Summary: Regina concocts a potion that can transport two souls into the same dream.


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It was pink. A subtle cloudy color. Regina's fingers hummed over the smooth glass vial, then after sufficiently eyeing her creation, tucked it into her coat pocket. Regina Mills' coat was black, like the clouds roaring overhead. The storm was coming in quickly so she hurried her already aggressive pace to Gold's shop. She had very specific business.

The bell rang as she opened the door. Confident clicks of her heels led her to the glass display of a sword. Silver, still glimmering. A quick smirk fell on her lips. The mayor waited with pained patience as she listened to Mr. Gold moving around in the back. Then, he appeared, cane in hand.

"To what do I owe this pleasure, Madam Mayor?" He asked, as he always does.

"I did what you asked for." Regina replied in a bored tone as she slid a well-manicured hand over the cool glass display.

"How did you manage such a feat without magic, my dear?" Mr. Gold had sworn that she wouldn't be able to do it. He had just merely hoped. Regina rolled her eyes at his patronizing tone.

"You'd be surprised at how much magic exists in what seems to be a completely," She stopped and smirked, this time with her eyes. "Normal place."

"Well," Gold eyed her cautiously. "I'll need my proof."

"Of course." Regina slipped her hand into her coat pocket and retrieved it. The sun coming through the windows reflected off the perfectly flawless glass tube. Regina smiled again, twisting the precious tool in her hands. Mr. Gold reached out for it but Regina pulled her hand back. "Ah, ah." She murmured, pushing it back to the bottom of her pocket. "I want to know what you need it for."

"That is my business, deary." Mr. Gold's answer was reserved, and incredibly intriguing the woman in front of him. Though, she wouldn't allow him to see that.

"You can't possibly expect that I would give you so much power without knowing what you would do with it." Regina spun the vial again in her pocket, unable to let go of it.

"Who said anything about giving?" Mr. Gold retorted. "I'm paying my fair price."

Regina held his gaze for a few seconds, toying with her options. "No." She replied finally. "What I wanted isn't worth this."

"You could make more if you so desired." His features grew pestered. Regina didn't like the sound of that. She began to move away from the display.

"This wasn't easy to come by, Mr. Gold. As I am sure you are aware."

"You would trade what you wanted from me, for this?" Mr. Gold asked her, an eyebrow cocked. "The only way you can have happiness is if you steal it."

"I don't think you understand, Mr. Gold. This concoction has the ability to transport two souls, almost mold them together as one in a world different than anything you could see otherwise. Don't you understand? This is happiness."

"Who would you even choose to bring together?" Mr. Gold asked, pulling at the Mayor's patience.

Regina lifted an eyebrow, staring strongly into Mr. Gold's eyes. "I'm sure I will come up with something." She replied mischievously.

"I trust I don't have to warn you about what you are doing." Mr. Gold said as he watched the gears of Regina's mind turning.

"Oh, of course. It is just as I might say to you. Magic," Regina drawled as she stepped backwards gracefully towards the door. "Comes with a price," She put her hand to the doorknob. "Deary." She then opened the door and sauntered out of Mr. Gold's shop.

Feeling the harshness of the storm's wind on her face she pushed onwards. Thoughts overtook her. What would she use this for? Her previous motives seemed dim, not fleshed out entirely. Gold had offered her a way to get rid of Emma Swan in exchange for the potion. Maybe she found a way to do away with the meddling blonde all on her own. But how?

The mayor's eyebrows were furrowed in contemplation when she collided with a particularly frazzled Mary-Margaret on the street corner.

An umpf sound came out of the shorter brunette when they bumped into each other. She looked up at a distracted Regina Mills. "Madam Mayor! I'm so sorry!"

Regina stepped back, eyeing the younger woman. "It's fine." She replied, closing her lips in a forced smile. The wind was blowing their hair around. Mary-Margaret nodded quickly and kept on her way. Regina pivoted in her heels as she watched Mary-Margaret trudge farther away in the direction of her apartment. She relished that in this world, Snow White basically kneeled at her feet.

Once out of her sight, Regina continued walking down her streets until she reached her mayoral mansion. In the grey of the afternoon storm cloud, it looked even lonelier than usual. She stepped up the stairs and closed the door behind her, eager to think over her options in peace. She had only a half hour until she had to pick up Henry from his therapy session, and she was not about to allow him to walk home in this weather. Not two minutes after she arrived, the doorbell rang.

Regina was sitting in her kitchen, spinning the vial on the marble countertop, enjoying the sound the glass made as it rolled against the cool stone. Her eyes shifted to the door when she heard the knock. Slowly, she stood up from her stool and left the vial to sit on the table. She adjusted her blue silk blouse and black trousers. As she arrived at the door she shook out her short brunette waves in the mirror. Her face immediately became annoyed when she saw who was standing on her porch.

"Miss. Swan." She drawled, taking in the woman's presence. Every damn day. She growled to herself. "Henry's not here."

"I'm here on business." The blonde said, hands on hips, one holding a manila envelope. Regina had to admit, the newly appointed sheriff did fit the part of the concerned town-person well. Her hat was pulled over her ears. Disheveled blond locks danced on her shoulders from the wind.

Regina's eyes traveled down her body, noticing how particularly well the woman bundled up for this trip over. She clutched her door as she pulled it further open, stepping out of the way.

Emma entered the newly available space, immediately softening to the warmth she could feel from the fireplace in the living room. Emma couldn't help but feel that she was stepping into a type of palace every time she was in Regina's house.

"Well," Regina said expectantly as she closed the door. "What is it that you need me for, Sheriff Swan?"

"The electric lines on Johnson Street." Emma replied as she began removing her coat. "They were taken down by the wind. It's only supposed to get worse into the night."

"So," Regina's heels clicked into the kitchen, not waiting for Emma to hang up her coat on the rack next to the front door. She heard Emma follow her into the kitchen just moments later. "You need me to," Eyeing the vial, Regina discreetly slipped it into a drawer in the island. "Approve construction?"

"It's going to close down the road for a few days this week. I just need you to sign off on it." Emma said, placing the file on the table. "All the paper work is in there."

Regina nodded, pulling the file towards herself. "Well, thank you, Sheriff. I'll take a look at it when I can."

There was a short pause. Regina watched as Emma shifted almost awkwardly in her boots. Regina enjoyed this sometimes, watching Emma feel uncomfortable. She was sure the blond was going to leave in that moment.

"So," Emma finally said. "Where's Henry?"

Regina turned her back to the sheriff to open a cupboard, not suppressing an eye roll as she did it. This was going to be a longer visit that she expected.

"With Mr. Hopper." Regina replied, placing two wine glasses on the table. Emma's eyebrow lifted just slightly at this sight of hospitality before Regina turned around to meet her gaze. "Cider?" She heard the older woman ask.

"Sure." Emma nodded.

"You can go sit in the living room while I quickly make it." Regina offered. Again, Emma was surprised by her kindness.

"Okay," She smiled and made her way to Regina's dove white living room. Once out of view, Regina took the vial out of the drawer where it had been hidden. Her dark brown eyes scanned the contents like many times before but this time Regina noticed something different about the liquid. It was no longer a cloudy almost cotton hued pink; it had become a stronger, more vibrant shade of rose. It looked as though it was becoming brighter as well.

Perplexed but also incredibly intrigued, Regina unscrewed the cap. An almost sickening sweet scent came from the small tube. A single eyebrow raised as Regina tried to piece together why this was happening now. Then, the moment of lucidity hit her.

With a delicate hand, Regina picked up one of the wine glasses by its stem. She twisted it between her fingers, eyes dancing between the vial and the glass.

Magic doesn't lie, but it does deceive.

Slowly, she tipped the head of the vial into the wine glass. The pink liquid splashed against the clear barrier in loud though silent individual drops.

When Regina tipped it back up she stared at what was left; half of the potion still swimming in its delicate cocoon.