Chapter 1

Takes place after Prisoner of Sinestro and before Loss. I don't own any of GLTAS.

Hal entered the main bridge of the Interceptor and smiled at his motley crew. Razer was checking some computer panels, Kilowog was lounging in his chair gazing at the stars sleepily, and Aya was fixing up the prison cell that Sinestro had damaged.

All in all the crew was incredibly bored and seemed fairly down after the whole episode with Sinestro and Neuroxis, his mind-jumping criminal he'd killed. It had only been a couple of days since they'd dropped off the body on Oa and Sinestro had said his short goodbyes.

"Well, aren't we a lively bunch!" Hal chimed chipperly, slapping a hand on the back of Kilowog's chair, making him jump.

Razer scowled at him. "Excuse me for not being particularly joyous after nearly suffocating to death, while under the mind control of a space squid."

Kilowog nodded and Hal's eyebrows jumped up, surprised the two were actually agreeing on something for a change. "Yeah, Jordan. Can ya really blame us? I'm just speakin' for myself here, but being possessed so easily? Makes me feel like a real poozer..." The sergent's ear's drooped and he dropped his gaze to the floor. Hal realized he must be really shaken by this if he was using his own 'poozer' remark for himself.

"I concur." Aya approached Hal as he stood at his station. He noticed, out of the corner of his eye, before turning his attention to Aya, that Kilowog perked up at her voice and that Razer's gaze dropped to his knees, his scowl changing to a sad frown. "It truly made us realize how easily we could be decieved. The probability of my scanners picking up personality changes among you was quite high before this incident, but has significantly dropped now." Hal noticed Razer's hand fist at her last comment, but it seemed more out of frustration than anger.

Hal patted her shoulder. "Aya we all got tricked by Neuroxis. Don't be so hard on yourself."

"Oh and I suppose we should be jumping for joy that we were so ill prepared to go up against such a powerful enemy?" Razer snapped angrily.

"No. Well, ugh. I'm just saying..." Hal struggled scratching the back of his head. "Yeah we weren't prepared, but we're stronger for it, right? We know for next time." He smiled cheerily.

"Is there not an Earth saying that corresponds with this?" Aya asked softly, causing everyone to look at her. "I believe it goes 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'"?

"Exactly, Aya!" Hal exclaimed happily. Aya rewarded his enthusiasm with a small smile.

Razer felt a lump form in his throat. Aya had given one of her rare smiles to Hal and yet she had indirectly referred to how he had offended her not five minutes ago. What on Volkreg had he done to hurt her so badly? It hurt worse than when he put on his ring and the fire engulfed his body, knowing he'd hurt her. She had been avoiding him ever since she checked his vitals after the incident, so it must have been serious.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Hal continued merrily, oblivious to the sullen mood.

"Can't wait..." grumbled Kilowog.

"What is your idea, Green Lantern Hal?" Aya asked curiously.

"We'll play a game!" Razer snorted at the simplicity of the human's thoughts.

"Awww c'mon Jordan!" groaned Kilowog. "Let's spar or somethin'! At least that helps with bonding and strengthens ya."

"We don't have the room on the Interceptor to spar, Kilowog." replied Hal, crossing his arms over his chest, but still retaining his happy mood. He considered simple games in his mind that would be easy for his alien friends to understand. "Hmmm..."

"Green Lantern Hal...I believe I may have an idea." He turned to gaze at the small AI at his side.

"And what idea would that be, Aya?"

"I believe there is a game on Earth called..." She searched her data banks for the correct name. "Truth or dare."

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