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Anakin landed his craft back in the Royal hanger. He was already hopping out of the cockpit, before the vessel touched down completely. Using his senses he sought out his Master's Force signature. He found it easily, and headed off to locate the large man. He could feel the remorse and torment pouring through his bond with the Knight. Spurring his legs to move faster, he pleaded with the Force that he wasn't too late.

Quickly, he ran down catwalks in the generator compound of the Palace. He could sense the struggle that ensued in his absence, but could not concern himself with it right then. He had to get to his Master. He headed for a corridor deeper within the lower level of the Queen's home. As he reached the end, he found he was blocked off from proceeding any further. He searched the way ahead hoping to catch a glimpse of the aftermath of the fight.

His heart skipped a beat when he was able to discern his Master's form. Although the Knight sat on the ground, hunched over and clutching something. Suddenly he feared the worst. Anxiety built up as he endured the wait to enter the melting pit. It was then that he realized that his head did not seem to ache so badly. In fact he felt a bit different, like the point in his mind where the migraines originated completely vanished. This vexed the Apprentice, since he could not understand the cause. He paid it no more thought as he dashed down the hall when the laser walls deactivated.


Pulling the small form closer to his chest, the Knight wept. He had lost all sense of himself when the weight of the child changed, and he knew that he had passed. Tears lined the weathered leonine features. Qui-Gon cried out to the Force at the injustice. He just knew it should not have ended like this. There would be few who would even grieve for the lost light of Obi-Wan. And he feared how he would explain this all to Tyaña. Again her words replayed in his mind.

"Promise me, that you will watch over Obi-Wan. Care for him like a son. He needs guidance. He needs assurance. But most of all he needs love." This time however, something clung to his thoughts and he heard it echo through his despondency, "But most of all he needs love." A trigger went off in the Jedi's mind and he followed it instinctively.

Reaching out mentally, he touched the sweet spirit of Obi-Wan. Guiding it back to his body, Qui-Gon sent acceptance and affection through the bond. Then, both mentally and physically, he whispered to the wayward soul, "I love you." He could feel a surge of euphoria flood over the link. He could almost feel the small arms wrap around his neck and hug him.

Drawing the Force in around him, he directed every shred of the infinite power into the dying form. A moment of despair shot through him and he realized, he was able to bring back the spirit but was he capable of reviving the body? More importantly, did he have the strength to pull it off? With such a deep connection with the Force swirling around them, he knew the instant his Padawan had arrived.

Anakin walked slowly when he entered the melting pit. He surveyed the scene quickly and surmised what had happened. Needless to say, the sight was very disturbing to the young man. Not only because of what occurred but also because he had never seen his Master so unraveled before. Somehow this tiny being was able to instill in the Knight something Anakin was never able to do. The Apprentice gaped in wonderment, as he was both angry and in awe of the child. At last his eyes found his Master's and he had a hard time holding the gaze.

The usually clear cerulean eyes were clouded with emotion, pure and raw. He could see the desperation pouring from them, and knew how much this was tearing the man apart. Without thought of consequence, he called upon the Force easily, overpowering the meager attempts of the Knight and encompassed the frail figure in it. He knew what he had to do, and so he did it. With Qui-Gon's guidance and his strength, they brought a lost child home. Deep in the meditative healing trance, no one moved until a security squad found them.

Once their victory was secure, Amidala sent out many of her troops to locate the Jedi and any other survivors. Another pilot that arrived with Anakin, told a group about the apprentice heading off into the generator compound. It was not difficult to locate them after that. But when they found the Jedi, they were confused by what they discovered. The small youth, Obi-Wan, had a burned stab wound in his side by his stomach. The two Jedi seemed unharmed but they were unresponsive to their prompts. Since few were familiar with Jedi and their ways, no one disturbed them.

A medical team was sent for and returned with a couple of stretchers. On one they placed Anakin and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on the other. Immediately, they took the trio to a medcenter for treatment. The Physicians were amazed to find the young child still alive. The wound was not entirely fatal for an adult, but for one so young, could very well have claimed his life. They were able to operate and stabilize the child so that he had a chance to pull through.

As for the Jedi, they were at a loss for what to do. So they simply made the pair as comfortable as possible until they awoke. Padmé came to check on them all often. She was able to send report their victory to both Chancellor Palapatine and the Council. While she awaited their arrival, she found herself in the Healer's ward often. Most of the time, she spent sitting next to Anakin. For some reason, the Apprentice held a large portion of her heart. The rest of the time, she checked on the progress of Obi-Wan.

The youth was coming along nicely. His wound seemed to be healing faster than they anticipated. It was fortunate that he was not mortally wounded. But it had been close. Padmé kept her watch through out the night finally drifting off to sleep in the quiet hours of morning.

The warm golden rays of morning slowly trickled into the infirmary via a window at the end of the room. Birds sang harmoniously as they played in the growing light. Their gentle tunes worked their way through a foggy mind, drawing him out of his slumber. As the events of the past few hours began to form in his memory, he slowly opened his eyes. Gazing up at the sleek white ceiling caused him to wonder where he was but stopped worrying about it when he felt the familiar ache in his temple. The pressure point he thought was gone apparently returned in full force.

Bringing his hand up to rub is head, he heard someone stir beside him. "You're awake?" an angelic voice asked.

"Unfortunately." Anakin replied, although he wished he wasn't. The morningsong made the pounding of his mind worse and the bright light hurt his eyes. Slowly, his thoughts drifted, "Where's Master Qui-Gon?"

Quietly, she said, "He's here."

Recognizing the hint of sorrow that laced her tone, Anakin gingerly worked himself up to a sitting position. Glancing around he sought his Master, he noticed that even the Infirmary was opulent. At last he found the older Knight. Without looking back at the queen, he said, "He hasn't woken up yet, has he?" Turning back he caught her shake her head.

"No, I hope he will wake soon. Master Yoda and Master Windu should be here in a few hours." Anakin gathered that the Queen had contacted the Temple once they had claimed victory. Nodding his understanding, he soon regretted it. A soft moan escaped his lips. Padmé heard his groan, but not knowing how else to help she offered, "Would you like something to eat?"

Thinking it over, the Padawan smiled, "Breakfast would be great." He realized that the last time he had eaten was back on Coruscant. At present, he was starving. Padmé returned a friendly grin and called to one of her attendants, giving instructions for them to bring morningmeal to them.

The grand meal was just arriving when they heard a low sigh emanate from the Jedi Knight. Without hesitation, Anakin hurried over to the man's side and helped him sit up. "Morning Padawan," uttered as his mind worked to clear out the cobwebs. The gentle smile that curled the man's lips suddenly dropped into a frown, "Where's Obi-Wan?"

Hearing the fervor in the husky voice, Padmé quickly set the man at ease, "He's recovering nicely. You can see him, once you've eaten." Her tone left little room for argument. But her assurance allowed the Jedi to relax enough to consider eating.

Padmé brought over a tray for the Knight and made sure he finished before allowing him to leave. Once he was done, an attendant lead him to another room where Obi-Wan was resting. There he stayed until the Council members arrived. Anakin followed the young Queen around the Palace, helping her as best he could.

When the Republic ship was preparing to land, Anakin retrieved his Master. Together they greeted the Chancellor and the Jedi. As soon as the formalities were completed, the small group located a small conference room to discuss the proceedings. Both Anakin and Qui-Gon recounted what happened during the battle. At the moment, they were contemplating the information.

At last, Yoda spoke, "Trained the boy, must be."

"If we are to assume that the dark warrior had plans for the boy, then we must recognize the value inherent there," Mace added. "To allow him to be found by the Sith would be detrimental to the Order."

"And for his Master?" Qui-Gon was very anxious for the response but did his best to hide it.

There was a long pause that made Qui-Gon hold his breath. "For his Master, you will be." Relief flooded the Knight and he could feel the discomfort of his Padawan next to him. He tried to send reassurance through the bond but it did not seem to help. Then Yoda continued, "Once a Knight, Anakin has become." Confusion visible on both faces now.

"I do not understand, Master." Qui-Gon looked for clarification, they told him before that he was not allowed two Padawans and it appeared that they were not Knighting Anakin now. So what did they have in mind?

"Obi-Wan is still young, and he will need to attend the proper courses. He will not be ready for apprenticeship until he catches up to those in his age group. That would not be for a few more years. During that time you will prepare Padawan Skywalker for the trials and be with him until he is Knighted. Only then may you take Kenobi as your Padawan." Mace supplied the Council's logic.

Accepting their decision, Qui-Gon bowed slightly. "Yes, Masters."

Next to him, Anakin shifted his weight. Although their reasoning made sense, Anakin could not feel a little annoyed at the fact he was not promoted due to the results of the mission. Let alone the fact that he helped his Master bring the young boy in question back from death. But he knew better than to voice his displeasure, but was too late in covering it up.

Eyeing the young man up, Yoda questioned, "Not pleased by our decision, young Skywalker?"

He knew lying would not help his case, "To be honest, Master, I was hoping that my actions on this mission would have been enough for my Trials."

"I'm sure you do, however you did leave your Master to guard the Queen, Obi- Wan and face the Sith Lord alone. We have already taken into account your application of the Force in order to take out the Droid Control ship. And for that reason, we will be planning your Trials within the next year or two. I suggest you prepare yourself. I sense there is much more to come." Mace concluded.

The last remark held a weighty sensation throughout the group. Anakin bowed his own acceptance and together they departed. There was a celebration to attend.

Outside, the city of Theed rejoiced in their triumph. The Gungan elders came to consecrate their new alliance and join in the merriment. As soon as the group adjourned in doors to continue the festivities, Qui-Gon headed back down to the Infirmary. There he remained next to his future Padawan.

Later that night, he was delighted to see the boy stir. Slowly, Obi-Wan woke for the first time. A little bewildered, Obi-Wan looked around him. His voice was soft but gruff from disuse, "I'm alive?"

Smiling, the Knight nodded, "Yes."

Obi-Wan turned toward the soothing baritone and found who he expected. He grinned back. Together they sat in siclence for a time, content being in the other's presence. The gentle colours of dusk filtered into the quiet room, and for the first time Obi-Wan thought of his future. "What will happen to me now?"

"The Council has accepted you for training," the Knight informed with delight. "You will be a Jedi. I promise you." They remained together during the night, and for the first time Obi-Wan looked forward to tomorrow.

The End.


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