Telling him.. [KieraXShadow, story trade]

Kiera's POV~

How can I tell him? I thought, staring at the ceiling of my room. How would I tell him that I was pregnant..? I wondered and wondered. I couldn't just walk into the living room, and tell him that I was pregnant. I scrambled for ideas how to tell him. I wanted to tell him so badly, but I couldn't just tell him like it was nothing. This was important. I didn't want him to get mad, or anything like that. I sighed. I've got to tell him, I told myself. I stood up, starting to feel confident. I walked through the hall, nervous. How will he react to this? I thought to myself. I finally walked into the living room, seeing him sitting on the couch, slumped. "Uh, Shadow?" I stuttered. He turned to me, "Hm?". "I..have something to tell you." I said, getting more nervous. "What is it?" he asked me. "I'm..pregnant." I said, afraid of how he was going to react. "..Kiera?" he said my name. "Y-yeah?" I stuttered. "I have something to ask you." he said, standing up, smiling. "W-what?" I asked him. He walked over to me, getting on his knee. Oh my god.. I thought. "Kiera..would you marry me?" he asked, opening a velvet box with a diamond ring inside. I felt so happy that moment. I tackled him down with a hug. "OF COURSE!" I yelled, hugging him so tightly, as he softly smiled again, hugging me gently back. I purred, feeling his embrace. He proposed to me.. I told him.. It suddenly all made sense. He planned this. I thought.

A week later, we had our wedding. Those 2 days were the happiest days of my whole life. I didn't think I'd tell him, but I did, and he proposed to me, that same day. We lived happily ever after..with a lot of 'fun' that is~