to study for the final exams at the end of their third and final term. More accurately, his parents wanted him to try. At this point he wouldn't be surprised if he had once found hidden cameras in his cave...

The learning part was not really successful. As always, he got Satsuki's copied notes and he even attempted to memorize the shit but...because of some disturbing thoughts the sessions never could last long. At least he didn't fail any of the subjects. That damned maths! Whatever. He'd used Midorima's rolling pencil and it was all good. That crap was amazing, actually. Still, those three days could always embitter his life.

The graduation ceremony afterwards was boring as hell. He almost fell asleep if it wasn't for the pink-haired manager of Tōō Academy's basketball team and her sharp elbow in the bluenette's precious lungs.

Now it was officially spring break. Two weeks of sweet idleness. And Kagami not even once contacted the formless shooter.

"Come on! Hurry up! We won't make it like this..." The hyper female grabbed one of his darker lower arms and dragged him toward the building of a huge and lively shopping mall. So annoying. Like he hasn't owned enough clothes already.

The tall male just wanted to hibernate himself now that he had nothing better to do. He would bounce the ball later. Just the idea of sleeping made his brain slacken its pace. The haled boy yawned.

He sobered up a bit when his phone went off. The lazy sportman checked the incoming message with his free hand.

22.03.2013., Kise:
We're at Kagamicchi's crib! (・ω・) Having fuuun~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

His somber orbs widened as he stopped walking. He was staring vividly at the attached image instead. "Tch." He ripped the captured member out of his childhood friend's hold and stormed off without a word.

"Eh...? Where are you going?!" Satsuki shouted after his retreating figure. "Away." His downturned mouth hissed angrily.

"W-what? You can't just leave me here!" Oh, how he could. 'Just watch me.' The owners of all those curious eyes glued to them could go and do a favor...

He was now at a safe distance from the other but he still heard Satsuki's warning, which was as threatening as a 161-cm-tall, pink-haired girl could be. "You can go and wear the same ugly clothes for the rest of your life for all I care, Ahomine!"


What was the time again? Was his phone still ringing? The loud.

The redhead looked around. Clothes were scattered everywhere on the beige floor of his living room. What? Whose were those? He clenched his temple when he felt a searing pang trying to break through the skin there. "Ughn..." It hurt!

The one in pain registered a cool something being placed on his forehead, after a gentle hand brushed his maroon tresses away.

"Kagami-kun?" He opened his perplexed eyes that were still closed before, and glanced up. Kuroko? What was he doing here?

"He doesn't look too good..." Huh? Who was that? He turned his head toward the source of that other voice when he felt a sudden wave of heat traveling leisurely through his bones. The tempo of his laboured breathing increased and he...moaned.

It was hot. He had to remove the fabrics that decided to suffocate him. The flustered male reached for his shirt but...he was...shirtless? He checked it with a little frown. Actually, he was sitting on his divan in only his orange boxers. That was when he heard a clicking and then some tapping sounds. He was too thirsty.

"Could you bring him a glass of water, Kise-kun? I'll go and and buy something for him in that nearby drugstore." Drug? No, he didn't want any drug!

"Just leave it to me, Kurokocchi!" That cool stuff on his forehead disappeared. He didn't like that. "Don't..." He needed that little chill on his flaming body.

"I will be back in a bit." The exasperated teen shut his eyes and waited. For what? He really didn't know.

After some time he felt coldness. Yes. More. He leaned into it and slowly let his coppery orbs showing themselves. The first things they saw were pretty, golden speckled balls. "Here, drink this."

In his eagerness, only half of the cool liquid went down on his throat. The other half felt really good on his tanned skin. "Hey, slow down! You'll get drowned like this."

"Shut...up." This was not nearly enough. "More."

"Kagamicchi." His name was uttered in a quite thrilling tone. The afternoon light was reflected off the surface of the older teen's metallic earring, temporarily blinding the younger.

"The fuck do ya think yer doing, you bastard!" That voice was entirely too familiar for him not to recognize.

"How rude!" He saw the lips in front of him moving.

"He was just helping Kagami-kun." A calm voice interrupted. "And please, lower your voices."

The dark-skinned visitor came closer and grabbed the kneeling one's bicep to move him. "Don't fuckin' touch him."

"Or else...?" The one being forced to stand up from before the seated one mocked with a darker intonation.

Someone touched him again, suddenly. He jolted. "Kagami-kun, you have to take these, okay? It will make you feel better." Oh, bright blue eyes. The sky seemed so far away...

All of a sudden, he felt drowsy. Did he eat those pills? The redhead wondered. His heavy lids wanted to take the light away from him. No! He needed the light.

"You drugged him, right? You..."

"Yeah, obviously..."

"He needs rest. Stop quarreling, please. No one drugged Kagami-kun. We found him in this state after he didn't show up on the court as we had agreed. And we should take him to his bed."

The light. "Ao...mine..."

Everything has been muted. Maybe he...needed that nap.


He was currently sitting on the redhead's douche couch. The flat's owner was probably in a smaller coma at the moment. They managed to drag him onto his bed after a while. It did take some time because Kise was acting like a fucking moron.

It seemed that the idiotic and now very unconscious teen hadn't been drugged like he first thought. Tetsu told him how they'd found his body lying on the divan, which was now under the bluenette's backside, wearing only his boxers. Afterwards, a mysterious, transparent bottle revealed itself from behind the meeting of the loveseat's two pillowy sections - designed to seat asses - and backrest. The label..."PURE GRAIN...FLIRT...Green Apple...FLAVOURED...VODKA...MULTIPLE DISTILLED...700 ml...37.5% alc./vol.".

Oh wait, the best part was just coming: it was empty.

So tell him, how did the shorter teen put his paws on something dangerous like that, knowing the bloody fact that he was indeed underage...? The exhausted male really wanted to know. Plus...why did he drink the whole damned bottle?

Fortunately, the others had already left. Yeah, well, Kise didn't really want to but Tetsu convinced the blond how one person was more than enough to babysit the K.O.-ed boy.

After he went through some of the redhead's latest basketball magazines, that previously felt fatigue caught up to him. And the blood red daybed was pretty comfortable...

He felt something icy dripping on him. The torpid teen shifted his head to avoid the unpleasant sensation. Then he felt it again, only, more of said droplets met his body. What the...

The sluggish boy still didn't bother to open his eyes. He was too sleepy for that.

That changed abruptly when he felt fingertips circling his pectorals and an energetic tongue tasting his Adam's apple. He snapped his lids open and looked bewilderingly in front of himself. The sight he has been welcomed with was...hardening some parts of his young frame.

There was a very naked, dripping wet Kagami sitting on his crotch, now playing with the zipper of his light blue denim jeans. When he noticed that the napping one was awake, he locked gazes with the confused baller. The usually coppery depths were so dark that they appeared to be dark taupe.

The one on top maneuvered his muscled torso toward the other and burrowed his clammy tresses into the dark neck then pecked the flesh he found there, only to move away toward his right ear. "Hey." Kagami blew the greeting into it.

Aomine moaned as an aguish hand let cold air flood the sensitive skin of his shaft. Okay... Was he...dreaming? Because he was pretty fucking sure that in this dimension there was just simply no way that the redhead would do something like this. Or be this...slutty.

In the next moment, the nude form was kneeling between his roughly separated legs, eyeing the darker but very excited junior in front of him. Before the still unbelieving teen could comment on this whole mess, he saw the intoxicated one's tongue darting out of a slightly parted mouth and licking the head of his manhood, experimentally, while taking hold of each of the foggy-brained's clothed thighs. Shit! Now he remembered. The playful one should have been knocked out in his bed, after all that amount of alcohol in his system. But...

He grabbed the two-colored, longer and damp locks of the other, after the foregoing brushed his right cheek and nose to his member, and lifted them. Fuckin' A! "You a cat, or something?" He husked. Just because he pretty much behaved like one right now. He couldn't complain, though. Being this affectionate to his dick... He wouldn't have minded taking care of the redhead instead of that crazy specimen in their home.

Kagami looked up, straight into his probably-black-by-now orbs, his freckled nose still caressing the sensitive meat. "Meow." He felt the word vibrating on his Pedro. Yeah, so...could he finally fuck that boy?!

His soldier jerked rather violently, its semi-whitey liquid was trying to overflow after wetting one side, gravitating toward the two balls to reach its final destination: his jeans. Before any of this could happen, the tiger was there to lick the stream off, leaving a hot trail behind. "Hmn... Milk!" Seriously...? SERIOUSLY?! He lapped even the leftover up which sullied his plump bottom lip. He heard something snap...probably his sanity. He just...

He clenched those previously captured curls even more while bending down and forward - his bottom staying on the loveseat - to savor his own taste on the other. He kissed the one on the floor once, twice, thrice...countless times. Kagami placed his palms onto the freed chest in front of him and opened his cavern. Yeah, it seemed that the other took his time to toy with the comatose teen's caramel skin, as the front of his white Howard jersey was now turned over and rested on his nape. Their taste buds clashed and started playing with each other, like two frisky felines.

The one on the ground pushed on his torso, making him sit back fully, his toned back sinking into the bright fabric behind it. The redhead wetted the opening of his cavity and leaned forward. He nipped a collarbone, sucked on a pert nipple, thrust his pink organ in and out of a navel, while one of his fists stroked the bluenette's prick, agonizingly slowly. The one being teased couldn't do too much, just sit, occasionally arch his back, moan, grunt and pant. Each time he tried to move his hips a strong hold stopped him from doing so.

All this made him think. (Yes, his brain was very much capable of traveling back to its original place, mostly because he was getting annoyed with that damned restrictive grip...)

Did he want their first time to happen like this? True, his mind was like the penthouse of a gigantic spider, filled with cobwebs but... Kagami wouldn't remember any of this. He didn't want that, however good the other's ministrations felt.

He might have been a colossal asshole, but he was sure that he needed his opponent to act like this while being sober. Or, he could get him wasted from time to time and... Nah. Tetsu would kick his dark globes if he was to choose the latter option.

A fingertip was lightly pressed to the underside of his sausage, moving down toward his testicles. Shit. This would be hard... "Stop."

The other continued. He didn't hear him, maybe? "Stop it."

Still nothing. He was getting mad. He should have just hammered the bastard in the ass to teach him a lesson. "I'm fuckin' serious, Kagami. Stop." He rudely batted the still moving appendage away.

After a moment of pregnant stillness, the hand came back, touching his rod.

He was really pissed now. "Are you fuckin' deaf? Stop the fuck it!" He was about to break that fucking shit which was glued to his dong when Kagami decided to strengthen his grasp on the erect organ and glance up.

Those eyes that were staring at him from below... Determined, malicious, threatening, deadly "Make me, bitch." He growled.

Kagami wants the D...
Vitamin D.