Just an idea I've had running through my mind. It'll fully incorporate Ironman, Ironman 2, and The Avengers; and key moments will be shown during The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America.


The war against Voldemort ruled over all; it was bloody, gruesome, and the sad reality of their world. After Dumbledore's crushing defeat, the Dark Lord wasted no time in striking the rest of the magical community quick and hard. The Ministry crumbled at his feet, and hundreds of homes were laid to ruin.

Charlotte, Ron, and Hermione did as they were tasked and journeyed to find all of Voldemort's horcruxes. Hindered, with the greatest of targets painted on their backs, it took them more months than they cared to admit to track down the souls.

The turning point came after they retrieved Hufflepuff's Goblet from Bellatrix's Gringotts vault. It happened when Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix herself captured them – Griphook's betrayal cost the trio the life of Ron Weasley.

After that, everything seemed to shoot by: Dobby sacrificing himself to transport the two heartbroken girls to the last stronghold at Hogwarts, the witches destroying the cup and the tiara with basilisk fangs recovered from the Chamber of Secrets, Neville beheading Tom's pesky snake with the Gryffindor sword, and Hermione throwing a portkey at Charlotte's unsuspecting body right as the killing curse headed her way.

The last thing Ms. Potter saw before arriving in the Death Chamber was the resolute magical school going up in flames.

Voldemort eventually tracked her down, finding her sitting on the steps leading to the ominous ragged black veil. She sat in her torn black armor and her cloak ripped to shreds, simply fiddling with a familiar ring with an odd smile on her dirtied face.

"The Girl-Who-Lived finally ready to die?" Tom sneered at her small form.

Charlie just smiled a knowing smile and stood up with little ease, favoring her left leg and clutching Draco Malfoy's wand. "I've been ready for a while actually." The smile left Voldemort's face. "But there's one thing I need to do first."

"You think you can defeat me? As we speak my followers are rounding up the last of the survivors you abandoned on the battlefield. Those fools who believed in you are going to die knowing their sacrifices were in vain!"

The teenage paused, before surging ahead. "Did you take into account the backup heading in from Romania? Yeah, Bill and Fleur went to the dragon reserve there… you've heard of dragons right? Big, scaly, insane fire power."

"Lies!" Voldemort growled.

Shaking her head, Charlotte grinned, "Unfortunately for you, it's not." She noticed as Tom's grip tightened on the Elder Wand, straining the wood beneath.

"No matter. I'll finish you here and break their spirits with your broken, dead body. You won't be leaving this room alive!"

And thus, the final duel began. Spells flew, and curses hit with minimal damage; Charlotte did her best, but her wounds inevitably caught up to her. It simply took a well-timed banishing curse to throw the girl into the peak of the arch supporting the death veil, causing her to crash in a sickening crunch on the stone below.

From there the Dark Lord easily picked her up in a chokehold, eyes gleaming with delight. "How ironic will this be for you to die just like that pitiful godfather of yours. I hoped to kill you with a simple Avada Kedavra, but this seems so much more befitting."

Charlotte clawed at the arm with her remaining good hand, but seemed to give up as her body grew limp. "Say hi to Dumbledore for me."

And that's when Charlie made one last move. While travelling around the lands with Ron and Hermione, they hadn't squandered their time. The three studied whatever they could get their hands on, experimenting with different spells, potions, and even wandless magic. As such, when Voldemort shoved her back, she waved her hand and silently summoning him to her.

Charlotte Lily Potter got the last smile as the last two horcruxes faded into darkness.


She should have guessed that her time wasn't really up after falling through the Veil of Death. No, that would have been too simple, too easy, for the Girl-Who-Lived.

It went without saying that Charlotte was pissed when Death appeared instead of her friends and parents.

"What now?" Charlie complained, bending her arms in a defensive position across her chest. They stood, well she stood while Death just hovered in the air before her, in complete whiteness.

"…Master…" Death answered, the raspy voice reverberating though the witch's mind.

"Master." Charlotte deadpanned. "You have got to be kidding me."

This time, a series of images filled her head, "her always trusty Cloak of Invisibility hiding her body from view… the Resurrection Stone revealing itself from within the golden snitch… the Elder Wand held fanatically within Voldemort's grasp."

A weary sigh left the 17 year old's mouth. "So I guess the legend is true, having all three in one's possession makes them the Master of Death… but what if I don't want to be?"

"…I'm sorry…"

The witch seemed to fold in upon herself in sadness, her emerald eyes losing its tiny spark of life. "So what now?"

Pictures of what looked like the muggle world flashed through her brain, "…this dimension…" faces of what Charlie assumed to be important people, "…too much death…" one figure rose to the forefront of the scenes, "…he is coming…"

"What am I suppose to do?" the girl asked.


Charlotte Potter shook her head in denial, her black locks swaying side-to-side, "Please, I'm tired, I'm too tired." She looked down at her worn hands, clenching them as she recalled the horrific war she just fought; too many lives were taken, so many families were destroyed. "I can't fight anymore. Please… just let me rest."

But Death faded away as darkness took over once again, and as Charlie drew into unconsciousness she heard Death's parting words, "…I'm sorry…"


Charlie woke up in the middle of soft grassy plains.

In the beginning, she just laid there, unable to comprehend the situation Death landed her in. She finally fulfilled the prophecy that haunted her since before her birth, lost over half her friends in the process, and now she was expected to protect hundreds of people in the so called 'other dimension'. It wasn't fair.

But nothing was ever fair in her toilsome life, and that one fact gave her the strength to push back her conflicting emotions and get up.

The landscape painted a familiar picture, with a large blue lake to the east and a towering dark forest to the west, all that was needed was the homely castle of Hogwarts. But there was none, and Charlotte concluded Death really did transport her to a new reality – one apparently without a wizarding world.

Looking down at herself, Charlie wasn't surprised to see that her wardrobe changed. She wore casual blue jeans and a simple white shirt, but the real pieces of interest were what could only be her invisibility cloak hanging from her shoulders and a silver ring with what had to be the resurrection stone on top. Seeing this, she checked her forearm and was greeted to the sight of the cursed elder wand held firmly in the grasp of her holster.

"If only you could see me now," Charlotte whispered aloud, wondering what Ron and Hermione would think of the mess she managed to land herself in this time. Ron would probably sigh hearing of her new 'Master of Death' status, but then laugh and claim they had to test out her new toys. And Hermione would have already come up with a strategy plan of sorts, taking all factors into consideration.

But they weren't there with her, and she knew they never would be. Sure, she could chance using the resurrection stone, but she figured that specific Hallow would do more harm than good.

Heaving a heavy sigh, she studied the immediate ground around her and noted a small red backpack. Opening it, she found only two things: a huge stack of British pounds and a shrunken broom. Ignoring the money, she took out the broom and wandlessly enlarged it. A small smile lit Ms. Potter's face when she revealed her beloved Firebolt.

"I missed you!" she exclaimed. Quickly mounting it, she soared through the skies in seconds. Twisting and turning and diving, a part of her heart lifted with some peace. It had been so long since she last felt the comforting wind upon her face.

Unfortunately, the adrenaline couldn't last forever, and eventually her feet landed smoothly on the ground with her broom shrunk again. She placed both it and her cloak inside the bag and hefted it upon her back. With one last wistful look around, she spun on her heels and apparated out.

For two months she prepared for this massive destruction Death had alluded to. She brushed up on her magic studies and managed to get use to using the immense power of the Elder Wand. She practiced going wandless, and even worked on her physical fitness level. She was ready for anything and everything, but nothing happened and no evil being appeared.

Time continued to go by, and Charlie became more and more depressed. She was still mourning, she was immensely lost, and she had no freaken idea what she as suppose to do.

It was only by chance that she came upon a postcard which picture she vaguely remembered seeing in the presence of Death. She saw this as a sign from fate, and having nothing to lose, gathered what little possessions she owned and apparated to a sandy beach in Malibu, California.


Charlotte, the teenage witch, celebrated her 18th birthday alone inside a small café named "The General's Café", ordering a small cup of hot chocolate and a slice of angel food cake.

She sat there in silence before a large old man jolted her out of her thoughts and took the seat opposite her.

"Is it the cake?" he asked Charlie in a deep gravely voice. "My wife always complained that I never added enough sugar to it, but I argued she had a major sweet tooth no sweet could ever satisfy."

"The cake?" Charlie repeated looking a bit lost. She looked down at her half eaten slice and frowned, "I don't—"

"Or perhaps it's the hot cocoa?" the blonde man pressed through. "Since this is California and the middle of summer I don't typically get this order. Actually I never do. I just put it on the menu because it was my wife's favorite drink." He glared down accusingly at the liquid. "She always complained about how I made that too."

Charlotte gave the man a befuddled look, and scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. "I'm sorry sir, but what exactly are you talking about?"

The old man gave her a questioning gaze before answering, "Well little lady, you've been sitting here for the past two hours and have yet to make a dent in both the cake and the drink. Usually I take this to mean you are dissatisfied with them."

"Oh, no!" Charlie was quick to appease the man. "No! Not all! The cake is heavenly, and the hot chocolate is think and rich. I like them both!"

"Then what seems to be the problem," he asked not unkindly.

"I…" the girl looked down, "I don't know.

The General of The General's Café heaved a heavy sigh. He had sat down at the little missy's table because he recognized the distraught look of a fellow soldier.

"You know I fought in a war once," he informed the girl, meeting her deep emerald eyes as she looked up in surprise. "Yes, I was a Major General in the army of the United States of America. I fought, killed, and saved lives with these two bloodied hands of mine for over 30 years. When I finally retired, I was so lost. I spent over half my life fighting and didn't have a clue what to do after all the fighting ceased. Not only that, but I had to deal with the fact that many of my close friends were lost in battles while I somehow managed to survive."

"How did you… recover?" Charlie asked, her fists clenching over her thighs as flashbacks to her own war ran through her mind.

The General grinned and pointed to a picture hanging on the wall behind the countertop. "That lovely lady over there."

Charlie studied the picture from afar. She looked like a kind lady with short honey blond hair and shimmering blue eyes. "Your wife?"

"The love of my life," the old man admitted with such devout affection in his tone Charlie couldn't help but blush a little.

"How did she heal you?" Charlie wondered.

The owner of the shop grinned. "My whole life all I knew was the battlefield, the skills to fight were all I understood and all I had. Sarah showed me the other half of the world we live in. She took me skiing in Canada, sky diving in Hawaii, we watched the ball drop in New York City, and we even exchanged kisses in front of the Trevi Fountain. It's because of her that I discovered my love of cooking, managed to graduate culinary school, and opened up this small café. She gave my second chance."

"I'm not really sure I understand," Charlie confessed.

"How about I put it like this," the General mindlessly scratched his chin. "Before Sarah, the only purpose in my life was to serve my country. And I loved it, defending my country and all the people within it never failed to fill me with accomplishment. But when everything was over, I lost the sole purpose in my life. Without it, I had nothing to drive me, nothing to push me to my limits."

"So Sarah became your new purpose," the teenager concluded.

"Wrong." He smiled in her face. "Sarah showed me my new purpose."

Charlie gave the old army officer a hopeful look, "Can I know what it is?"

The General heavy a mighty chuckle, "Sorry little lady, but knowing my new goal in life wouldn't give you much help. Everyone must discover their own purpose with their own two hands."

"Right..." Charlotte admitted sadly. She stirred the chocolate in her mug for a few seconds before saying, "Can I ask you how you got over the death of your friends?"

He gave her an empathetic look, which went unnoticed, as he said, "I didn't. Everyday I remember them. They say time heals all wounds, but I don't really find that to be true. Some days the pain would be calm like a summer's breeze, while others the pain would weight on you like 50,000 pounds.

"But William Penn one day wrote: "They that love beyond the world/ Cannot be separated by it/ Death is but crossing the world/ As friends do the seas/ They live in one another still." So as I live for myself, I live for them too."

A brilliant smile lit up Charlotte's face as her heart settled a little more at ease. The weight on her shoulders, she never noticed before, lessened immensely. She may not have gotten many answers, but the proof that she would one day recover sat right before her, and that was enough for now. "Thank you," she beamed.

The General smiled back and said, "The name's Christopher William Hayes, but you can call me Chris."

"Well then, thank you Mr. Hayes," Charlie giggled as he frowned at the address. "My name's Charlotte Lily Potter, but you can call me Charlie."

"Well then Charlie," General Hayes stated, pushing back from the table and slowly stretching his stiff appendixes. "Finish up that succulent piece of cake while I heat up the rest of your chocolate."

"You don't have to," Charlie protested.

"Nonsense! How's it suppose to be hot chocolate if it's not even hot!?"

As he left with her mug in hand, she ate a bite of cake and thought to herself. Chris Hayes was right, this world of theirs was immense and there was so much to learn, so much to discover. Sure, she could just wait and prepare for this so called war to happen, but she deserved to have a chance to live her own life, for herself and for her friends as well. She resolved then and there to study, uncover, and do as much as she could until that moment came to pick up her wand again. This was her second chance at life and she wasn't going to waste it!

"Oh," Chris smirked as he set down the remade mug of hot cocoa, "And I expect you to arrive here exactly at 0800 hours."

"I beg your pardon?" Charlotte's head whipped around.

"The mornings fill up pretty quickly here at The General's Café so prepare yourself for its fast pace. Lunch is pretty relaxed until about 2 o'clock, then I believe it's even worse than breakfast! Dinner isn't too bad, just some regulars, maybe a couple of tourists. One time even—"

"Wait!" Charlie interrupted, holding up a hand. "You're giving me a job?"

Chris's brown eyes stared, "Obviously."

"But you don't even know me!" Charlie argued, brushing a hand through her long ebony locks.

"You're Charlotte Lily Potter."

"You know what I mean!"

Chris laughed at her flustered face, but calmed himself after watching her quickly desponding look. "I may not know you Little Lotte, and you don't know me either, but I trust you. As I see it, us old war folk gotta stick together… not that you're old of course." He peered closer at her face. "Actually you don't look a day over 17."

Charlie blushed and mumbled, "I turned 18 today."

Mr. Hayes stood dumbfounded. That girl with such haunted eyes was just 18 years old, only a teenager, basically a baby! He could only imagine what she had been through in such a short amount of time.

Shaking his head, Chris gave the tiny girl a gentle smile. "Well then Happy Birthday Little Lotte! This meal's on the house in celebration, but I still expect to see you exactly at 8. Till tomorrow!"

And so, after her second day in the city of Malibu, California, Charlie found herself with a regular job. Five days a week she had a blast helping Mr. Hayes and Hunter Mathews, the only other worker, run the café. She loved the normalcy of it all! She improved her cooking skills through the critical eye of Hayes, learned how to take and deliver orders from Hunter, listened to about a hundred war stories, and discovered a newfound love of reading. She finally understood why Hermione read as much as she did—there was so much you could learn from written words!

A week into her new employment, she left the hotel she'd been staying in and rented an apartment space close to the café. She felt bad about using a small confundus charm on the realtor since she didn't have the credentials necessary, but she did give him the correct amount of money; turned out Death just brought over all her galleons from her old world and converted them into the currency of whatever country she lived in. She was basically set for life.

When school started up again, Charlotte began travelling during her two days off. She got the idea from a movie called Jumper; she would find a picture of the place the wished to journey too, study it, then apparate away. Soon enough, a collage of colorful postcards littered one of the walls in her living room, and souvenirs from every city were found scattered throughout her two-bedroom living space.

For once in her life, Charlotte Lily Potter felt at peace. Sure, there was that looming sense of doom and destruction for the future, and the war and deaths of her friends still pulled at her heart, but Charlie finally felt like she was living a normal life.

Months passed with these feelings, and it wasn't until fall came that anything terribly exciting happened.

Who knew that so much could change simply after running to in a personal secretary named Virginia Potts.

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